Allah SWT says: “The faithful are but brothers…” – [Qur’an 49: 10]


With the Independence Day approaching soon, I decided to make this quick response for my fellow Pakistanis (and Indians, by extension) who seem to be uploading flags of their respective countries, talking about the courage of the soldiers who died fighting for its nation.

1) Nationalism (Assabiyyah – in Arabic) is a disease.

The only thing that ties us all together is Aqeedah and Emaan. That is, the belief in one Creator ( Allah SWT) and His last and final messenger being the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Allah SWT says: “The faithful are but brothers…” – [Qur’an 49: 10]

Allah SWT did not mention all Pakistanis to be brothers, or all Indians to be brothers, or all Chinese to be brothers, and so on and so forth. Rather, all believers.

2) Any solider who dies fighting with the intention of raising the status of his/her respective nation, instead of fighting with the intention of raising the word of Allah SWT, is most likely not a Muslim, let alone a ‘shaheed’. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said this, not me.

“He is not one of us who calls for ‘asabiyyah, (nationalism) or who fights for ‘asabiyyah or who dies for ‘asabiyyah.” – [Source: Abu Dawud]

In summary, I give you a message from Allah SWT:

“O you who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared and die not except in a state of Islam. And hold fast together all of you to the rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah’s favours on you; for you were enemies and He joined your hearts in love, so that by His Grace you became brothers; and you were on the brink of the pit of fire, and He saved you from it. Thus Allah makes His signs clear to you that you may be guided.” – [Qur’an 3: 102-103]

And Allah SWT knows best.

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Q: If Allah (SWT) is Almighty, why did He create us to worship Him?

Allah (SWT) created angels to worship Him. They do not sin and they obey all orders from Him. The angels themselves questioned Allah (SWT), why were the humans created? Us humans are far from perfection. Is there a legitimate reason for our creation?

I discuss this question further and answer it in the video below.

In this Jumu’ah Khutbah, Shaykh Dr Yasir Qadhi explains the importance of family ties in Islam, including how this Ayah can be interpreted in 2 ways by our scholars.

In the First Verse of Surah An-Nisa, Allah(SWT) says:

“O mankind, fear your Lord, who created you from one soul and created from it its mate and dispersed from both of them many men and women. And fear Allah, through whom you ask one another, and the wombs. Indeed Allah is ever, over you, an Observer.”

1) Have Taqwa in Allah, in whose name you ask people to give you things, It could mean that you ask for help from within the family or in the name of the family, and it is also a reminder portraying how family takes care of each other.

2) Be conscious of the rights of Allah, and be conscious of the rights of the family.

Both of these interpretations are valid in the Qur’an and what they imply is that the family has a high privilege, second to Allah(SWT). The reality is that the rights of the family, comes after the rights of Allah, and from within the family, the parents have the most rights.

Watch the Video for the Full Explanation:

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This morning, someone threw a firebomb through the Imams office of one of the biggest mosques in Minnesota during the morning prayers. Thankfully, the Imam was in the prayer hall when that happened.

The Imam is Sh. Waleed Al-Meneesy, who is one of the most knowledgeable and noble scholars I know. The man always has a smile on his face. Had the perpetrator ever met the Imam, he would have never been able to hate him. I am grateful that he wasn’t in his office and that no one is hurt.

Praying for the protection of our people, and the sanity of this nation.

Police investigate blast at Minnesota mosque; nobody hurt

Authorities are investigating a reported explosion at mosque in a Minneapolis suburb. WCCO-TV reports that police say no one was injured in the Saturday blast at the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington. Bloomington police tweeted that the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol,…

Q: Can We Say ‘Good Luck’? Does That Constitute Shirk?

Living in North America, it has become part of the culture to wish a person ‘good luck’ when they may have an exam coming up or a big event perhaps. A lot of us say it without realizing what we are actually saying.

Is saying the phrase ‘good luck’ a correct thing to say? Does it fall under shirk?

I answer this question in the video below.

I am embarking on my historical tour of Andalus today. Some people have suggested that I post ‘live’ Facebook videos and introduce my online audience to some of the glories and historical sites of Muslim Spain.

