At every given moment there are many reasons to be afraid, and perhaps many reasons to despair. But in those very same moments, there are more reasons to be inspired, to be at peace. To be grateful. And I promise you the power is in a choice God gave you: The power of focus.The focus of your mind and heart. We can choose to focus on problems, everything that’s gone wrong, everything we *don’t* have. We have the choice to focus on the darkness that most certainly does exist.

Or, we can use that God-given power of choice to focus on what we have, what is good. On the light and the beauty that surrounds us at every given moment. It’s always there. Always. We choose what to focus on. And then what we choose focuses on us.

This is the way of the universe and the Divine design. “I am as my slave thinks of Me,” God says. So think well of Allah. Think well of the people and the world. There is always good. And we are promised that the resilience of goodness will remain in this ummah until the Day of Judgement.

So do not despair. And despite the storm, stay focused. Even in the thickest fog, there is the lighthouse. A ship must look through the fog and focus on that light. That’s how we remain afloat.

That’s how we are saved.

Tonight Dr. Michael W. Waters and I took our wives out to a very special place for dinner.

Cafe Momentum is a non-profit restaurant which provides a 12-month paid post-release internship program for kids coming out of juvenile detention. These kids are taught discipline and given another chance at life serving as waiters and chefs in this fine establishment. I have never been so inspired by a restaurant and truly wish this model could be implemented in communities all over. The man between us is the founder, CEO, and executive chef Chad Houser. Everyone in Dallas, please support this establishment and make this your next fine dining experience. You will leave with more than your stomach full. Everyone else, please think about how we can create unique projects like this to better serve our communities.

Ever wonder what rights were supposed to be granted to religious minorities under Islamic law? Check out the full infographic and publication here: https://yaqeeninstitute.org/en/tesneem-alkiek/infographic-religious-minorities/

Contrary to the common misconception, non-Muslims living under Muslim rule were free to practice their own religions.

Read more in “Religious Minorities Under Muslim Rule” by Tesneem AlKiek here: http://bit.ly/2qjyrmG

Praise be to Allah.
The people of Jerusalem celebrate after the occupation lifts the detectors they placed at the entrances to Al-Aqsa mosque.

#فيديو: الاحتفالات تعم المدينة المقدسة بعد إزالة البوابات والجسور الحديدية عن مداخل الأقصى

القدس 27-7-2017 وفا- عمت أحياء مدينة القدس المحتلة وتحديدا منطقة باب الأسباط، فجر اليوم الخميس، أجواء من الفرح العارم بعد الانتصار الذي تحقق بفعل الصمود الأسطوري لشعبنا وقيادته وتحديهم للاحتلال وإجراءاته ورفضهم التعاطي مع كل ما فرضه بعد الرابع عشر من الشهر الجاري، هذا الصمود الذي أجبر الاحتلال على إزالة البوابات الالكترونية والجسور والبوابات الحديدية عن مداخل الأقصى.

واعتبر مقدسيون في أحاديث منفصلة مع تلفزيون فلسطين ما جرى انتصار للرئيس محمود عباس وللقيادة الفلسطينية التي اتخذت سلسلة من الإجراءات والقرارات، وجددت تأكيدها على تمسكها بالثوابت الوطنية بصلابة لا تلين وعلى رأسها العاصمة الأبدية القدس، كما اعتبرته انتصارا وجوديا للمقدسيين.

فيما اعتبر آخرون ما جرى رسالة للحكومة الإسرائيلية بأن المقدسات خطوط حمراء، وأنها بكل جبروتها لا تستطيع منع شعبنا ومصادرة حقه في العبادة وفي السيادة على مقدساته.

وأشادوا بالثبات وقة الإرادة والوحدة الميدانية للمقدسيين والكل الفلسطيني الذي انتفض في مختلف محافظات الوطن، واعتبروا ما جرى انتصار للشهداء والجرحى والأسرى.

وأطلقت الألعاب النارية وسط تكبيرات الله أكبر، فيما وزع مواطنون الحلوى ابتهاجا بالانتصار، وتحول المشهد من بكاء أمام بوابات الأقصى إلى احتفالات تعم المكان.

Praying outside the mosque in a statement of protest has proved to be extremely powerful because it denied Israel’s claim that it supports freedom of prayer in Jerusalem to the followers of all faiths.

Unified and determined Jerusalemites Succeeded using nonviolent action

A well-known Arabic proverb says a crazy person might throw a stone in the well but it will take a hundred wise persons to get the stone…

Thanks The Muslim Vibe for sharing the video of my answer on Australian TV to a question about “Muslims taking over”, sharia law and Sunnis and Shias “at each others throats” – now at 1.4 million views (!)

Watch Mehdi Hasan’s EPIC response to this Islamophobic question!

Fed up of all the John McCain hero worship in the press? I run through his greatest (worst?) hits – from Iraq to Israel to healthcare to Palin – in my latest The Intercept column – do have a read and share!

Despite What the Press Says, “Maverick” McCain Has A Long and Distinguished Record of Horribleness

John McCain is far more consistently bad than you’ve been led to believe. Here are his greatest hits.

Because of my views on Palestine, I have been excluded from certain alliances and tables. In complete honesty, I have no interest in cooperating with anyone who wishes to suffocate non-violent resistance to occupation. If you cannot respect our right to organize on this issue, I have no desire to organize alongside you on any issue.

This is HUGE! I am so proud of what our team at Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research has been able to accomplish by the help of Allah and your support.

We will continue to systematically combat dangerous misinformation about our faith online.

US Muslim groups welcome changes to Google results

‘Direct connection’ between misleading information about Islam, uptick in Islamophobic attacks, says Imam Omar Suleiman – Anadolu Agency

Love for your brother what you love for yourself. This is beautiful.

The Golden Rule (“do unto others as you would have them do unto you”) has always been taught as an important component of a Muslim’s character.

Read more in “Al-Ghazali and the Golden Rule: Ethics of Reciprocity in the Works of a Muslim Sage” by Justin Parrott here: http://bit.ly/2uxhMj2

Q: Can someone do an action that Allah (SWT) does not know he is going to do?

Allah (SWT) is our lord. He is “Al A’leem” (The All Knowing). However, Allah (SWT) has created us with the ability to make choices. He created us with free will. Is it possible for a person to do an action that Allah (SWT) does not the person is going to do? The answer is simple.

I answer this question in this short video below.