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Salman Al-Farsi is one of those legendary Sahabas about whom we have very little information about because he grew up in Iran. Therefore we have no information about him from any source other than what he himself told of his own life later on, and what he narrated to the Sahaba.

One thing that really makes Salman intriguing is the very ironic and profound change that happened, that he grew up in the pinnacle of Persian power, seeing the glory of what is called the ‘Sassanid Empire’. He was a citizen and a member of this empire at a time when no one could ever have predicted that the empire would be destroyed and wiped out. Not only did he live to see that his own Persian Empire eradicated, but he was also part of the army that fought against it. They even destroyed the Sassanids and then appointed Salman as the Governor of the capital of the Persian Empire.

Watch Part 1 of 2 Here:

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“How Israel helped create Hamas” my latest The Intercept short video on #blowback and foreign policy – do pls have a watch and share:

Israel spent more than 20 years building Hamas and then spent another 20 years — the past 20 years — trying to bomb, besiege, and blockade them out of existence.

Civil rights campaigners from across the globe are all in agreement. Israel & all oppressive regimes must stop imprisoning & killing our children. Free them all. Stop the killing. And. Remember that if you can still speak from where-ever you live, raise your voice by sharing this video before the oppressor comes for you!


I do my best to make this page a sanctuary. A place where people can come to find inspiration and comfort.

But today I am angry.

Two days ago a 19 year old white male walked into a Florida high school, with a legally obtained AR-15 assault rifle, and massacred 17 people. Mostly children.

The killer, Nikolas Cruz, was a member of a white supremacist group and one of his profile pictures showed a man whose face was covered and wearing a hat that read “Make America Great Again.”

His instagram had pictures captioned “arsenal,” showcased collections of firearms, including what appears to be a Savage Axis bolt-action rifle, a Smith and Wesson M&P15-series rifle, and at least two shotguns.

But in case law enforcement wasn’t alerted to any of this, since they only spy on Muslims, Cruz actually *spelled it out* for them. On Sept 24, 2017, he wrote on a public YouTube comment: “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.” Using his *full* *real* name.

The comment was screenshot and immediately reported to the FBI. They did absolutely nothing. I suppose I can understand why. They are too tied up spying on, and arresting innocent brown Muslims to have time to actually do their job protecting America against *actual* terrorism. Can you imagine if a Muslim wrote, “I’m going to be a professional shooter”?

One of the teachers who survived the massacre summed it up perfectly: “Our government, our country has failed us and failed our kids and didn’t keep us safe.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

Umrah is one of the most important and blessed acts that a Muslim can do. It is known to be the ‘minor Hajj’. Therefore when we are going for Umrah, we should go with a ‘Niyyah’ (Intention), that we are undertaking one of the greatest actions of worships a Muslim can do, because we are venerating the House that Allah has called His own, also found on the most blessed place in the entire world.

Therefore Allah(SWT) says: “Whoever intends to do any type of evil in this land, Allah will give him the most severe punishment.”

Our scholars say if Allah says wanting to do evil in Makkah will get you a sin, then wanting to do good will also get you much more reward.

Watch the Full Video Here:
The Fiqh of Umrah – Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research launched a little over a year ago with it’s inaugural project: a groundbreaking study on Modern Pathways to Doubt in Islam which was based on in depth interviews with over 30 Imams, Chaplains, and Youth Directors.

Over the last year, the study turned to a quantitative analysis of 600 Muslims across the United States, and recorded their opinions on a number of social, political, and religious issues.

Congrats to Youssef Chouhoud and everyone who worked on this study to help further guide us in our work.

What Causes Muslims to Doubt Islam? A Quantitative Analysis

Feb 09 Feb 12 Download the PDF PDF Watch BTS Video BTS Video Introduction What motivates religious doubt among American Muslims? Answers to this vital question often rest on isolated anecdotes and intuition. At a time when the US population as a whole is becoming less and less religious, howev…..

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be working with Human Appeal as Global Ambassador to raise funds for a girl’s orphanage & school in Jerusalem.

This will be the first of its type for girls in that region, and will give our young sisters a better chance at establishing themselves in this world.

I have visited the site myself and am eager to see it come to fruition.

Watch the video & then donate (zakat eligible too)!!!/ …

For the love of Palestine | LaunchGood

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi is supporting our initiative to build a new school for children living in Jerusalem.

Grateful to Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere for his swift response and call for Tom to resign. He was unequivocal in his denunciation and call at the press conference.

Thank you everyone who has been on this all day and was present. Now time to see this through since Councilman Tom hasn’t answered calls or emails all day. We will push for a recall vote of his position should he not resign immediately.

Plano councilman ‘unfit to represent us,’ mayor says after Facebook post promoting Islam ban

A Plano City Council member stirred up outrage after he shared a Facebook video that said, Share if you think Trump should ban Islam in American…

At 12.15pm today (EST), or 5.15pm GMT, I’ll be doing a Facebook Live on the future of the Arab Spring and U.S. foreign policy and human rights in the Middle East, with Bahraini activist Maryam al Khawaja and Egyptian-American activist Mohamed Soltan, from the Georgetown Law Center in Washington D.C. Do tune in if you can. The full video will also be posted here afterwards (fingers crossed!)

It is troubling to see, of late, some respected scholars and religious leaders form strong alliances with and become defenders of regimes who don’t have the best track records when it comes to Islam and Islamic movements.

Our Prophet (salla Allah alayhi wa sallam) explicitly warned us from frequenting the palaces of the rulers, and Islamic history has shown that the most respected scholars of all the various movements, such as Imam al-Nawawi or Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyya, always kept their distance from rulers.