This is my first time experiments with Facebook Live, so let’s see how this goes. Due to the hectic nature of the trip, unfortunately I can’t post scheduled, timed, events, but instead I will broadcast whenever possible. I’ll try to do at least one video a day starting from tomorrow, and it will be on Facebook for you to see whenever you get a chance insha Allah

I pray that the brief lectures/videos will be of benefit to you, and will make you appreciate the glorious legacy that was Andalus.

Let the games begin… 😀

PS I did something similar on Snapchat last time I went, but I personally didn’t like Snapchat because, firstly, the video is temporary, and secondly, I have to break every point into ten-second clips. And if you know me, I can’t speak in 10 seconds!!!

Doing their job…

For the second time in less than a month a body camera video shows the Baltimore Police Department planting evidence on somebody. Here’s the thing – these are just the times that happened to be caught on camera. How many thousands of times have they done this and didn’t get captured on camera. Our prisons are, no doubt, full of black men, women, and children who were framed just like this.

Every case these officers has touched needs to be thrown out and they need to go to jail.

Thank you to CBS News for the smart breakdown here.

Q: Do We Have Free Will Or Is Everything Predestined?

Allah (SWT) created us with the ability to make choices. We have free will. Yet, it is mentioned that Allah (SWT) has predestined everything.

Allah (SWT) knows what is going to happen to you 5 years from now, even 10 years. He knows every single aspect of your life even before you were born into this world.

A companion once came to the Prophet (PBUH) asking this exact question. The companion asked what is the point of doing anything if everything is already predestined?

I answer the question and explain the hadith in the video below.

Thanks The Muslim Vibe for sharing the video of my answer on Australian TV to a question about “Muslims taking over”, sharia law and Sunnis and Shias “at each others throats” – now at 1.4 million views (!)

Watch Mehdi Hasan’s EPIC response to this Islamophobic question!

Q: Can someone do an action that Allah (SWT) does not know he is going to do?

Allah (SWT) is our lord. He is “Al A’leem” (The All Knowing). However, Allah (SWT) has created us with the ability to make choices. He created us with free will. Is it possible for a person to do an action that Allah (SWT) does not the person is going to do? The answer is simple.

I answer this question in this short video below.

Q: Is It Haraam To Feel Attached To A Nation?

There are extremes on both sides of this debate, ranging from “Nationalism is Kufr!” to those who say that country comes first and Ummah comes second.

Between these two is the position that the majority of Muslims scholars take globally. Nationalism is a man-made social construct, and like all man-made systems, we can take from it what is good and leave it what is bad.

Nations come and go, borders change, but in some way, we are all part of one nation or another. In the time of the Prophet ﷺ tribes were the dominant system of identity, but he did not abolish them, he came to put them into their appropriate context.

Loyalty to your tribe should exist within the boundaries of what is pleasing to Allah, and should never take precedence over loyalty to Allah or the religion that Allah sent to unify those who worship him.

I go into more details in the video below.

Watch a short clip of me speaking in Sydney, Australia last week, at the Crescent Institute,on the subject of extremism and the importance of unity, of Muslims and non-Muslims sticking together in these dark times.

“If we want to defeat extremism of all types then we have to stick together. We have to stand together, be united and focus on what unites us, not sets us apart.”

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Ayman Mohyeldin

This morning western media organizations around the world flashed variations of the headline “Palestinians kill Israelis” and once again the point of departure for the coverage of violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict begins with an attack by Palestinians on Israelis. And while this attack deserves coverage and attention, it would be a disservice if we don’t try and understand the context of what is happening on the ground day in and day out, and not simply when western media decides to cover it.

The screens, airwaves and feeds have been filled with reactions from Israeli officials, videos of the heinous attack, the names of the victims and the grief their families and nation are experiencing. Our ability in the US to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict depends on a lot of things, among them, the way the conflict is portrayed in the media. In large part that depends on who the public sees as the victims and who it sees as the aggressors. The purpose of this post is not to debate that… god knows that won’t get us anywhere in resolving this conflict where both Israelis and Palestinians claim to be perpetual victims.

