7 hate crimes per hour!!! this is insane? is this official statistic?

This is the moment a naked man invades a mosque and hurls racist abuse.

New figures show spikes in hate crime following terror attacks, and in total seven happen every hour in England and Wales.


Bab alMardum and one of the mosques of Toledo (now known as the Mosque of the Light of Christ).

I just found out that the people STILL call this structure a ‘mosque’ and it’s in the name, because it was a masjid, but it is now a functioning Church.

The gates of the city of Toledo and its mosque (now a church)

The remnants of the Grand Mosque of Granada and its Madrassa

The Wudhu room built by al-Mansur over a thousand years ago for the Grand Mosque

Replica of the Grand Mosque of Córdoba housed in the Museum of Callahorra (قلعة حرة)

A mosque in Minnesota was bombed – no one was injured

A masjid and Islamic school has been targeted with an explosive device in Minnesota, while the Shaykh and community were in prayer.

Alhamdulillah the Shaykh was not in his office at the time of the blast, and no one was injured.

I was at that masjid earlier this year, visiting one of the gentlest and kindest and erudite scholars who lives in this land, and someone whom I consider a teacher (and who graciously granted me ijaazahs in Hadith): Sh Waleed al-Minneesi.

We need to be cognizant that the America many of us grew up in and used to live in is no longer the America of today. The rise of Islamophobia, and the phenomenon of Donald Trump, are symptoms of a far greater problem that always existed but is only now rearing its ugly face to the Muslim community. That problem is the problem of xenophobia; a feeling that ‘we’ (in this case, a large demographics of this land, predominantly white, nominally Christian, typically middle and lower middle class) are better than ‘you’ (that’s anyone other than the majority : Latinos, immigrants, Muslims). That, coupled with the fear and lies being maliciously spread against Islam, makes it possible for people to bomb houses of worship believing that they are somehow doing a good deed.

We have no choice but to rise to this challenge. We need to do what we can to protect ourselves and our families, and to fight this bigotry and hatred with education and the best of manners.

And Allah is the only source of protection, and in Him we put our trust.

FBI Investigating Explosion At Bloomington Islamic Center

Federal investigators are in Bloomington Saturday after a reported explosion at an Muslim community center.

This morning, someone threw a firebomb through the Imams office of one of the biggest mosques in Minnesota during the morning prayers. Thankfully, the Imam was in the prayer hall when that happened.

The Imam is Sh. Waleed Al-Meneesy, who is one of the most knowledgeable and noble scholars I know. The man always has a smile on his face. Had the perpetrator ever met the Imam, he would have never been able to hate him. I am grateful that he wasn’t in his office and that no one is hurt.

Praying for the protection of our people, and the sanity of this nation.

Police investigate blast at Minnesota mosque; nobody hurt

Authorities are investigating a reported explosion at mosque in a Minneapolis suburb. WCCO-TV reports that police say no one was injured in the Saturday blast at the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington. Bloomington police tweeted that the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol,…


We INSIST on our humanity. There is so much wrong with this. #FreePalestine

Israeli police throw stun grenades into crowd of Muslim worshippers en route to Al-Aqsa Mosque; 115 reported injured as prayers resume

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Praise be to Allah.
The people of Jerusalem celebrate after the occupation lifts the detectors they placed at the entrances to Al-Aqsa mosque.

#فيديو: الاحتفالات تعم المدينة المقدسة بعد إزالة البوابات والجسور الحديدية عن مداخل الأقصى

القدس 27-7-2017 وفا- عمت أحياء مدينة القدس المحتلة وتحديدا منطقة باب الأسباط، فجر اليوم الخميس، أجواء من الفرح العارم بعد الانتصار الذي تحقق بفعل الصمود الأسطوري لشعبنا وقيادته وتحديهم للاحتلال وإجراءاته ورفضهم التعاطي مع كل ما فرضه بعد الرابع عشر من الشهر الجاري، هذا الصمود الذي أجبر الاحتلال على إزالة البوابات الالكترونية والجسور والبوابات الحديدية عن مداخل الأقصى.

