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I joined Shaykh Waleed Basyouni, Shaykh Abu Eesa, Shaykh Omar Suleiman, Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed, Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair and other instructors at AlMaghrib Institute to design and deliver the most comprehensive Islamic Learning Hub for you.

We fittingly called it Faith Essentials.

What will this cover?

-Fiqh of Worship – Purification, Salah, Zakah, Fasting, Hajj
-Fiqh of Food, Drink, Fashion
-Fiqh of Dua & Dhikr
-Marriage, Family, Parenthood
-The Unseen
-Islamic Etiquette and Ethics
-Gender Relations, Social Media
We are in our beta stage of releasing the program. We plan to give access to the first set of users within one-month inshaAllah.

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Last night was a truly unique experience. I requested my hosts in Berlin to take me and my sisters to the neighborhood we were born in. We went to the apartment building my parents lived in and where they raised me till the age of six. It was surreal. I haven’t seen this place except in fragmented images retained in my childhood memory for nearly 34 years (yup nearly 40. I’m old). That pic is the entry to the building. I remember being too short to reach those buttons. I wanted to press all of them. (Even now).

We FaceTimed my mom from the park in front of our apartment building.
“Mom guess where we are”. I thought I’d have to explain myself and tell her so it would jog her memory. Silly me. My mother in an instant transported back 35 years and gave me a complete walkthrough of where I was standing. Where she used to sit when I splashed in the water park. Directions to the grocery store (they’ve expanded since, good for them). I turned the camera to the outside of our once 2nd floor apartment. She said, “that’s my balcony, that’s my kitchen window, that’s my bedroom window!”

I could hear the intensity of emotion she was experiencing in her voice. I could tell the memory of her father passing around the same time she was too late in her pregnancy to travel with me in her womb and my dad being sick to the point of hospitalization himself was flashing through her mind.

The rest of that evening I spent contemplating this experience and what it was making me feel.

I want to dedicate this post to my parents and all the parents out there who left their homeland and raised their kids in a society alien to their own culture. May be what I write below resonates with you and may be it doesn’t. I will dedicate another post to children of abusive parents because that is an under addressed issue in our communities and cultures. But this one is for my parents who I can never thank Allah enough for.

You worked hard. You withstood feeling like an outsider and often being made to feel like one, many times the object of ridicule, missing your friends, family, laughs and comforts. You compromised your lives for us. You took your life savings and dedicated them to our living, our education and our happiness. You gave us love when you felt none from the outside world. You were our shelter when you felt exposed and vulnerable yourselves. You taught us the value of hard work. You cried in silence when your loved ones passed and you couldn’t go back home to see them. You sheltered us even from your own pain. You were our pillars even as you crumbled inside.

My siblings and I never really got to call a single country our homeland. Germany was home until it wasn’t. Pakistan was home for 6 months and we left for Saudi. That was home until the first gulf war. Pakistan was home again for nothing more than a year. America has been home since. But all this time growing up we knew as your kids that we had to pack our bags and leave some day. No place was home for life. But you, you became our homeland. You are now retired, past your prime, and though us adult kids of yours might live under the delusion that we now take care of you, the truth is that your heartfelt prayers take care of us. You live in a land now where you’re the one with the foreign accents and we your kids speak the local language better than you. But we won’t forget that if not for you, we wouldn’t be able to say a single word. For those of you out there that have had the blessing of parents who have provided for you and have cared for you, just know that all of their imperfections combined aren’t even an ounce compared to the mountains you owe them.

We are nothing without you and we can’t ever pay you back for what you’ve done for us. We are sorry for the times we raised our voice, when we made you angry and sad. For all the times we made you feel less important, dismissed and disrespected. We love you, we honor you and we hope we do right by you so long as we live. In Islam, the highest level of excellence anyone can attain is called Ihsan. The best prayer is a prayer with ihsan. The best hajj is a hajj with ihsan. The best charity is a charity with ihsan. Yet when it comes to you, Allah honored you by making Ihsan not the highest, but the minimum standard of conduct. The least we better show you is Ihsan! We pray you forgive us and that we earn your life long prayers with our ihsan dedicated to you. Love you Mama and Papa.

