The entire Dallas refugee resettlement committee is calling for your presence this Monday night in response to the latest iteration of the Muslim ban. We will be joined by Dallas County Judge Clay Lewis Jenkins, elected officials, immigration attorneys, refugee agencies, faith leaders, and more. Please join and spread the word. With Trump’s dangerous refugee ban 3.0 and security policies going into effect, our incoming refugee populations find themselves threatened, and the entire refugee program faces threat of being dismantled.

We are coming together, alongside our allies at “In Their Own Voices” podcast, the International Rescue Committee (and other major refugee service organizations in the DFW) Faith Forward Dallas, and CAIR-DFW to hold a press conference in which we will state, plainly and clearly, the facts surrounding Trump’s proposed policies, how they will affect the work that organizations like IRC does, and what affect they will have on incoming refugees, potential refugees, and refugees who are already here. Immediately afterwards, we will hold a vigil and rally, featuring dynamic speakers, in order to show our unity and our support for our refugee communities.

Signs are welcome, so long as they remain appropriate.

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An awful day in American history. The madness must stop. #LasVegas

I will be working with other leaders in Dallas to organize something for tonight. For those of you who are here, please stay tuned. For those of you in other cities, please partake in events of unity calling for an end to gun violence.

Las Vegas Shooting Near Mandalay Bay Casino Kills More Than 50

The police said they killed a gunman in the hotel who had fired on concertgoers outside, wounding at least 200. A woman was being sought for questioning.

This was two days ago in Chechnya. Thousands of Chechen people, from government to religious to civilian, filled the streets of Grozny in a show of support and solidarity for the Rohingya.

The father of the youngest victim of the Barcelona attacks embraces an imam in an emotional show of unity.

The father of the youngest victim of the Barcelona attacks embraces an imam in an emotional show of unity.


“Inside the Saudi town that’s been under siege for three months by its own government”

Inside the Saudi town that’s been under siege for three months by its own government

When Donald Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia on his first trip abroad as US President in May, officials in Riyadh made a spectacular effort to promote the idea of unity in the Muslim world, inviting more than 100 leaders of Muslim nations to attend the Arab Islamic American Summit with the new Presiden…

“Al-Aqsa cried out for help, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre* responded ‘At your service O Aqsa, at your service!’”
A Christian priest in Jerusalem holds a sign in solidarity with Masjid Al-Aqsa (Haram al-Sharif)

* The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is considered the most holiest site in Christianity.

Watch a short clip of me speaking in Sydney, Australia last week, at the Crescent Institute,on the subject of extremism and the importance of unity, of Muslims and non-Muslims sticking together in these dark times.

“If we want to defeat extremism of all types then we have to stick together. We have to stand together, be united and focus on what unites us, not sets us apart.”

For a chance to join Monday night’s live Q&A audience with Mehdi Hasan simply share this video with the hashtag #MehdiAtCI and like us on Facebook!

Hey Sydney folks, last chance to buy tickets for tonight’s speech and Q&A with me on ‘defeating extremism’:

Mehdi Hasan | Sydney

Defeating Extremism. Whether it’s religious extremism or extremism of the far right – what can we in the West do to halt the seemingly unstoppable wave of populism and violence sweeping the globe? Making the case for moderation and solidarity in an age of intolerance and disorder, and debunking plen…

It’s been 1 year since this happened and this weekend will be filled with memorials and tributes. These were my thoughts immediately after the shooting but I’m not sure they were fully developed then. Truthfully, I was numb. I will never forget the gunshots and the sights of that night. But we have to remain committed to ending the violence and injustices that keep robbing families of their loved ones.