Instead, the purpose of this post is to question why the media for the most part neglected to cover, with the same rigor and intensity the killing of three Palestinians by Israeli forces earlier in the week as it covered the killing of two Israelis by Palestinians on Friday. If we are to try and understand this conflict so that one day leaders, diplomats and the public may be able to solve it, then everyone must have a better understanding of what is happening on the ground daily and if they are relying on the media for that portrayal, then based on the coverage we have seen this week, they are being deprived of important context to understand what is actually happening. We must do better.

What an epic journey! 3,500 klm in 6 weeks 8 brothers on bikes on their way to Hajj. Follow this #Hajjride support them. Donate for Syria. Alhamdulillah the brothers left East london mosque yesterday. See the video! – share for Syria 🇸🇾 By Allah’s permission.

We often wait for great scholars to die to appreciate them. The Ummah lost a giant in Shaykh Yunus Jaunpuri 2 days ago, a great mother in the mother of Sh. Ahsan Hanif, and so many other gems that will pass without mention. The woman described in this video, Zaynab Al Ghazali, is one of the greats we don’t need to go too far back to read about. May Allah have mercy on them all!

Zaynab al-Ghazali al-Jubayli was passionate about educating and empowering her community and society at large. Learn more about her story in this week’s episode of Sayedaty with Tesneem AlKiek.


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Our sister Linda Sarsour is once again under attack by the Far Right. Apparently, her ‘crime’ is that she used the word ‘jihad’ at the ISNA convention.

Well, if its any help, may I suggest the Far Right take a look at my lecture at ISNA last year, where I publicly called for a ‘struggle’ as well, and used the Arabic term, and even asked for a loud takbīr at the end of it all!

I even asked the Far Right to go ahead and distort my speech, as they typically do, and told Fox News to take that 5-seconds out of context.

Sadly, looks like they took my requests, but applied it to our Sr. Linda’s speech instead!!

Distortion and hatred is what is to be expected from such bigots. In the end, Allah will protect the sincere and righteous – may Allah make us amongst them!!!

In this video Shaykh Dr Yasir Qadhi speaks about the rise and potential fall of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the war on terrorism, and the plight of…

It’s been 1 year since this happened and this weekend will be filled with memorials and tributes. These were my thoughts immediately after the shooting but I’m not sure they were fully developed then. Truthfully, I was numb. I will never forget the gunshots and the sights of that night. But we have to remain committed to ending the violence and injustices that keep robbing families of their loved ones.

Minutes before the shooting. Still trying to process what happened in #Dallas last night. I’m grateful for my life as I’ve never experienced before last night what it’s like to run for your life as gunshots are constantly being rattled off. I’ve never experienced being holed up in a hotel lobby while people pray that a gunman doesn’t walk in which is exactly what happened minutes after. I’m deeply saddened by the loss of innocent police lives that were there to protect this peaceful demonstration against police brutality. Those people killed had nothing to do with the actions of those who wore the same uniform as them as they took innocent lives, just like the murderers last night have nothing to do with the thousands of peaceful protestors marching. I went last night to show solidarity. I listened to mothers who lost their children to police brutality speak of their pain. I listened to the father of the young girl in McKinney who was brutalized by an officer on video last year speak of his pain. I listened to my colleague and friend from Faith Forward Dallas, Dr. Michael Waters, remind people of how to channel that pain. I was reminded once again of the despair that so many of our black brothers and sisters have in a broken system that has failed them for so long. I’ve been to many of these events in the past, but yesterday was different. We marched and chanted #BlackLivesMatter because the world needs to hear it. For too long, they have not in this country and in many parts of the world. But violence is never the answer. Violence breeds more violence. Clearly these attackers coordinated this before the protest, and carried out their attacks just as the protest ended. They have nothing to do with us. We marched for peace and for the end of senselessness that deprives children of their parents, not to deprive the children of those innocent officers killed last night of their own.

Seriously, how is this guy president?!

The man who created Trump vs CNN wrestling video wrote about stabbing Muslims

The Reddit user who is taking credit for creating the video of Donald Trump punching a man with a CNN logo superimposed over his head has a history of anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim posts. The President has been widely criticised for encouraging violence against reporters after he tweeted the video fr…

My new #realitycheck video on anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and dangerous, conflating rhetoric by Israel’s leaders, past and present:

Reality Check: Mehdi Hasan explains how it’s wrong to conflate all Jewish people with Israel, even when it’s Israel’s leaders doing it.

