: Oct 27, 2016

Help Payback the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood (MIB) | LaunchGood

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Readers of this page are aware that I *rarely* post advertisements or messages for fundraisers that I myself am not directly involved with. I primarily do this because I cannot vouch for every project, and also because if I were to do it for one project I would then be asked to do it of others, and this page would then be nothing other than a series of announcements of noble causes – which is fine except that it’s not the purpose of this page!!

Yet, once in a while a cause comes along that I do feel very strongly about, and can vouch for.

One of them is raising funds for the mosque institute that Malcolm X founded, and which was recently scammed out of 50,000 dollars worth of hard-earned money. An evil fraudster essential stole money from this economically-challenged community and attempted to get away with it. Alhamdulillah he was arrested and will be sentenced to jail time – alas, the money has gone!

I personally know Imam Talib and can vouch for him to the best of my knowledge.

I pray that Allah makes this a case of, “And perhaps you dislike something, but Allah places much good in it!” May they raise much more than what was stolen away from them!!

Please read more details here, and help out in any way you can:


Help Payback the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood (MIB) | LaunchGood

MIB in Harlem was scammed by a realtor for $50,000. This is a poor, working class congregation and they need our support.



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