واعتبر مقدسيون في أحاديث منفصلة مع تلفزيون فلسطين ما جرى انتصار للرئيس محمود عباس وللقيادة الفلسطينية التي اتخذت سلسلة من الإجراءات والقرارات، وجددت تأكيدها على تمسكها بالثوابت الوطنية بصلابة لا تلين وعلى رأسها العاصمة الأبدية القدس، كما اعتبرته انتصارا وجوديا للمقدسيين.

فيما اعتبر آخرون ما جرى رسالة للحكومة الإسرائيلية بأن المقدسات خطوط حمراء، وأنها بكل جبروتها لا تستطيع منع شعبنا ومصادرة حقه في العبادة وفي السيادة على مقدساته.

وأشادوا بالثبات وقة الإرادة والوحدة الميدانية للمقدسيين والكل الفلسطيني الذي انتفض في مختلف محافظات الوطن، واعتبروا ما جرى انتصار للشهداء والجرحى والأسرى.

وأطلقت الألعاب النارية وسط تكبيرات الله أكبر، فيما وزع مواطنون الحلوى ابتهاجا بالانتصار، وتحول المشهد من بكاء أمام بوابات الأقصى إلى احتفالات تعم المكان.

Praying outside the mosque in a statement of protest has proved to be extremely powerful because it denied Israel’s claim that it supports freedom of prayer in Jerusalem to the followers of all faiths.

Unified and determined Jerusalemites Succeeded using nonviolent action

A well-known Arabic proverb says a crazy person might throw a stone in the well but it will take a hundred wise persons to get the stone…

“Al-Aqsa cried out for help, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre* responded ‘At your service O Aqsa, at your service!’”
A Christian priest in Jerusalem holds a sign in solidarity with Masjid Al-Aqsa (Haram al-Sharif)

* The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is considered the most holiest site in Christianity.

Love you Al Aqsa

We will never let go of Masjid Al Aqsa!


The right of al-Aqsā Mosque upon us

The situation of the Palestinians continues to deteriorate. One of the most sacred places in the world, and the only site held sacred by all three Abrahamic faiths, becomes a place where even the most sacred act of worship loses its sanctity in the eyes of the Occupier.

Allah is watching. And Allah never lets injustice go without Divine Retribution. It’s only a matter of time, and when Allah’s wrath descends, none can protect against it unless He allows such protection.

This Israeli officer kicked a man while he was praying outside the al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

Every Friday prayer in the world should be about #AlAqsa this week. Israeli occupation forces shutting down a mosque illegally under their control, punching women in the face, and firing live bullets at crowds of people praying is an affront to any decent human being. You can’t be for justice and be ignoring this. You can’t be for peace and pretend this isn’t a provocation by a government that knows it won’t be held accountable by it’s neighbors or other superpowers. #HandsOffAlAqsa #Resist #FreePalestine

Al-Aqsa: Palestinians killed as Jerusalem protests rage

Clashes continue to rage between Israeli forces and Palestinian demonstrators across occupied territories.

The world continues to be silent over the repeated aggressions upon this holy place as it has been over the oppression of the Palestinian people. There was a time when Palestine was a symbol for all anti-apartheid movements. There was a time when every civil rights icon around the world would mention Palestine regularly. There was a time when Muslim governments would at least pretend to care. We need a revival of global awareness about the plight of the Palestinians.

“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.” – Nelson Mandela

Israeli police shoot imam of Al-Aqsa Mosque after prayer

The spiritual leader of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, was injured Tuesday by a plastic bullet after praying outside the gates of the site,…

BaiturRahman mosque was one of the few buildings left standing in Banda Aceh, the city flattened by the tsunami more than 10 years ago.
Come November 2017, Mufti Menk will be making a historic voyage there. He will lead Dzuhr Salah and give a lecture in the 135-year-old mosque. Join us on the cruise to Banda Aceh. Reservations: