An appeals court in the UK has ruled that the gender segregation practiced in an Islamic school is not legal:

Firstly, can someone please explain how and why they are targeting an Islamic school while some of the most well-known schools in that same country (such as Eton), and many other religious schools run by Christian and Jewish groups, and even many secular schools, are also gender segregated?
Historically, some of the most reputable schools around the world have been gender-exclusive. And quite a few studies have shown that segregating boys and girls during that stage creates a better study environment.

Secondly, in light of all of the sex-scandals rocking Hollywood and political figures around the world (and let’s leave it at that for this post please!), isn’t it ironic that some very basic, common-sense policies rooted not only in the Shariah but also in historical validated and experienced policies of the pre-modern Western world are being criticized so severely? Modest clothes (for men and women), gender guidelines, gender interactions, sexual chastity (viz., only within marriage) and more issues, are all being mocked and dismissed as backward, yet the scandals of famous figures and politicians and Hollywood producers only increases (and what happens amongst regular folks is no less).

For sure, no single policy or system can make sexual harassment disappear – but there are common-sense rules that would minimize such harassment and protect those who are vulnerable. One such rule, which is observed by many religiously conservative faith traditions, is to put guidelines on gender interactions, and hence to segregate high-schools along gender lines.

The court ruled that such segregation does not prepare our children for real life. If real life includes the types of harassment that Hollywood producers are guilty of, then perhaps it is better that our children are not prepared for that type of life.

Judge rules segregating boys and girls in Islamic school is sex discrimination

An Islamic faith school’s policy of segregating boys from girls is unlawful sex discrimination, Court of Appeal judges have said in a landmark ruling. Ofsted placed the mixed-sex Al-Hijrah school in Birmingham into special measures last June after it claimed dividing classes was discriminatory. But…

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Ever wonder what rights were supposed to be granted to religious minorities under Islamic law? Check out the full infographic and publication here:

Contrary to the common misconception, non-Muslims living under Muslim rule were free to practice their own religions.

Read more in “Religious Minorities Under Muslim Rule” by Tesneem AlKiek here:

Thanks The Muslim Vibe for sharing the video of my answer on Australian TV to a question about “Muslims taking over”, sharia law and Sunnis and Shias “at each others throats” – now at 1.4 million views (!)

Watch Mehdi Hasan’s EPIC response to this Islamophobic question!

On Australia’s Q&A show this week, I was challenged by an elderly audience member who claimed Muslims were taking over Australia, Sunnis and Shias were “at each other’s throats” and described himself as “not Islamophobic” but “sharia-law phobic”. Watch my brief response to him and do share it if you enjoy it 🙂


In view of the fact that in Australia Muslim couples have a much higher birth rate than the rest of us, is it not possible that in a couple of generations Australia could have a Muslim majority who vote in Sharia law? Further, if so, is it not possible that sects could develop- sects Sunnis and Shi’ites – who begin shooting and bombing each other, and turning currently the best country in the world like another war-torn Middle Eastern country? This is not Islamophobia this is “sharia-law-phobia”.

What do you think?

Correction: the original post included statistics that Roger French did not include in his final question.

The latest publication out of Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research covers the past, present, and future of the subject of apostasy in Islam.

The Issue of Apostasy in Islam

Jul 05 Download the PDF PDF The Shariah consists of some laws that remain the same regardless of changing circumstances and others that change with them. Most of the Shariah is up to individual Muslims to follow in their own lives. Some are for judges to implement in courts. Finally, a third set…

Many of you are aware that I had a dialogue with James White, a Reformed Baptist minister who has achieved a solid reputation amongst many conservative Christians. (You can find the videos of the debates in the first comment).

What most of you are probably not aware is the severe online character assassination and smear campaigns that Mr White has had to endure from some of his fellow Christians, albeit of the Far Right sector of this country.

