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Friday Khutbah Khateeb Sh. Omar Suleiman (9/22/2017)

In just 20 mins I will be doing live for an online class on depression and anxiety and I invite you all to join. After the session I will also be holding a live Q&A where I will be taking your questions.

There are still a few minutes left to register. Keep in mind that those who register will also be given exclusive access to all recordings to be viewed at their convenience. So even if you cannot attend the session live, you will still have access to all recordings to view after.

May Allah heal all those who are hurting during these trying times. We do not fix the confusion and darkness by focusing on it. We fix the darkness by bringing a light.

In a few hours I will be holding a live online class on depression and anxiety and I invite you all to join. After the session I will also be holding a live Q&A where I will be taking your questions.

There are still a few hours left to register. Keep in mind that those who register will also be given exclusive access to all recordings to be viewed at their convenience. So even if you cannot attend the session live, you will still have access to all recordings to view after.

Saturday at 8:30 am Los Angeles time/11:30 am New York time/4:30 pm UK time/11:30 pm Malaysia time, insha Allah. (Time zone converter:

While I am concerned about preserving the integrity of my work, family and reputation, I’m also genuinely concerned about the negative fallout of this unfortunate spiral on the larger community. I have a suggestion to those that feel there are victims whose rights we must stand up for. As I made clear in my statement I believe the interactions in question were based on mutual consent and there was no questionable intent behind them. If there are parties who feel otherwise and feel victimized, I am ready and willing to listen to them, be it though arbiters of their choice, attorneys and senior trusted members of the community. I understand the sentiment that people feel in that victims may be too afraid to come forward for many reasons but they have my word that they will be safe from public scrutiny.

I have never been given an opportunity to have these claims specifically brought to me and to respond to them in any attempt to resolve the matter. This is not about my reputation. This is to protect these alleged victims, my family and the ummah. If I am invited to such a meeting, I will not refuse.

Let’s allow for a theater free environment to examine all the evidence, cross examine it, discuss and debate it and then conclude. Let us get to the truth of this as I am weary of the way things have transpired. People knowledgeable in Islam should not be solving disputes through hearsay and a public spectacle. I am more than happy to defer to elders in our community as to how to move forward once fair process is given its due.

May Allah give us all sincerity, a commitment to justice and a desire to have our deeds motivated by the desire to do good and please only our Maker.

May Allah heal all those who are hurting during these trying times. We do not fix the confusion and darkness by talking about it. We fix the darkness by bringing a light.

Tomorrow I will be holding a live online class on depression and anxiety and I invite you all to join. After the session I will also be holding a live Q&A where I will be taking your questions.

There are still a few hours left to register. Keep in mind that those who register will also be given exclusive access to all recordings to be viewed at their convenience. So even if you cannot attend the session live, you will still have access to all recordings to view after.

الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

السلام عليكم

I want to first thank those persons who have seen through the falseness of these allegations. Some individuals, unfortunately, have taken it upon themselves to pull matters out of my personal life, take them out of context, manipulate the facts and present a narrative using these distortions to fulfill their own agenda. It left a lot to the imagination so let me first state that I testify without hesitation or doubt that I have never used my public platform as a means to take advantage of anyone.

They also use the generic words ‘inappropriate interactions’ leading the imagination of a reader down the worst possible path. This itself is a grievous sin. The word used for slander is (ramy) in the Qur’an. It literally means to cast a stone. The crime isn’t that you come outright explicitly and say against someone that they’ve committed inappropriate acts. The crime is that you cast something in that direction and let the ripples carry their effect. This is what these people have done.

I have been speaking about the Book of Allah for nearly 20 years for one single motivation; I love this book and I love sharing what I learn about it. I have interacted with hundreds of thousands of individuals, men and women, young and old, around the world in person and done so with dignity. I would hope and pray that the countless people I did interact with in person of either gender will testify to the way I conducted myself with them, hoping for nothing more but a chance to earn their prayers. That’s where I have the most meaningful exchanges with the community. That is when people share their concerns and questions with me and there isn’t anything inappropriate about it. I’m sure the countless people that have been part of these exchanges will testify to that fact. I’d like to add that I’ve had female students at my own campus for years and no student ever has or ever will claim that I’ve been inappropriate in the least bit.

We all have things we have to repent for. I’m not a counselor and I’ve never claimed to be. I’m not an Imam and I’ve never claimed to be. I’m an avid and passionate student, teacher and lecturer with a focus on Allah’s book. I find it demeaning to have to speak about my personal life. I feel at some level though I don’t have a choice. I have been divorced for nearly two years. The circumstances of my divorce are one of the most difficult and painful experiences of my life. Many rumors surrounded that event and I chose to remain silent to protect my children more than anyone else. After the passage of some time I did in fact pursue remarriage with the help of my family. Along that process I communicated with a few prospects with my family’s knowledge and consent and that has been used, distorted and manipulated way out of proportion and turned into something it isn’t. All such communications took place between consenting adults and there was nothing malicious or predatory about them. I fail to see how such interaction can render anyone a victim. These communications took place for a dignified purpose. Yet these are the communications that are being alleged as predatory.

