: Oct 23, 2016

Pardon the American Taliban

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A very nice op-ed regarding the ‘American Taliban’ John Walker Lindh, arguing that what he is primarily guilty of is youthful naïveté, not treason, and that he should be released.


The author also points out the double standards: plenty of Americans sign up for the Israeli Defense Forces, and commit horrible acts against Palestinians, yet they then come back to accolades and maybe even run for public office and become famous politicians, like Emmanuel Rahm the current mayor of Chicago.

While I know nothing will come of this op-ed, I’m happy to see that it was published in The New York Times and will hopefully at least spark some interesting conversations and reflections.

Pardon the American Taliban

John Walker Lindh was motivated by youthful idealism when he aided the Taliban. As a 24-year-old in Africa in the 1960s, I was no different.



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