: Aug 21, 2015

The Beloved Land of Al-Sham…

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The Beloved Land of Al-Sham

By Aminah McDermott

Inside shadowland,
zombies cling to a sense of living.
The world cannot see
the plights and sorrows
of every personambushed and abused –
by todays pharaohs –
imprisoned and waiting to live or to die.
Stand! Can we not shine
the light of humanity on this land,
shielded from the sun by the tyrant dogs of Satan.
Can we not remove this injustice,
remove the shadows and darkness, the bombs and the ammunition.
As the shadow encroaches, as the sun is eclipsed
the heart of humanity fading into darkness-
this land of greatness, of gnostics, scholars and poets
is flickering and fading
in the darkest of wars.
O beloved land of Al-Sham
I want to stop your tears, with you from a distance
my thoughts never leaving your side.



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