Minutes before the shooting. Still trying to process what happened in #Dallas last night. I’m grateful for my life as I’ve never experienced before last night what it’s like to run for your life as gunshots are constantly being rattled off. I’ve never experienced being holed up in a hotel lobby while people pray that a gunman doesn’t walk in which is exactly what happened minutes after. I’m deeply saddened by the loss of innocent police lives that were there to protect this peaceful demonstration against police brutality. Those people killed had nothing to do with the actions of those who wore the same uniform as them as they took innocent lives, just like the murderers last night have nothing to do with the thousands of peaceful protestors marching. I went last night to show solidarity. I listened to mothers who lost their children to police brutality speak of their pain. I listened to the father of the young girl in McKinney who was brutalized by an officer on video last year speak of his pain. I listened to my colleague and friend from Faith Forward Dallas, Dr. Michael Waters, remind people of how to channel that pain. I was reminded once again of the despair that so many of our black brothers and sisters have in a broken system that has failed them for so long. I’ve been to many of these events in the past, but yesterday was different. We marched and chanted #BlackLivesMatter because the world needs to hear it. For too long, they have not in this country and in many parts of the world. But violence is never the answer. Violence breeds more violence. Clearly these attackers coordinated this before the protest, and carried out their attacks just as the protest ended. They have nothing to do with us. We marched for peace and for the end of senselessness that deprives children of their parents, not to deprive the children of those innocent officers killed last night of their own.

Fear mongers score many short-term victories, but eventually generate so much paranoia that their followers turn on them and each other.

Unity requires long-term relationship building and for people to dig deep inside of themselves and relinquish the fear of the other. But once that unity is harnessed into collaboration, we’re collectively incorruptible.

Eid Mubarak to you and yours, wherever or whenever in the world you’re celebrating. Pray for peace. Pray for unity. On this blessed day, here’s a video of an old speech of mine urging unity between the different Muslim schools and sects, pls do watch and share…

A beautiful reminder by Mehdi Hasan about the need, now more than ever, for unity amongst Muslims around the world…


Our brothers and sisters from among the refugees of Syria are more deserving and needy of your Zakat.

Through this link you can donate your Zakat securely via the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR): https://donate.unhcr.org/gu-en/zakat

Fatwa outlining the permissibility of UNHCR receiving Zakat donations and distributing them among needy people.

If you’re unable to donate, then at least spread the message:

Zakat – The UN Refugee Agency

I call on everyone to dedicate their Zakat this year to Syrian refugees as a way to express solidarity with Syrian people #Zakati4Refugees @UNHCR_Arabic.

Most calls for justice are drowned out by calls for peace.

Most calls for the oppressed to be given their rights are drowned out by calls for unity.

Peace and unity are beautiful ideals, but are often falsely invoked to ensure that status quo remains firmly in place.

Tension is often necessary to ensure true peace and unity.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “How can God honor a nation that doesn’t protect it’s vulnerable ones from being exploited by it’s powerful ones.” (Bukhari)

Beautiful words from Ustadh Abu Eesa in Manchester…

Abu Eesa

I know my beautiful city of Manchester is wounded badly right now but please give me a moment to express the following:

Dear Muslims:

We’ve dreaded this moment for ever, the day that terror comes home to our midst as if there wasn’t enough of it in the world already.

As believers, you already know that there’s no such thing as “other people’s children”. OUR children in OUR community were intentionally targeted by terrorists who have no bottom level of depravity. They took Alan Henning away from us in Syria, and now they took our children and neighbours from us in Manchester.

Many of you are scared and uncertain and I understand that. We hugged our loved ones that bit more, worried as to what might happen to them. Those wearing the Niqab or maybe even the Hijab hesitated for an extra moment just to go outside. Some will even avoid leaving home entirely this week. It never matters what the actual facts are about a terrorist attack, Muslims shockingly *always* have to assume that people will blame us because inevitably a significantly loud portion of our society WILL do exactly that, regardless of the truth.

But you don’t have the luxury of hiding away. You are a MUSLIM. Your community DEPENDS upon you, and if it doesn’t then it SHOULD. We were sent to SERVE our community, not be served by them. It comes in the job description. We cannot stay inside now and make this about US regardless of what happens over the next few difficult weeks and months as people in their anger and confusion demand answers that we genuinely cannot give.

Our principle responsibility is to those who have directly lost their child, sibling, parent, family member or friend, and we have to do whatever we can (as my previous messages have outlined) to support our wider community in its time of need despite not feeling safe or confident to go out and live and serve normally.