Why would any believing Christian be irritated at Minister White, who was allowed into our mosque, and who was very frank about his beliefs regarding Jesus, the Redemption, the Trinity and even the fact that he believes all of us are going to Hell!? (Listen to the entire two-part lecture to get the whole picture, and my response).

Well, apparently, these Far Right individuals truly believe that Muslims are so dangerous, so evil, so deadly, that the mere fact that Mr. White can sit with us, and essentially humanize us as people who believe in our faith, entails that Mr. White is in fact helping and abetting the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafis, Al-Qaeda and other groups (albeit indirectly – he is, according to the analysis of such discerning self-professed intellectuals as Robert Spencer, a ‘useful idiot’).

A few points to make:

1 – For the record, I did not personally receive any negative comments from any Muslim for inviting Mr. White into our masjid (although I’m sure some Muslims online and in other parts of the world might object). From our side, we all understood the need to have a frank dialogue, and that I speak at a Church where most people had never met a Muslim, and Mr. White speak at our mosque in return.

2 – I cannot deny that one of the reasons any Muslim would talk about Islam in front of a non-Muslim audience is to demonstrate the beauty of Islam, and hope that some amongst them find in it the true message that Jesus himself preached. And I know full well that Mr. White’s intentions, which he has expressed explicitly, was to hope that some Muslims convert as they listen to him explain Christianity.

3- However, one of my overriding reasons to wish to speak at a conservative Church was quite simply to dispel the utterly nonsensical notion that the majority of Muslims somehow wish to overthrow the government and install Sharia law in America. The truly terrifying reality for all of us Muslims is the evil nature of the hatred that people like Spencer and people of his ilk perpetrate. That hatred, compounded with the fear-mongering of politicians and the false patriotism of a disgruntled group, whips up the popular support needed to pass such dastardly measures as the recent ban on Muslim immigrants from seven countries. If things persist and the situation deteriorates, that hatred will eventually be used to inflict violence and persecute our women and children and us, as the Japanese were here in America, and as other races and religions were at times of persecution in other lands.
I would be happy if any Christian who listened to my lecture converted. But if they choose not to convert, that’s their business to decide, and Allah’s to judge. It is not my duty to do anything more than speak.
Islamophobic bigots like Spencer have fabricated this myth of us Muslims (less than 1 % of this land!) having desires to subjugate the rest of the 99 % to our laws and religion. Sadly, many innocent Christians believe these lies, and Spencer continues to profit from that fear (See:

4- So, essentially, what terrifies Spencer and the Far Right bigots who falsely invoke the noble Prophet Jesus’ name as they spey hatred is to actually see two very committed people, a Baptist Minister and a Shaykh, agree to disagree, even as they harshly dismiss each other’s faiths and theologies, and argue exclusive salvation for their own faiths. That simple civility – the act of agreeing to disagree – is something that these individuals, wallowing in hate and lies and wanting the rest of us to do the same, simply cannot tolerate.

Hence, the vicious attack on Mr. White.

James, if you’re reading this, know that I strongly disagree with your views on Islam, and that it pains me deeply, because I genuinely care about you and like you, that you have such negative (and in my opinion incorrect) views about the Quran, and about our Prophet. Yet, that disagreement doesn’t stop me from having a genuine respect for your commitment and sincerity. And that is why I will defend you against your fellow Christians as they smear your name and accuse you of all types of falsehoods.

The real idiots are those who wish to provoke fear and whip up hatred between the two largest religions of the world. Disagree all you want, but live and let live. And if you claim to be a follower of Jesus, then as a Muslim let me tell you: you might want to start by practicing what he preached.

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The Ummah Mobile team.

Asalaam Alaykum brothers and sisters.

Bismillah. Alhamdulillah. Wa salaat wa Saleem ala rusulullah. (Saw)

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I must warn you all to be very careful about investing any of your hard earned cash into One Coin, information is NOW surfacing to show it may not be what it claims to be. I urge you NOT to just trust without a good long hard look at it before parting with your cash.