Ok bye.

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be working with Human Appeal as Global Ambassador to raise funds for a girl’s orphanage & school in Jerusalem.

This will be the first of its type for girls in that region, and will give our young sisters a better chance at establishing themselves in this world.

I have visited the site myself and am eager to see it come to fruition.

Watch the video & then donate (zakat eligible too)!!!/ …

For the love of Palestine | LaunchGood

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi is supporting our initiative to build a new school for children living in Jerusalem.

*Peace Centre FoodBank Leicester*


*The Peace Centre FoodBank needs your urgent support!!!*

We have been serving the local communities for just over 4 years now. We distribute food parcels to those struggling to make ends meet in these times of austerity!

All praises are due to the Almighty through whose grace and mercy and the support of kind hearted people like yourself, schools, community organisations, charities and other religious organisations we have successfully helped over 25,000 people in this short time.

We are currently in urgent need of the following items;
Long life milk 🥛
Oil (1 litre bottles)
Sugar 1kg
Instant soups & noodles 🍝
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✅ Mixed vegetables
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Toiletries i.e. shampoos, soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste, personal feminine hygiene items etc.

*How can you donate?*
1) Purchase any of the above items and drop them off to The Peace Centre at any prayer time, Tuesdays 7-9pm or Wednesdays from 9.30am to 12.30pm

2) Place your order online (with any supermarkets/wholesalers who deliver) and have your donations delivered directly to us at a mutually agreed time. (Please call us to arrange).

3) Donate money (one off or set up a monthly standing order) directly to our bank account;
As-Salaam Trust
Account no: 9149 7669
Sort code: 40-28-26

For further information please feel free to contact us;
📱07 999 271 536

*Please share this message with all your contacts! Your help & support is greatly appreciated!* Moulana Mohammed Lockhat

As-salaam – Peace Centre

For YEARS I have had this unique vision, but finally, with the permission of Allah it’s becoming a reality in the heart of Leicester City Centre, I NEED YOUR help! Find out more by clicking on the link below.

Have you ever seen people speak of death the way these people do? Listen to them tell stories of their families massacred in front of their eyes, and their willingness to escape existence in this cruel world. Don’t let this silent genocide continue without raising your voice.

Support the Burma Task Force in their policy actions:

Donate to a reputable organization to support them: Bangladeshis want the 700,000 people who fled Myanmar and are stranded in refugee camps in their country to leave. For now, the refugees have nowhere else to go. Video/Photo: Karan Deep Singh/The Wall Street Journal

If you’re in the DC metro area, remember, tomorrow (Saturday) night in Tyson’s is the Emgage fundraiser for action against the Rohingya genocide – me, Khalid Latif, Jeremy McClellan and others will be speaking. Do please buy tickets and come along to listen and contribute. Hope to see you there! Details below…

We are only two weeks away from our event to End the Genocide! We will be joined my Imam Khalid Latif, Mehdi Hasan, Jeremy McLellan, Dr. Lubna Hussain, along with other distinguished guests and elected officials. Get your tickets today!

Refugees deserve warmth too.

We would like to say that all the families in places like #Syria, #Yemen, and #Afghanistan are being kept warm in this frigid #winter, but the truth is time is running out to assist them. IRUSA’s winterization projects provide support with critical supplies to ensure that people don’t have to face this winter alone.

We all want to be able to find refuge from the #cold. They do too.

Please help keep someone #warm. #Donate #today –

May Allah have mercy on him 🙁

Loss of a Dear Brother, Friend, and Student, and what I’m learning from it.

On Thursday morning around 8:30am Najib’s father called to let me know that I needed to get to the hospital because Najib had a stroke and didn’t have long to live. My initial reaction was of shock, as expected, how could this happen! Then I felt a sense of relief because something in my head told me he’s a father he’s probably just exaggerating. Then I felt horror that what if this really is the last time I get to see him. This was within a span of about 4 seconds. I grabbed the first piece of clothing I could find and ran out the door. Not being able to remember directions to the hospital, fumbling my phone as I tried to put in the address, calling my friends to let them know, all while speeding and trying not to get pulled over by the cops during morning rush hour traffic. What a mess I was and the most difficult parts hadn’t even come yet.

