Distress : Stigma, Shame, Barriers – Mental Health event tommorow organised by University of Leicester Islamic Society (ULISoc) at 4pm please like and share The City Retreat please like and share : )

According to the world health organisation 1 in 4 people experience mental health problems and muslims are no exception.
The rise of radicalisation and demonisation of muslims by segments of the media and the immigration crisis have all contributed and colluded to heightened levels of islamophobia which in and it self is associated with psychological distress in muslims.
We invite you to attend this workshop tomorrow from 4pm-6pm that explores and highlights these important issues, delivered by Dr. Ahmed Hankir✨✨

A powerful webinar hosted by Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research for sisters by sisters, featuring Dalia Mogahed, Hosai Mojaddidi, Amina Darwish, and Ieasha Prime. This will be moderated by Yaqeen fellows Tesneem AlKiek, and Nour Soubani.

This is a must attend! Sign up at What exactly is hijab and why do Muslim women wear it? Is it culturally relevant? What do Islamic texts really say about it? How do we respond to attacks on hijab? Does it make me less of a Muslim if I don’t wear hijab? I’m not perfect and I feel like I misrepresent Islam when I wear hijab. Should I take it off?

We don’t get hijab, and that’s okay. It’s a hard thing for people to wrap (no pun intended) their minds around in this day and age. Our present religious, political, social, and cultural situation brings a lot of good to the conversation of hijab, but it also brings a lot of challenges with it that can be confusing and hard to navigate.

It also brings a significant burden of representation on any Muslim woman who wears the hijab. Being at the intersection of Islamophobia, xenophobia, misogyny, commodification of hijab, and policing of women’s bodies, choosing to wear hijab has become more than just a personal or spiritual choice…it’s now a heavily politicized act.

It’s like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. With this webinar, our goal is not only to create a safe space for women to voice their concerns and questions regarding hijab, but also to provide answers and perspective on a holistic level relevant to our society today.


Dalia Mogahed
– Director of Research, the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding
– Board of Advisors, Yaqeen Institute

Hosai Mojaddidi
– Co-founder, MentalHealth4Muslims

Su’ad Abdul Khabeer
– Scholar, Artist, Activist

Amina Darwish
– Muslim chaplain, University of Cincinnati

Ieasha Prime
-Executive Director of Barakah, Inc.


Tesneem AlKiek
– Fellow, Yaqeen Institute

Nour Soubani
– Fellow, Yaqeen Institute

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Wake up call.

The first step a Muslim minority takes towards its self perpetuated alienation is to retreat to the ghetto with an entrenched blinkered view of Islam. In the process they chase away plurality of faith, culture and education leading to a breakdown of inter community understanding. This can lead to Islamaphobia, hate crimes, or worse still atrocities committed against them.

It’s much easier to scapegoat people than to come up with real solutions to real problems – part 2 of my recent interview in Australia on Islamophobia and the politics of fear. Do pls watch and share…

Mehdi Hasan on why fear sells in times of uncertainty.

‘There has always been a concerted media effort to go after Muslims in public life’ – a short excerpt of a recent interview I did in Australia, on Islamophobia and Muslim representation. Pls do watch and share.

The Crescent Institute hosted award-winning journalist Mehdi Hasan on an Australian speaking tour. We spoke to Mehdi about the challenges of being a ‘public Muslim’.

“This terrible silence from the Grown-Ups in the Trump administration can only be described as acquiescence in Trump’s awfulness; their ongoing presence in the White House, at the Pentagon or the state department is complicity in Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanours.

The longer they stay at Trump’s side, however, the quicker their reputations will turn to mud. History will judge these alleged Grown-Ups as cowards, maybe as opportunists too; above all else, as enablers of a president who openly incited Islamophobia and transphobia and failed to denounce unequivocally anti-Semitism and neo-Nazis.”

– from my latest column on Trump for NewStatesman. Pls do read and share.

The “grown-ups” in Trump’s White House have been exposed as cowards

Their ongoing presence is complicity in the president’s high crimes and misdemeanours.

A masjid and Islamic school has been targeted with an explosive device in Minnesota, while the Shaykh and community were in prayer.

Alhamdulillah the Shaykh was not in his office at the time of the blast, and no one was injured.

I was at that masjid earlier this year, visiting one of the gentlest and kindest and erudite scholars who lives in this land, and someone whom I consider a teacher (and who graciously granted me ijaazahs in Hadith): Sh Waleed al-Minneesi.