A few questions to ask:- does OC have a blockchain? Can you sell your coins?
How long will it take before you recover your investment? Is it sharia compliant, is OC certified? Are there any Police investigations in process? How many OC bank accounts have been closed around the globe over the past two years? How many countries have criminalised trading in OC? At the end of the day it’s a free world. It’s your choice.

But as the prophet pbuh mentioned None of you truly believes until he loves for others as he loves for himself. Hadith.

May we be guided to do the right thing. Ameen.

Please share any information you may have to assist research into OC.

After Cordoba yesterday, Sheikh Chauki Lazhar, CILE Deputy Director, starts the 1st day of our Summer School setting up the objectives and the terminology. Theme of this week: “Maqasid ash-Shariah”

After Cordoba yesterday, Sheikh Chauki Lazhar, CILE Deputy Director, starts the 1st day of our Summer School setting up the objectives and the terminology. Theme of this week: “Maqasid ash-Shariah”

Facebook is not the ideal medium to go into detailed fiqh rulings – nonetheless my last post generated questions regarding maḥram rulings for children that are taken care of by other than their parents. So let me clarify.

Before I begin this brief post, please realize that I won’t be entertaining questions in the comments. Feel free to ask your local Shaykhs and Imams whom you trust.

1) If the child is below two years of age, there are a number of options that would establish permanent maḥram relationship for the family. The mother, or her sister or aunt, may feed the child via lactation (and it is allowed to artificially induce this milk by taking specific medicine for that). Islamic law requires five full feedings. This position is mainstream.

2) If the child is above two, some scholars and Fiqh councils have suggested an alternative (and whether you choose to follow this or not depends on the legal school you follow – from my side I don’t see a problem with this opinion, and consider this position to be valid, based on the famous hadith on this topic). This alternative is that an exception can be made in such circumstances, and that the child, even if above two, is given the mother’s (or sister’s or aunt’s) milk (even if it needs to be expressed into a cup and not directly). This position is not mainstream; some scholars support it, and others don’t.

3) If neither of these options are availed to, technically the child will be a non-maḥram.

However, I will say something that I know will cause some of you great problems, yet needs to be said.

Even if some of the rules cannot be observed perfectly once the child grows older, let this not be an impediment. Allah is forgiving, and ‘…fear Allah as much as you can.’

Here’s the point: what is the lesser of the two harms? That an innocent, vulnerable child is left abandoned in an orphanage, and neglected for most of those previous growing years, or that such a child is taken in by a loving family, and raised, and given an education, and then perhaps the rules of ḥijāb are not fully enforced in the house 20 years down the line?!

This is a no-brainer. Those of you who are able to should take in a child into their homes, and if you can’t avail yourself to either of the first two options, Allah will find a way to deal with the third, and the overall good that will come will be far greater than any small inconveniences or slips.

Our latest article for the Huffington Post: TAQIYYA! Are all Muslims liars?

Playing the Taqiyya card – Evading intelligent debate by calling all Muslims liars

“Islamophobes claim that there is a doctrine in Islam that teaches Muslims that they must lie to non-Muslims. This doctrine is called taqiyya. The presence of an Arabic word is guaranteed to dupe people and send chills down the spines of well-meaning but woefully misinformed patriotic Americans wary of those turban-wearing bearded foreigners, right? What could possibly go wrong?”

Read Sh. Omar Suleiman and Dr. Nazir Khan’s latest HuffPost article.

UPDATE TWO: Based on two reliable outlets, I had mentioned Abu Izzadeen, but in light of recent comments, I will withdraw his name and picture and leave the message.

It is clear that this isolated incident against the British Parliament was done by someone who clearly had personal and mental problems, and a very skewed and fringe understanding of Islam,and will be utilized by Far Right politicians across the world to further their agendas to marginalize, and even criminalize, mainstream Muslims and their practices.