Najib Rahuma – May Allah have mercy upon him- first started attending my halaqas around 2014. I remember the first time I saw him and I was like this guy seems really out of place. He was a big jolly guy, who was Arab by decent, but completely gora 🙂 . After attending for a few weeks I thought I should take the time to get to know this guy because to find someone committed to knowledge is extremely rare. From the public classes he become so consistent that he even joined the private mentoring classes that I hold. For about 3 and half years we would meet at least once a week and study together.

During the time of getting to know him I found him to be genuine, always shared what he was feeling. He was generous, always wanted to give of his wealth and time. He was full of life, constantly making people laugh and filled with joy. He was dedicated to the truth and always tried his best to follow it.

On Wednesday afternoon he wasn’t feeling too well but decided to go into work anyways. He arrives and passes out right away in the parking lot. He had a stroke. A clot that started from his legs, went to his lungs, and eventually went to the brain. From the very first consult I attended with the doctors it was known that it would be next to impossible to survive.

Najib was 30 years young. They say no parent should ever have to be at the funeral of their child but this was so much more intense. He was recently married less than a year but was not yet able to live with his wife because she was in a different country. It all happened so suddenly that everyone was left needing closure. This post is an attempt at me getting some and honoring his legacy of kindness and love.

1- He was dedicated to seeking knowledge and went out of his way to facilitate it for others. Whether it be telling people about it or picking them up to take them.

2- He loved his faith and Allah. Since I have known him he has gone for hajj, was known to pray his prayers often in the masjid, and every Ramadan would make itikaf in the masjid.

3- He was generous. He would donate to any good cause he came across but most importantly he was generous with his time. I remember every time I needed a ride to or from the airport he would go out of his way. In fact he would even ask if I needed a ride.

4- He left a huge impact on a lot of people’s lives. Muslim and non-Muslim. Everyone remembers him to be the life of the party, and always wanting to bring happiness to the lives of others.

Now for things more personal to me.

1- I have never experienced the death of someone so close to me. It is the type of death that shakes you to your core because of how close you are and how suddenly it happens. It is almost paralyzing. Nothing has gotten me out of an utter state of catastrophe other than my faith and the company of righteous friends. I was truly amazed at how fully grown men are able to cry like babies. Everyone is fragile deep down inside. My deepest heart felt condolences to his parents and wife, I can only imagine what they are going through. May Allah grant them patience and ease.

2- Our most recent study has been of the book of Zuhd and War’ from Buloogh al-Maram. In it we were discussing how a lot of us have not washed the body of a deceased or gone to a cemetery recently to soften our hearts. While discussing this no one would have thought that the first body we ever washed would be of such a close friend. No one thought that a week after the discussion we would be at the cemetery burying him. Washing his body was a surreal experience. I kept thinking, almost hoping, that at anytime Allah will bring him back to life and things will go back to normal. The shivers in my spine I can still feel from touching a lifeless body that was once filled with so much life. He was beautiful in life and even after death.

3- We assume people will always be there and we can always appreciate them later. What if that later never comes? This is how I feel right now. I want him to know how much his friendship and brotherhood meant to me but it is something I am not able to do. This is a constant reminder of how humans always take things for granted and we need to be reminded to be grateful and share those feelings before it is too late. I pray the charity projects we do in his name are shown to him and felt by him in the afterlife, insha Allah.

I thought I would feel better writing this but I only feel more numb inside. I’m going to miss you my friend. May you be in the company of angels, eternal bliss, happiness, and light. The silver lining is that I have a meeting I am really looking forward to, may it be together in Al-Firdaws. Ameen.

The number of fake Mufti Menk accounts on Facebook is getting out of hand. Many have been duped into communicating with the “fake Mufti Menks” who often ask for donations in my name.

I have reported many of them and alerted FB. I urge you to follow only my account with the verified blue tick.

There are fan pages and those who repost and put up reminders of my quotes .. that’s fine. But do help report any suspicious accounts in my name.

Also, you will never receive a friend request from me under any circumstances. Stay alert and let’s keep it safe for all.