There are many reasons for this, but ultimately the main one is that in our tradition, the scholars keep the rulers in check, not the other way around. And if the credibility of a scholar is compromised, the religion itself suffers in the eyes of the masses.

In my talk at the RIS conference in Toronto, I spoke about some of the dangers of scholars cozying up to rulers, and I advise myself and other scholars, even as we assume that they have the best intentions, to not allow the public to presume evil of them by blindly defending regimes whose interests are not those of the Ummah, but rather of their own personal power and profit.

The talk also touched on sectarianism, disunity, and others issues.

This talk is generic in nature, and not directed to any one person.

Speech Title: Looking Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing World Location: Toronto, Canada Date: December 22nd, 2017 Watch The Full Video for Mo…

السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ
As-salāmu ʿalaykum “peace be upon you”
words uttered wishing and praying for peace to all! these will be the beautiful words the angels say when welcoming you in paradise : ) how beautiful
Cristiano Ronaldo may the one who created you guide you to eternal peace, Ameen Khabib “the Eagle” Nurmagomedov, may Allah bless you and keep you safe Ameen.

Cristiano says “asalam alykum” 😂 READ MORE:…


Bilal Ibn Rabah was known to be one of the most famous Sahabas. He is one of those Sahabas that every single Muslims knows about. As we know, Bilal was originally thought to be from Abyssinia, however, he was born in Makkah. It is mentioned that Bilal’s mother was one of those ladies that came with the Army of The Elephant.

Both of the parents of Bilal Ibn Rabah were slaves. He was also born as a slave in the Tribe of ‘Banu Jumah’. Therefore he grew up speaking Arabic absolutely fluently. Physically speaking, we have reports that Bilal was tall, lean and a fit person in general. Back in the time of Jahiliyyah, he used to be taunted by the people around him due to the tone of his skin.

Watch The Full Episode Here:

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Have you ever seen people speak of death the way these people do? Listen to them tell stories of their families massacred in front of their eyes, and their willingness to escape existence in this cruel world. Don’t let this silent genocide continue without raising your voice.

Support the Burma Task Force in their policy actions:

Donate to a reputable organization to support them: Bangladeshis want the 700,000 people who fled Myanmar and are stranded in refugee camps in their country to leave. For now, the refugees have nowhere else to go. Video/Photo: Karan Deep Singh/The Wall Street Journal

Should Western Muslims who have political access to Jerusalem visit Masjid al-Aqsa? This is a very emotionally charged issue that has legal, social, ethical and political ramifications. Some scholars have given fatwas that prohibit Muslims from visiting al-Aqsa, and while I fully understand and respect that opinion, I very firmly agree with the other group of scholars who allow visiting Masjid al-Aqsa. In fact, I view it as fard kifaayah and a part of our collective obligation to that Holy Land.

In this talk, I summarize the main arguments that some scholars use to prohibit visiting al-Aqsa, and respond to them one by one.

Watch the video here >>

(Note: due to technical difficulties in our masjid – there was a major winter storm the night before – the video system was damaged and this lecture is mainly audio; apologies in advance).

As salamu alaikum. Alhamdullilah I’ve arrived in Istanbul for the first leg of my European tour.
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In 1953, the CIA overthrew the democratically-elected government of Iran in a coup and brought back the despotic Shah, which set off a chain of events that led directly to the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and the rise of the ayatollahs. Talk about unintended consequences, eh?

Watch episode 3 of my new #blowback series of short videos for The Intercept:

Iran had a secular, democratic government but the U.S. helped get rid of that government and paved the way for the ayatollahs and the Islamic Revolution.

Did you tune into the hangout last night with Husain Abdullah, Ryan Harris, and I? If so, what did you think? Should we do this every year at halftime?

Also, Husain and I enjoyed it so much that we’re thinking of doing a series in the same format discussing day to day issues young people face. Any thoughts?

This picture was sent from the Islamic Center of Naperville youth group.

If you missed the show, watch it here:

Allah(SWT) reminds us in the Qur’an of the blessings of the institution of marriage. A number of verses from the Qur’an remind us of the favors that Allah has given us through these blessings. The wife needs the husband while the husband needs the wife. Without the husband, the wife is incomplete, similarly for the husband. Allah(SWT) says that each spouse finds peace in one another. Each spouse perfects the other.

If the marriage is good, no matter what the financial situation or the politics, the heart is good. If there are problems in the marriage, even if you had this whole world and everything found in it, you will not find peace and comfort. If you have millions in your bank account, or the whole society respects you, but in the privacy of your home, if your marriage is a failure, then you will never find ‘Sakeenah’ in this world.

Watch The Full Khutbah Here:

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Grateful to my colleagues and hosts for the opportunity to engage in a deep conversation on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

It was surreal to see a thousand plus people turning out for this with standing room only, and people even sitting in the hallways. But it’s a testimony to how badly so many people want to see a less polarized America. We have real differences which we don’t shy away from, but we can still be civilized and even loving despite those differences.

Thank you Chris, David, Amy, and the wonderful hosts at Saint Michael And All Angels Episcopal Church.

Full Video – Available Now! (Facebook Version)

This video will remain available–on demand–for all to listen, watch again, and learn more as we seek to better understand and bridge our faiths. Let’s keep the conversation going!

“How ISIS was created by the U.S. invasion of Iraq” – the second episode of my new #blowback video series for The Intercept is now up online. Do pls watch and share the video/link below:

In this second episode of our Blowback series, Mehdi Hasan explains how the U.S. built, ran, and supervised a recruitment center for men who would go on to create ISIS.