We need to be cognizant that the America many of us grew up in and used to live in is no longer the America of today. The rise of Islamophobia, and the phenomenon of Donald Trump, are symptoms of a far greater problem that always existed but is only now rearing its ugly face to the Muslim community. That problem is the problem of xenophobia; a feeling that ‘we’ (in this case, a large demographics of this land, predominantly white, nominally Christian, typically middle and lower middle class) are better than ‘you’ (that’s anyone other than the majority : Latinos, immigrants, Muslims). That, coupled with the fear and lies being maliciously spread against Islam, makes it possible for people to bomb houses of worship believing that they are somehow doing a good deed.

We have no choice but to rise to this challenge. We need to do what we can to protect ourselves and our families, and to fight this bigotry and hatred with education and the best of manners.

And Allah is the only source of protection, and in Him we put our trust.

FBI Investigating Explosion At Bloomington Islamic Center

Federal investigators are in Bloomington Saturday after a reported explosion at an Muslim community center.

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It’s Friday. It’s a game changer. It’s our history and it can cause millions to want to draw closer to our faith. I am looking for 100 amazing individuals to either LOAN, DONATE OR INVEST £500 each to print this ground breaking ‘counter narrative building’ publication in answer to the growing islamaphobic community in this world. We have no choice! We must reveal the truth about MUSLIMS in WW1. Now. Criminal voices are shouting louder then us. Enough is enough. Please read, donate & Share.

To invest or loan money with a return ROI mail or dm me.

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On Australia’s Q&A show this week, I was challenged by an elderly audience member who claimed Muslims were taking over Australia, Sunnis and Shias were “at each other’s throats” and described himself as “not Islamophobic” but “sharia-law phobic”. Watch my brief response to him and do share it if you enjoy it 🙂


In view of the fact that in Australia Muslim couples have a much higher birth rate than the rest of us, is it not possible that in a couple of generations Australia could have a Muslim majority who vote in Sharia law? Further, if so, is it not possible that sects could develop- sects Sunnis and Shi’ites – who begin shooting and bombing each other, and turning currently the best country in the world like another war-torn Middle Eastern country? This is not Islamophobia this is “sharia-law-phobia”.

What do you think?

Correction: the original post included statistics that Roger French did not include in his final question.

According to Gallup, “the American public is largely unconvinced most Muslims believe in gender equality — 81% of respondents disagree that most Muslims around the world think both sexes should have equal rights and 16% agree.”

This is of course largely augmented by degrading media portrayals of Muslim women in the United States. In a pre-9/11 survey of Muslims in American press, 73 % of the images of Muslim women depicted them in “passive” capacities. Muslim women were also six times more likely to be portrayed as victims than were Muslim men in movie scripts.

Read more here:

I’ll be speaking about extremism and Islamophobia, and how we tackle both, in Sydney and Melbourne in July…book your tickets now….preview clip:

Defeating Extremism with Mehdi Hasan.

Joined in Sydney by Stan Grant and a special guest in Melbourne soon to be announced!

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) | 11th July |

Western Sydney University | 13th July | Tickets |


There are more than 150 million men and boys in the world named Muhammad. What exactly is this supposed to achieve?

Islamophobia makes people super irrational. This comes at the same time as the ban on kosher and halal meat in Belgium.

China bans Islamic baby names in Muslim majority Xinjiang province

Chinese government authorities in the northwestern Muslim-majority region of Xinjiang have banned parents from giving their children dozens of ‘extreme’ Islamic names, as part of an ongoing crackdown on alleged ‘extremism’ in the area.

So Belgium just decided to ban Muslims and Jews from slaughtering animals according to their religious rituals. This comes only a few years after the House of Parliament voted to ban Muslim women from wearing the face-veil.

It is estimated that 1 out of 4 people in Brussels are Muslim. The total percentage of Muslims in the country is under 10 %. (It is estimated that Jews are less than 0.01 % of that country.)

Such legislation is merely another symptom of the internal fear, and even hatred, that many Europeans have of Islam. It is an attempt to make ‘the other’ (in this case, the Muslim) feel marginalized and uncomfortable. It is a chest-thumping demonstration of who is in charge, and who gets to make the rules, and who has to follow those rules.

With such large percentages of Muslims across Europe, it is simply not wise for these simmering tensions to be intentionally provoked. It is not a coincidence that, on the one hand, Muslims in Belgium suffer from some of the worst effects of Islamophobia in Europe (from educational opportunies, to the difficulty in obtaining jobs, to physical harrasment, and now, to a ban on halal meat), and on the other hand, Belgium has the highest number of fighters who join ISIS (as a percentage of population).