Q: Is Organ Donation Permissible?

I answer this question in the video below.

Omar Ibn Al Khattab (ra) feared that he would be taken to account on the day of judgment for not paving the way for a donkey. Dina is a 7 year old girl from Raqqa. She’s a human being. Just because you have something over your head, doesn’t mean you have a home. This picture captures everything for me as I bid farewell once again. We may have taken her some food, a coat, a backpack, and a trailer to be used as a school. But this is what she walks back to after her temporary moments of “escape” in a small trailer every day. I get to go home now, but this is what she returns to.

I’m not posting this to belittle the great work of charity that so many organizations do through the generosity of people who are grateful for the blessings bestowed upon them by their Creator, but to impress upon all of us the importance of taking responsibility for these children. They expect us to be their voice. We can’t change anything by waving a magic wand, but we can continue to pray and strive. Your dua matters. Your work in policy matters. Your charity matters. Your protests matter. Let’s not stop striving until Dina can walk to a home that we would want for our own daughters.

Tomorrow they’re expecting flooding. Oh Allah protect these beautiful souls, and forgive us for not doing enough for them. Ameen



Omar Suleiman: It’s time to mobilize for Jerusalem – support AMP’s critical work | American Muslims for Palestine

Sh. Omar Suleiman: The struggle for justice in Palestine remains a central issue for Muslim Americans and all people of conscience.
Final days to make a tax-deductible donation to AMP in 2017! Please support the only Muslim organization in the U.S. working exclusively on Palestinian rights! Every dollar helps. 🇵🇸️

A woman wanted to go and attend an Islamic talk at the women’s centre but she had no one to take her there. So she phoned a taxi company, a young man came driving the taxi and took her to the centre.
“As she was leaving the taxi, She gave him 15 Riyals for the fare, however he refused to take it.
He said that: “I have sworn that whoever I take to an Islamic centre for learning Qur’an or to attend the Masjid or to the Hospital, I vowed not to charge them for the journey, all I would like is for you to pray for my deceased mother who passed away three years ago, her name is Noorah.”

“After the sister entered the center, she told everyone in the talk about the story of this young man and I asked them to pray for his mother. All had tremendous sympathy and admiration for the young man, they collected donations among themselves so they could dig a water well for the sake of his mother.”
Subhana Allah, all this goodness came because of this young man’s obedience to his mother.
Whenever She attends any islamic talks, She mentions this story to the attendees and they would pray for the young man’s mother.

Look at the goodness of this young man’s obedience to his mother, this remindes us of The Prophet (saw) when he said: “When the human being dies, all his deeds come to an end except for three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, or a righteous child who prays for him.”

Will you give ongoing charity?
Support City Retreat in Leicester UK, who also deliver Many islamic reminders and many unique services such as giving dawah and outreach, supporting the homeless, helping vulnerable refugees, and also providing a musallah where people can pray.

If you donate you will get a share in the reward of whoever acquires knowledge of Allah (swt) and His deen.

You can donate by clicking on the following link
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We need your help –

A close friend I was talking to the other day brought up an ayah that was apparently hard to understand.

فَلَا تَعْلَمُ نَفْسٌ مَّا أُخْفِيَ لَهُم مِّن قُرَّةِ أَعْيُنٍ جَزَاءً بِمَا كَانُوا يَعْمَلُونَ

“A person doesn’t know what has been hidden for them of coolness for eyes as reward for what they used to do.” 32:17

So after sharing what little I knew of the ayah I decided to write some reflections for the rest of you too. May Allah accept.

Perhaps a good way to think about this ayah is to deal first with what has been hidden. The answer in the ayah is من قرة أعين. “Coolness of eyes”. This is a phrase in Arabic literature that embodies some very beautiful imagery. It reflects a traveler finding refuge from a desert storm in a place where his eyes are no longer being tortured by the sand flying into them. In such a refuge the traveler has found a literal coolness for his otherwise burning eyes. It also represents the antonym for another phrase “warming of the eyes”. When the ancient Arab would curse someone by saying “may God warm your eyes”, he was basically praying that the listener suffer tears of great sorrow that burn his eyes. The opposite, that is to say, tears of joy would be illustrated with coolness of the eyes. I used to give the example to my students of two mothers at the airport. One seeing her son off as he flies abroad and the other receiving her son after he’s come back from a long journey. They both hug their sons, they both cry and yet One has cool eyes (tears of joy) and the other warm eyes (tears of sorrow). In summary, the phrase captures meanings of relief from a painful relentless storm and moreover it captures an overwhelming state of joy moving one to tears.
Some ancient poetry helps shed life on the phrase.