The sheer irony of these terrorist attacks that are done with the outward goal of ‘defending’ Islam is that they always, inevitably, directly and indirectly, end up harming Islam and inflicting more pain and suffering on the Umma.

This has been my consistent message for the last decade: even as we are opposed to Western attacks (my very last post, from a few hours ago, shows my harsh condemnation of American bombs dropped in Syria this last week), we are also completely and totally opposed to killing or harming people living in Western lands, in the name of ‘revenge’ for what their governments have done, or in the name of ‘helping’ Muslims who are oppressed.

When will our internet warriors and keyboard jihadist learn? What has all of this violence and bloodshed gained the Muslims for the last decade and half now?

The wise words of my Shaykh Salman al-Oadah that he wrote to Usamah bin Laden before his death should be read again and again:

Those same words and wisdom that the Shaykh wrote to Bin Laden also apply to his followers, and al-Awlaki, and all those who preached that killing people in this part of the world would somehow help people elsewhere in the world.

The people who will benefit most from this attack are Donald Trump, Marie Le Penn, Geert Wilders, and their ilk. And the people who will be harmed the most are innocent Muslims around the world: here, there and everywhere.

Sallim, Allahumma sallim…

A Ramadan Letter to Osama bin Laden

Fatwa, Fatwa Archive, Islam Today is your one source for all Islamic, Muslim articles and references covering Qur’an and Hadeeth with Islamic book collections and Islamic references and Fatwa and Fatwa

Latest publication with Yaqeen: Where does Islam stand on abortion and the pro-choice/pro-life debate?

This paper went through some of the foremost Islamic jurisprudence experts in this space, primarily Dr. Hatem Al Haj, and also compares and contrasts with other religious groups. It’s a subject that requires much nuance and cannot be summarized in a paragraph. I pray that this helps us develop a language on the subject that’s true to our theology and relevant to current debates. I’ll be doing a live Q & A on this within a few weeks insha’Allah. In the meantime, questions and feedback are welcomed.

Islam and the Abortion Debate

Is Islam pro-life, pro-choice, or both depending on the circumstances? And what implications does the answer to this question have for current political discourse? This essay seeks to offer a comprehensive look at how classical and contemporary Muslim jurists have dealt with the subject in accordan…

Join Dr. Jonathan Brown tomorrow for a live Q & A. RSVP here:

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This week (tomorrow), Dr Jonathan Brown will address questions on his recent Yaqeen Institute publication “Stoning and Hand Cutting – Understanding the Hudud and the Shariah in Islam”

Join us every Wednesday 11 am CST | 12 PM EST | 9 AM EST for a new Q&A video.

Saying “Merry Christmas”

I remind my brothers from among the students of sacred knowledge that the scholars who forbid congratulating non-Muslims on their religious celebrations tied their judgement to the assumption that congratulating affirms certain tenets of belief (held by non-Muslims) that are diametrically opposed to Islam. They anchored their judgement on a widespread understanding and custom particular to their time that congratulating others on their religious occasions is considered an affirmation of their beliefs, hence their edicts made mention of proofs regarding the impermissibility of affirming and esteeming false tenets of belief and not clear and unambiguous proofs that forbid congratulating in and of itself.

Today we can not imagine that congratulating others on their religious occasions affirms their tenets of belief. Islam is well established and knowledge of its core aspects of belief are known as well as the points of divergence with other religions. Human beings in general have also matured enough to accommodate co-existence that respects the boundaries of each others’ faiths. A Muslim who congratulates Christians on Christmas does not come close to thinking that this affirms the divinity of Christ or that he is the son of God. Likewise, a Christian who receives the season’s greetings from a Muslim will not be mislead to think that this Muslim has affirmed Christian theology. Similarly, a Christian who congratulates a Muslim neighbour on Eid, or Ramadan or the birth of the Prophet Muhammad knows well that this does not mean he is affirming Islamic belief, nor does a Muslim think that about a Christian who congratulates him/her.