While one does not justify the other, it is obvious that where Muslims are being made to feel like ‘the other’, some amongst them actually become ‘the other’. Leaders on both sides need to work to form better relations, otherwise it appears we would not have learned from the lessons of Serbia and Bosnia barely two decades ago.

It is sad that this ban has been enacted – I hope that the Muslim and Jewish communities can work together to overturn this ban.

Belgium just banned kosher and halal slaughter in its biggest territory

Belgium’s Wallooon region has voted to ban kosher and halal meats by outlawing the slaughter of unstunned animals. The environment committee of southern Belgium’s Walloon Parliament voted unanimously for the ban, which will take effect on 1 September, 2019.

Dear UK folks, I’ll be back in the UK and giving my first speech there for more than two years on May 20th (less than two weeks time!), at a charity fundraiser for Iraqi orphans in London. You can buy tickets at the link in the poster below. I’ll be talking current affairs – Brexit, Trump, Islamophobia, the Middle East – and also taking questions from the audience. Hope to see you there!

Don’t be bullied. Stand up to bigotry.

A friend of mine (who wishes to remain anonymous) just sent this to me. I’ve confirmed that it’s real. This happened today at the Trader Joe’s in Reston, VA. This woman was in a hurry so my friend (who is a Muslim woman) offered to let her go in front of her in line. That’s when she started talking bad about a different Muslim woman in the store (who was wearing niqab) and asking my friend why she didn’t cover as well. My friend replied it was a choice and the woman didn’t believe her and started talking about FGM and telling her “I wish they didn’t let you in the country.” That’s when my friend started filming.

Enjoy. Let’s make this lady famous.

(MEDIA: My friend is still deciding whether to give an interview. Until then, she says you may air the video as long as you give credit and ID her only as a friend of mine.)

Live from Tirana … Beyond Islamophobia and Muslims in Europe

Last chance to buy tickets for my speech in Chicago this Saturday night, at the American Islamic College, on me, the media and Islamophobia. Artist Aadil Abedi Art will be exhibiting & selling his amazing Islamic art, and chatting to me on stage. Food will be halal and gourmet 🙂

the heART of the matter

American Islamic College cordially invites you to – The heART of the matter – An exhibit and sale/auction of contemporary Islamic art by acclaimed artist Aadil Abedi and an evening of personal storytelling with award-winning journalist, broadcaste…

I have come to have so much respect for Shaun King. Blessed to have him as a friend. He’s always listening, learning, and supportive. Thank you bro. I appreciate your consistency.

As a Palestinian American I am constantly wondering why in the world our cause is left behind. But people of all faiths, including many Jews, are coming to recognize the brutal oppression that the Palestinians have suffered. The status quo is unsustainable and boycotts are a peaceful method of protest/pressure that have proven to be effective across many contexts. This is the boycott of a government that is occupying and expanding its occupation of another people while the world remains silent. You can debate it’s effectiveness, not it’s morality or legality.

SHAUN KING: Palestine, Israel, Boycotts, and Preserving Free Speech

Some of my best friends are Jews and some of my best friends are Muslims. Many of them are actually first- and second-generation immigrants from Israel and Palestine. Over the past year I’ve come to know and develop deep respect for Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League. I was introduced to Jonathan by a young Muslim imam, Omar Suleiman, who fights for peace and justice with a disarmingly calm warmth. Over the past year I’ve fought hard against both anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in our country and around the world.

In spite of my recent reputation as a rabble-rouser, I’ve aimed to be a bridge builder for most of my life, in great part because I’ve always lived at the intersection of cultural poles — black and white, religious and secular, urban and rural, modern and traditional. That’s why I want to lay all of my cards on the table about a complicated conflict, a peaceful response, and a legislative backlash that I simply cannot agree with. I am not an expert on these topics — I am simply a man who loves justice and fairness for all people — and want to begin fleshing out some thoughts on these topics.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is severe, serious and heavily politicized. Like most heavily-charged political issues, few people are listening to each other or taking the time out to understand each other’s pain or concerns.

The Palestinian people should have a universally recognized nation with clearly drawn and respected borders, and the rights of a government that come with being a sovereign nation. This is widely called a two-state solution — wherein Israel and Palestine exist as two separate, but equally recognized nations before the world.

This past December, by a vote of 14-0, the United Nations Security Council voted that Israeli construction and intrusion into Palestinian settlements occupied since 1967 are illegal and inflammatory. I agree. The world agrees. Two-thirds of Israelis prefer a two-state solution — therefore advocating a two-state solution simply cannot be anti-Semitic or anti-Israel when millions of Jews in Israel and around the world actually prefer it.