ألا هل أتى الأنصار أن ابن بحدل حميدا
شفى كلبا فقرت عينها
Has the news reached the helpers that Humaid Ibn Bahdal (some guy who killed a bunch of enemies, basically) has put the minds of Kalb (the tribe for whom he done killed) at rest thus their eyes may cool.

مضى فمضت عني به كل لذة
تقر بها عيناي فانقطعا معا
He departed (that means died) and with him departed every pleasure that could have cooled my eyes so the two departed together.

So add to the meanings of relief and joy, the meanings of closure, of a restless heart that wanted justice served to finally see that happen.

There are storms in your life that just don’t seem to let up. Perhaps there are people who seem to get away with every wrong and not seem to pay a price while you suffer. Perhaps you’re suffering from a sickness that is eating away at you physically and emotionally. Maybe you have a child in pain or a parent for that matter. Maybe there’s a loss in your family or some other terrible event. Your heart finds no closure, your eyes find no coolness. Perhaps things that used to make you happy don’t have that effect anymore. Life has become tasteless and miserable.

Allah tells you and me in this ayah that we have absolutely no clue what relief, what overwhelming joy and what closure lies ahead that has been kept deliberately hidden away from us like a surprise present. Though generally the coolness of eyes mentioned in this ayah can be taken to mean the rewards and relief of the afterlife, but it is a profound mercy of Allah that in its language He did not constrain that relief to the next life. Who are we to limit what Allah Himself didn’t?

But the ayah concludes, جزاء بما كانوا يعملون. And here in lies the treasure. This coolness of eyes that we could totally use is actually a compensation. For what you ask? What whatever good you’ve been doing consistently. You and I must never dismiss the little good deeds we do everyday. Any small act of kindness. Tell your children one by one that you love them and you’re proud of them. Do something nice for your parents, smile, pray, recite, give charity, go help someone you know, acknowledge someone’s help, soften your heart to people and to Allah and let that distract you from your storm. Let it remove from your conscience the constant dark clouds of pain and injustice. Just keep doing that good stuff. If you’re being oppressed and you seem to find no way to escape it, like Aasia who couldn’t escape the Pharaohs clutches, just know that your deeds, and you never know which one of them, will become your relief. How Allah will transform the kind words you shared with a homeless man ten years ago into your tumor not being cancerous, no one knows but Him. Relief, joy and closure are on their way. The premium is what we do with our waking moments.

I know this was long but I’m hungry and not in the mood to edit and mom made gosht.

Ok bye.

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As the end of the year draws, I want to thank you all for supporting Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research in its infancy. This video sums up briefly our first-year accomplishments that we couldn’t have achieved without your support.

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Religious minorities are often depicted as oppressed and vulnerable victims of their Muslim rulers. This portrayal, however, is far from accurate.

Read “Religious Minorities Under Muslim Rule” by Tesneem Alkiek here:

One thing that every Muslim needs to understand is that we are living in very dire situations and circumstances. We are living in a time and place where, unless we take action, the next stages can keep getting worse and worse as time goes by.

During those tough situations, especially when fighting for a Muslim being treated unfairly, one might say there is no financial backup in order to support them. In fact, we are allowed to use Zakat money in order to help fight for their justice, as we are helping the community. Yes, we do give Zakat to the people who are hungry, but there are eight categories in total for which we are allowed to give money for.

Now when donating, we don’t just give $5, instead, we give a good amount of our Zakat money. Why? Because that one case that the lawyers are defending for, it can have an impact across the country. One case can secure the right for six million Muslims. Imagine how that one case can clear the path for our children in the future. Therefore we should always be open-minded whenever a certain situation arises.

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