Contemporary custom surrounding the Christmas season no longer links congratulating one (by saying ‘merry Christmas’ for example) with an affirmation of the belief that Jesus is the son of God. Rather, it is considered a general custom that indicates good inter-human dealing.

A legal principle (qa’ida fiqhiyya) states: “A judgement depends on its cause” (al-hukmu yaduru ma’a ‘ilatihi wujudan wa ‘adaman). The cause which led to some scholars forbidding congratulating (the cause was affirmation of the others’ religious beliefs) no longer remains and thus the impermissibility of congratulating also no longer remains.

It is important to note here too that Ibn al-Qayyim’s position that the scholars were in agreement over the impermissibility of congratulating others on their religious occasions is not accurate. Shaykh Abdullah bin Bayyah has mentioned that Imam Ahmad had three opinions on this issue: impermissible, disliked, and permissible. Ibn Taymiyyah adopted its permissibility as was related by Ibn al-Mardawi in ‘Al-Insaf.’ (1)

It is the right of one who does not wish to congratulate others on their religious occasions to not do it, but wrong for them to impose their view upon others as though it is obligatory. To condemn those who do it and doubt their belief (iman) is to reduce the sharia’s greatness and play frivolously with the religion! I urge you: please stop your misuse of this great religion!

(1) For the full Arabic text of Shaykh Abdullah Bin Bayyah’s fatwa please refer to:

“Perhaps these stringent laws, which God’s mercy has made almost impossible to apply, exist primarily to remind people of the enormity of the sins that they usually get away with.”

Our latest publication at Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research by Dr. Jonathan Brown is a pioneering work which builds a foundational understanding of the concept of penal laws in Islam. This was an amazing piece to watch in development.

Stoning and Hand Cutting—Understanding the Hudud and the Shariah in Islam

Often the only things people in the West associate with Islam are stoning and hand chopping. Stoning and hand chopping do feature in the Shariah, but their actual function can only be understood by stepping back and examining how the Shariah conceives of law overall. Only then can we make sense of i…

To Allah we belong and unto Him we shall return.

The Khawarij of our time, those who are known as Daesh/ISIS, murdered the great Shaykh of the Sinai, Sulayman Abu Haraz al-Sawarki. He was a scholar of the Shafi’i school of Islamic law and a teacher and educator of the Shadhili path of spirituality.

This was a shaykh that all the people of Sinai and its tribes had recognised for his piety and righteousness. They had immense love and respect for him, esteemed him, and accepted his counsel and advice.

He was over 100 years old.

The Khawarij had no regard for his age nor the rights that the elderly have and deserve in our religion. He was also blind. Yet they killed him by cutting off his head because he refused to succumb to the corrupt and fraudulent ways of this group. They justified the spilling of his blood by alleging that he had committed shirk, polytheism, and accusing him of kufr, disbelief. They also said he was a ‘priest’.

How are these people any different to their predecessors, the early Khawarij, who killed even the companions of the Prophet ﷺ?

May Allah have mercy upon Shaykh Sulayman and increase his rank in the Garden and grant him the highest dwelling therein. May he be written from among the martyrs and may he be succeeded by righteous successors.

May Allah lift the tribulation of takfir and its proponents from this umma.

My sincere condolences to the family of the Shaykh, the Sawarka tribe, his students, the umma of the Prophet and humanity at large for this great loss.

Some words of wisdom from Dr. Elmasry differentiating classical Sufism from modern Sufism. I personally have read the works of many Sufi giants like al-Muhasibi and Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani, and if that is Sufism, then count me in. Problem is that many later people who claim to be Sufis are doing things that the classical folks of tasawwuf would never have done.

Nonetheless, as I have said many times, there are good people in all strands of mainstream Islam, and Allah will judge people by their personal beliefs and actions, and not the label they put on themselves.