But, here we are, with a two-state solution seemingly as far away as sending humans to Mars. So real people who genuinely want a two-state solution and are genuinely offended that Israel continues to build and expand into Palestinian lands are offended. Instead of resorting to violence or war, they are choosing to resort to economic boycotts, sanctions, and the advocacy of divestment as a means of motivating Israel to actually honor the borders and make a two-state solution happen.

Here’s what I know — boycotts work. The boycott of the State of North Carolina because of their passing of House Bill 2, which discriminated against transgender people, worked. The boycott efforts were supported by New York Gov. Cuomo and New York City Mayor de Blasio, alongside hundreds of other businesses and governments. It took a while, but the state buckled under the economic pressure they were feeling and has greatly revised the law.

Boycotts worked with Fox News and Bill O’Reilly. It was the organized resistance against the network and their advertisers that truly forced Fox to part ways with their leading man. Nothing new happened. Accusations of O’Reilly’s alleged sexual harassment of employees was widely reported. What was new was advertisers pulling out.

So, the movement for people who care about Palestinians to boycott Israel is rooted in the same principles. A movement around this boycott, called BDS (Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions) has been formed. At times it has been clumsy. Boycotts can be that way — particularly since they don’t have a clear leader — I see it even with the boycotts of Bill O’Reilly and others.

I know good people, peaceful people, thoughtful people, some are Palestinian Muslims, but many are neither, who genuinely think boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against Israel to force them to withdraw from Palestinian lands and agree to a two-state solution are the best path forward. I agree with them. It is the most peaceful solution. Boycotts are a tremendous alternative to war and violence — which we must avoid at all costs.

My friends who advocate boycotts use the anti-Apartheid movement as their model. The boycotts and divestment of South Africa during Apartheid mattered. It made a difference. It was a huge part of why Apartheid ended. Some who don’t quite know what’s going on in Israel will say, “well that’s not Apartheid going on over there.” I implore you to read “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid” by Jimmy Carter. Carter says very clearly that many policies in Israel are actually worse than Apartheid.

The greater point I’m aiming to make is that we must keep all peaceful solutions on the table. Boycotts are just that.

That is why I am incredibly disturbed that Texas is poised to become the 20th state in the country to penalize companies participating in boycotts of Israel. Each law that has passed is different. Some explicitly mention the “BDS Movement,” while most others simply declare that no government business can be conducted with any person, business, or organization that advocates any type of boycott of Israel.

This is a painful example of state governments bending over backward to appear pro-Israeli while flat out ignoring the human rights catastrophe going on in the region because of a lack of two-state solution. This is not a one-sided issue, but states are going out of their way to show which side they are on. Again, it displays an ignorance of sorts on what actual people in the region think and feel about it all. The announcements and celebrations of each piece of legislation are even worse — as local government officials pledge their loyalty to the people of Israel — while most of the world, including most Israelis, see the situation very differently.

Not only that, but state governments may very well be violating the First Amendment right to free speech in creating binding penalties for anyone who supports boycotts of Israel. In case you don’t remember, it reads that our government shall “make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

When governments create harsh penalties for boycotts, or the advocacy of boycotts, they are “prohibiting” and “abridging” such freedoms. This is not OK. And the policies work. Even I had many conflicted thoughts about writing this article — wondering if doing so would blacklist me in any states — including my own right here in New York. Because let’s be clear, that’s exactly what many states are doing. They openly admit that they are creating lists of people, businesses, and organizations that they will then block from business. Am I now on those lists for even discussing it here in this piece? I don’t know.

I do know I want Israel to be safe and secure. I actually believe a two-state solution with Palestine gets them, and everybody around them, closer to that goal. Instability, which is what we have in Palestine right now, is the enemy of safety and security.

I also know that boycotts work and that they are a peaceful alternative to so much ugliness that could go down in the world. It is fundamentally anti-American and unconstitutional for governments to create penalties for anyone advocating boycotts — particularly as those same governments often promote boycotts of their own on different topics and issues. In other words, they don’t have a problem with boycotts, but if you boycott someone they prefer, you’re in trouble. This double standard creates a slippery slope, but our entire country is on one big, slimy, slippery slope right now anyway, right?

Dear people in Chicago – I’ll be in your wonderful city next Saturday evening, speaking about how I became a journalist, the state of the media, Islamophobia and the rest. You can buy tickets below…

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