Many of you are aware that I had a dialogue with James White, a Reformed Baptist minister who has achieved a solid reputation amongst many conservative Christians. (You can find the videos of the debates in the first comment).

What most of you are probably not aware is the severe online character assassination and smear campaigns that Mr White has had to endure from some of his fellow Christians, albeit of the Far Right sector of this country.

Why would any believing Christian be irritated at Minister White, who was allowed into our mosque, and who was very frank about his beliefs regarding Jesus, the Redemption, the Trinity and even the fact that he believes all of us are going to Hell!? (Listen to the entire two-part lecture to get the whole picture, and my response).

Well, apparently, these Far Right individuals truly believe that Muslims are so dangerous, so evil, so deadly, that the mere fact that Mr. White can sit with us, and essentially humanize us as people who believe in our faith, entails that Mr. White is in fact helping and abetting the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafis, Al-Qaeda and other groups (albeit indirectly – he is, according to the analysis of such discerning self-professed intellectuals as Robert Spencer, a ‘useful idiot’).

A few points to make:

1 – For the record, I did not personally receive any negative comments from any Muslim for inviting Mr. White into our masjid (although I’m sure some Muslims online and in other parts of the world might object). From our side, we all understood the need to have a frank dialogue, and that I speak at a Church where most people had never met a Muslim, and Mr. White speak at our mosque in return.

2 – I cannot deny that one of the reasons any Muslim would talk about Islam in front of a non-Muslim audience is to demonstrate the beauty of Islam, and hope that some amongst them find in it the true message that Jesus himself preached. And I know full well that Mr. White’s intentions, which he has expressed explicitly, was to hope that some Muslims convert as they listen to him explain Christianity.

3- However, one of my overriding reasons to wish to speak at a conservative Church was quite simply to dispel the utterly nonsensical notion that the majority of Muslims somehow wish to overthrow the government and install Sharia law in America. The truly terrifying reality for all of us Muslims is the evil nature of the hatred that people like Spencer and people of his ilk perpetrate. That hatred, compounded with the fear-mongering of politicians and the false patriotism of a disgruntled group, whips up the popular support needed to pass such dastardly measures as the recent ban on Muslim immigrants from seven countries. If things persist and the situation deteriorates, that hatred will eventually be used to inflict violence and persecute our women and children and us, as the Japanese were here in America, and as other races and religions were at times of persecution in other lands.
I would be happy if any Christian who listened to my lecture converted. But if they choose not to convert, that’s their business to decide, and Allah’s to judge. It is not my duty to do anything more than speak.
Islamophobic bigots like Spencer have fabricated this myth of us Muslims (less than 1 % of this land!) having desires to subjugate the rest of the 99 % to our laws and religion. Sadly, many innocent Christians believe these lies, and Spencer continues to profit from that fear (See:

4- So, essentially, what terrifies Spencer and the Far Right bigots who falsely invoke the noble Prophet Jesus’ name as they spey hatred is to actually see two very committed people, a Baptist Minister and a Shaykh, agree to disagree, even as they harshly dismiss each other’s faiths and theologies, and argue exclusive salvation for their own faiths. That simple civility – the act of agreeing to disagree – is something that these individuals, wallowing in hate and lies and wanting the rest of us to do the same, simply cannot tolerate.

Hence, the vicious attack on Mr. White.

James, if you’re reading this, know that I strongly disagree with your views on Islam, and that it pains me deeply, because I genuinely care about you and like you, that you have such negative (and in my opinion incorrect) views about the Quran, and about our Prophet. Yet, that disagreement doesn’t stop me from having a genuine respect for your commitment and sincerity. And that is why I will defend you against your fellow Christians as they smear your name and accuse you of all types of falsehoods.

The real idiots are those who wish to provoke fear and whip up hatred between the two largest religions of the world. Disagree all you want, but live and let live. And if you claim to be a follower of Jesus, then as a Muslim let me tell you: you might want to start by practicing what he preached.