Let’s not start a sectarian war in the comments please. Keep it civil 🙂

Dr. Shadee Elmasry

In everything, there is always a quest for authenticity. Of course things develop, but in most cases—religion for sure—you need to go back to the original model every once in a while in order to be authentic. What was the first generation like? If we go back to the original Sufis, we get a very different picture than what’s visible (mostly) today. I think it’s time we revisit that. Here are five features of the original Sufis which we would all benefit from applying today…

-Zuhd & Wara, asceticism and scrupulousness. The original Sufis observed inner *and* outer asceticism. They would leave off nine tenths of the halal out of fear of falling into the haram. Uways al-Qarni and Ibrahim ibn Adham were models of this. They weren’t afraid of the word “haram.” The more you stayed away from the haram, the closer you got to sanctity.
Worldliness is a big distraction too. At the worst, it completely corrupts you. I have literally seen shaykhs with orders who—not joking—their murids keep a gold-leafed sofa chair on hand. A throne in case he wants to sit down. Apologists say, “The shaykh doesn’t want that, the murids force it.” I’m sorry but that’s not an excuse. He can’t say stop? Is he an adult? He has to end it.
Asceticism and scrupulousness are siblings. The link between the Sufis and those who indulge in dunya and are lax in deen probably has to do with the next element that needs revival…speaking up.

-Forbidding wrong. Among the chiefs of the Sufis is Sh Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani. But have you read his books? His relentless attacks on sinners, innovators and hypocrites? I always think…If he was alive today people would think he was a mean extremist because of his sternness and cutting critiques of our laziness and weak commitment. The titles sound so starry and mystical (The Secret of the Secrets or The Unseen Openings), but the content is hard hitting and decisive.

-Hatred of Fame. This is a big one. Ibn Ata says, (paraphrasing) ‘You will never grow if you never get buried. No seed sprouts unless it is buried deep in the ground.’ While dawa is a duty, it has to be done carefully. In many cases the line is blurred between the shaykh as teacher and the shaykh as celebrity. There were two men from whom I took knowledge for a period of time. They were so good at what they did that the conference and media invitations kept coming and it made me very nervous. As I expected and feared, they never said no to these, or even limited them, until in the end, they stopped teaching altogether. Teaching five students must have become boring in comparison to appearing on shows or on a stage in front of 10,000 people. Today they have no more students. They just have followers and fan-boys; people who only know them as celebrities. Their new life as celebrity imams has changed them (I always wonder how they have any family life or raise their kids.) I had another teacher who balances it well, May Allah preserve him. And a third who turns down all these invitations out of fear for what it would do to him. This latter one, his circle is a lot more genuine because there is no thrill of being around somebody famous. People there just want to become better.

-Avoiding rulers (let alone jabaabira, tyrants). Something bizarre and unprecedented has happened over the past century. You can hardly find a tyrant except that he has a pet shaykh, and nine times out of ten, it’s one who claims to be a Sufi. This isn’t a Sufi, this is a fraud.
What happened? Some say it originated with the established orders of colonial times when the shaykhs had a lot to lose and would join the colonizers over the rebels. Sufism then became the way of the oppressive establishment while Salafiyya became the people’s way, the way of the anti-establishment. The rebellion of Emir Abdul Qadir in Algeria was opposed by many different Sufi shaykhs; they didn’t want to lose what they had. This is documented. Customarily, murids will justify this through unseen knowledge: the shaykh knows something we don’t. In contrast, every Sufi manual from the beginning of time tells us that our actions must be determined by Sharia not miracles or kashf or unseen sources. It’s really frustrating and disheartening when there’s a great shaykh, but he takes an inexcusable political position. You can make excuses for him, and you know he has more knowledge, but you still can’t ever stomach that position.