There’s two things I want you to do:

1. Pray. And I mean properly. Pray. Nothing will calm your fear and uncertainty as much as putting your tawakkul in your Lord to send down love, mercy and safety to all those who are suffering right now.

2. Trust your city and its brilliant people. Manchester knows the difference between you as a person practising your faith, and the criminals who try to hijack it. And if you come across folks who don’t know the difference, then SHOW them that difference by being the awesome Muslim you really are.

Dear non-Muslims:

I know how difficult it can be to have faith in your neighbours and fellow Muslim citizens when all of your senses around you are telling you something different. We wish we could change the narrative that is presented to you, but we’re struggling. You have to believe us that your Muslim friend, colleague, employee, boss and just general fellow citizen is at his or her’s wit’s end on how to get rid of these cursed terrorists from our lives.

I agree with you. We can’t just blame foreign policy, or their personal social circumstances or whatever. There is an undoubted intentional desire to distort Islam for the Terrorists’ own hideous ideology, even if there wasn’t a single possible grievance in the world. We just have to trust the security services to bring these perpetrators to justice just as they protect us every day from daily failed attacks, and we trust behind the scenes our scholars and leaders to continue guiding the lost out of this criminal insanity just like the many they have saved without the public ever being aware of it.

My friends, there are no short-cuts in dealing with the grief in our city and it is a priority, but the Muslims need your support too. Please realise the *huge* impact of a word of reassurance and solidarity, with a people who are exactly like you but have a different colour or faith. They are DESPERATE to help, but many will be paralyzed by this horrific tragedy and don’t know how to respond. We have NOTHING to do with these evil vermin but then we have everything to do with them in the eyes of the masses, and that’s what creates more fear and division.

To Everyone:

Lives have been changed forever. What the rest of us must do is to not let the terrorists define the narrative that follows. Our response of love and unity right now is the worst possible result for these scum, so let’s give it to them in buckets.



I will be in DC tomorrow, but requesting everyone in Dallas to be here with your families for #justiceforjordan Join Mothers Against Police Brutality, Family of Jordan Edwards, Faith Forward Dallas, Dallas NAACP, Texas Organizing Project, North Texas Dream Team, TransLation, Texas Equal Access Fund, Faith in Texas and others this Saturday to lay a wreath at the courthouse door in memory of every life lost to police violence, in honor of every mother who lost a child at the hands of police, and in support of the ongoing struggle for justice in Balch Springs, in Dallas, in Washington, and throughout America.

Please bring white flowers!

We ask that you wear red in solidarity!

If you have any questions, please call 214-454-3980 or 214-683-2493.

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Tonight… On Saturday, April 29th, 2017, fifteen year old High School freshman Jordan Edwards was fatally shot and killed by a police officer as he and a group of friends were driving away from a party. Police officers initially stated that upon arriving to the scene of the party, gunshots were heard and the car that Jordan was in was backing towards them “aggressively,” prompting the officer to fire into the vehicle, striking and killing Jordan. Monday, after body camera footage was reviewed, this was found to not be true, and the police chief of Balch Springs, Jonathan Haber, even stated that the shooting “did not meet the core values” of their department. In other words, it should not have happened, and Jordan Edwards should still be alive today.

Unfortunately, it did, and another family is now grieving a life taken far too soon. Edwards was a straight A student and athlete who was loved by both his family and his peers, and on Thursday, May 4th, 2017, we will come together as a community to honor him and his memory with a candlelight vigil at Virgil T. Irwin Park in Balch Springs, just a few blocks away from where this tragedy took place. Faith leaders Pastor Michael Waters, Iman Omar Suleiman, Rabbi Elana Zelony, Pastor Michael Bowie, Dr. Irie Lyn Session, and Pastor William Carlsie will be in attendance to speak and offer words of prayer. Mother’s Against Police Brutality are an odficial sponsor of this event.

It is heartrending that yet again, we must come together as a community to mourn the taking of a life so young by people who are supposed to protect and to serve. But we will come together in a show of solidarity with the family and community mourning the loss of this bright young light.

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