-Ilm. Aqida and fiqh. There’s a line in Ibn Arabi’s biography that I love. He says: We were in a gathering and in it was so-and-so. However, I kept away from him because the purity of his creed was suspect. A visitor said, ‘He believes in the oneness of God.’ I replied, ‘It is not that which I doubt; it is his other doctrines.’
Wow. Ibn Arabi said the words “purity of creed.” Tweet that to the perrenialists and the laundry list of other groups who imagine that the way of the spirit has no theological boundaries.
Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani was a Hanbali and taught the great Ibn Qudama. Just go back a few decades and you will see all the shaykhs were also theologians and jurists. In Egypt you couldn’t be a Sufi shaykh unless you were an Azhari scholar. The British saw that and dropped that requirement as a way to weaken the power of the orders. They became headed by ignorant leaders.

A shaykh was once asked, “Are you a Sufi?” He replied, “No. Because I doubt that I can ever reach that lofty station.” I think a lot of us have forgotten where the bar used to be. And these are things, if we all followed them even a little bit we would immediately start seeing results reflected in our deen and iman. May Allah show us the truth as it is and give us tawfiq to follow it, and show us misguidance for what it is and give is tawfiq to avoid it. Ameen.

Can Muslims abide by Shariah living in the states? Are Muslims secretly trying to overthrow the Government? In Part 5 of the interview, I and Pastor Baughman speak openly about the Anti-Shariah hysteria.

Share the series with your Muslim and Non Muslim friends!

Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research will be dedicated to answering these questions in depth and will be launching in October insha’Allah!

An engaging conversation between a Christian Pastor and a Muslim Imam, “Out of Context” is a 14 part Interview series answers pressing questions about Islam …

It is narrated in some traditions that of the signs of Judgment Day is that people will consider evil to be morally upright, and good to be morally evil.

Regardless of the veracity of that particular tradition, it does appear that we are currently witnessing such a time. I just spoke with a sister who resigned from her position as the president of a campus Muslim Student Association (MSA) because her MSA insisted on sponsoring specific events related to ‘Queer Muslims’. The president (or, to be more precise, the now ex-president) felt that for an MSA to be sponsoring events in which such an alternative lifestyle is essentially normalized and legitimized would not be in accordance with the teachings of Islam. She explained to me that the events were specifically designed and intended to be non-judgmental, and to showcase Muslim speakers, artists and students who embrace an alternative sexuality, without discussing an Islamic verdict on such acts. She also said that much of the material that was being planned was simply not in accordance with Islamic values of decency and modesty.

When more than 90 % of the MSA Board insisted on going forward with the events, she felt she had no choice but to resign.

We need to be very clear about our religion’s stance on such issues: there is simply no difference of opinion, in the entire spectrum of Islam, in any madhhab, or sect, regarding the prohibition of pre-marital, extra-marital, or same-sex acts. These acts are viewed as sinful and morally harmful.

True, we understand that all of us are sinners, and if a Muslim engages in any sin, s/he will always be welcome to the masjid and to our events, as long as the sin is not advertised or normalized or displayed. And we firmly understand that an individual physically or verbally abusing a sinner is something that contravenes Islamic law and etiquette. No one is calling for violence here, much less discrimination!

Yet still, how can any sincere Muslim not differentiate between treating all Muslims with sincerity and compassion, versus holding events in which drugs, or alcohol, or promiscuity, are essentially normalized and considered morally neutral?! Worse still, how can an MSA, which is an entity that it supposed to represent the religion of Islam, itself be involved in calling others to values that contradict our religion?

The sister was accused of being non-inclusive and non-accepting. She felt so much pressure that she felt it was best to resign As I have said many times before, those ‘progressives’ that champion values of ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’ many times turn out to be the most intolerant and un-accepting of views that contradict their own. Typically, they will tolerate *any* view except the mainstream, traditional, Quranicly explicit, unanimously agreed upon view of the religion of Islam!

Truly, what a sad era we are living in when righteousness is deemed to be backwardness and unrighteousness is deemed to be a virtue.

Ethical values are not decided by a majority vote in Islam, and Islamic virtues are not subject to the ever-changing whims of political correctness. “Say: The pure and the impure will never be the same, even if the preponderance of the impure overwhelms you” [al-Maida:100].

Every few months, something happens that demonstrates the inherent hypocrisy and double-standards of liberalism’s accusations against Islam. Of them is the claim that Muslims don’t believe in ‘freedom of speech’ since we don’t accept people making fun of our sacred symbols.

Yet, as I have argued in many lectures, each and every society has its self-imposed taboos in speech that it does not transgress. And when it does, there are actual ramifications and repercussions, whether legal or societal.

Recently, a small unknown mattress company in Texas released an ad in which they advertised a 9/11 sale as a ‘Twin Towers’ sale, in which two employees fell over and caused two stacks of mattresses to collapse, and a lady says as the mattresses are falling, ‘We will never forget’.

It was a cheap, foolish, tacky ad. The actors and ad consultant obviously lacked intelligence, but clearly they didn’t intend to insult anyone.

Yet, the ad caused a national backlash. The small store had to shut down its business; its owners received death threats (along with thousands of abusive and foul-language messages); the parent company has unconditionally apologized and, to show how ‘sorry’ they are, will donate a large sum of money to some 9/11 cause.

One thing you will not find in all of this debacle is people championing the ‘freedom of speech’ card for this tacky ad. For some strange reason, all of a sudden this ‘fundamental value’ of Western liberalism to insult and to speak freely seems to be overlooked when it comes to specific issues.

If a tacky 9/11 ad provoked such a furious reaction and caused a business to shut down, is it really that difficult to understand that Muslims will indeed be even more angry when their Creator, or prophet, or book, are *intentionally* insulted and sacrilegiously denigrated?

True, such provocation should not result in physical harm, but the anger is fully expected and, indeed, a natural and logical reaction to a crude insult of an icon or symbol that is so revered and beloved by a people.

Again, the point of this post was to demonstrate that there is no such thing as ultimate free speech, anywhere in the world. Yes, there are differences to the Shariah’s understanding and a liberal understanding, but both draw lines, and both have limits.

Here more on the story:

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So would you perhaps, if you turned away, cause corruption on earth and sever your [ties of] relationship?
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Family conflict. Sibling rivalry. Spousal misunderstanding. Parenting clashes. And then some.

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So give the relative his right, as well as the needy and the traveler. That is best for those who desire the
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{Surat Ar-Rum: 38}

Everyone’s Got a Strange Cousin

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Just who is your extended family?
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You Try but They Push Away

So what’s the point of even trying?

“The one who maintains ties of kinship is not the one who reciprocates. The one who maintains ties of kinship
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Shaykh Yaser started his career in Electronic Engineering in the UAE, then in Madinah where he graduated as class Valedictorian with the highest honors from The Islamic University of Madinah’s College of Shari’ah (Fiqh and Usul) in 1996. He learned from various highly respected scholars such as Sheikh Mohammed Amin Al-Shanqiti and Sheikh Al-‘Uthaymin.

In 1997, he went to work as a relief program aide to rebuild the war-torn Bosnia. In 2000, he immigrated to the U.S. where he served as an Imam at The Islamic Center in El Paso, Texas and a director of English programs in Da’wah and outreach for the Orland Park Prayer Center. He is currently serving as Imam of the renowned Valley Ranch Islamic Centre in Irving, Texas, rapidly establishing himself as an invaluable leader of the Texan Muslim Community.

His speciality in the subject of marriage and relations made him a highly sought marriage counsellor for the Muslim community, and with four children and much experience, his parenting classes are equally popular. With his superb all-round grasp on the Islamic sciences, Shaykh Yaser is welcomed eagerly in every city he teaches whether it is his Usul, or Fiqh, or Financial Literacy or Relationship classes. It is no wonder that he has taught more students than any other of our instructors at AlMaghrib!


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