But when some individuals try to make it sound like one has to repent before Allah in a way that satisfies their delusional sense of self-righteousness, there’s a problem. Your taubah, for anything you may have done is between you and your Maker. As many in the community have said, if my actions are in fact a threat to the community, show evidence of that.

Lies are best told with a grain of truth. The people who accused me are not interested in clarification nor in rectifying the matter. They came to me with their minds made up. Their allegations as they have now themselves outlined, I explicitly reject and deny. I have been blackmailed, threatened, harassed and warned that if I was to give a single sermon, talk about a single ayah, post a single new video about the Qur’an or Islam, that they will go on a campaign to ensure I am painted as some sort of threat to the Muslim community.

My mission and sacrifice for two decades has been to help spread a better understanding of the Qur’an. With these threats, I was terrified at first that those years of service will be brought to ruin even if later these claims are proven false. Everyone’s attention will be on this non-sense and not the work and contribution that actually matters.

I deliberately avoided any public engagement for months thought their demands were that it stay the case for years. But recently evidence was discovered, only and only by the grace of Allah, that this was all part of a scheme. My employees discovered loads of explicit illegal activity that some of these individuals were involved in knowingly and others were just along for the ride at the expense of myself and my company. I decided to get legal help and protect my family, my employees, myself, and my work from them. I found evidence of explicit lying and deliberate exaggerations.

Some of these individuals have used the word ‘verified’ to give credibility to their claims. Just because a number of people are ‘verifying’ something, doesn’t make it true. If that was the case, the accusation against our mother Aisha (RA) was circling the entire city of Madinah.

As for the ‘agreement’ that these individuals speak of that I’m no longer abiding by, perhaps I can offer some context. I tried to convince this group to allow for senior scholars and leaders from across the country to hear both sides and assist in civil fashion. They knew the presence of neutral parties would compromise their agenda so they threatened to not meet at all if anyone from the outside was allowed.

Deeply concerned that my whole life work will come to ruin, I was abiding by their demand to not speak in public or teach, I discovered that they continued to disparage me in the most vile of ways. While I was in Mecca for Umrah, they held public gatherings attempting to rip my character to shreds allowing me no opportunity to even defend myself. These people stand up for the rights of the community and want to protect the ummah? Where is Islam in the way they are conducting themselves in this case? I even met members of the community that attended and were disgusted by these gatherings.

They furthermore explicitly lied in writing to heads of organizations saying that I’ve been banned from speaking at major conventions. I spoke to the heads of those conventions asking them if that was the case and their lies were laid bare. One of this accusing group admitted to me multiple times and even in the presence of others that he was blackmailed to take part in this witch hunt. That if he didn’t they’d accuse him of colluding with me in some way.

The individual who posted these claims against me posed himself as a mediator and unfortunately he was anything but. He claims I’ve known him for twenty years. I’ve spoken to him in friendly ways no more than a couple of dozen times in that entire span. We don’t live in the same city. I’m cordial with him and until this disappointing turn of events, I know little to nothing about his family and he knows virtually nothing about mine. To claim he’s my friend of 20 years to insinuate that he knows my personal life is really far from the truth. A mediator isn’t supposed to be an instigator. Unfortunately in this post, I see nothing more than an attempt to seek the limelight through scandal. There have been sincere efforts by elders in the community and neutral parties to resolve these claims in a dignified fashion and his irresponsible and grossly inaccurate post did nothing more than to try and derail that process.

I appreciate the outpouring of support. You cannot imagine the pain and humiliation this has caused me and my family. I have sons and daughters, I have sisters and nieces. This public stunt could potentially traumatize them for the rest of their lives. Produce witnesses of explicit haram that one has committed and if not, then
فأولآءك عند الله هم الكاذبون
they, as far as Allah is concerned, are the liars.

Dignity is in the hands of Allah. I cannot control what anyone will think of me. The most noble people of the past had to face some of the worst humiliations imaginable. My mistakes, and Allah knows them just as He knows yours, I make taubah for as I have been.
To those that have chosen to try to tear my character to shreds before the eyes of millions, I suppose I’ll be thanking you on judgment day for taking the burden of my sins from me. What you have done is far worse in our religion than anything you could possibly have accused me of.
To my audience, I simply say this. I am a public figure and I have a personal life. I am imperfect. Like anyone, my personal life and its struggles are mine to bear. I don’t post daily updates of what I do with my kids or what dua my mom made for me or where I prayed fajr. I don’t need to prove that I’m a great dad or son or anything else. That is my personal life. I’ve never made it the stuff of social media except if I wanted to share some insight. My public life has to do with teaching Allah’s book. Sharing what inspires me, I will continue to do that. My solemn promise to you is that whether online or at some location that you might find me speaking, I will carry myself with the same dignity I always have and I will do my best to live these few breaths I have left on this earth trying to serve the book of Allah in a way that He may find pleasing.

I know why I do this and I know why Allah put a love in the hearts of people for my work. Its not because I’m a great speaker or scholar (I’m not a scholar and have never claimed to be), but its always been one thing; sincerity. If I’ve lost that I’ve lost everything. I’m going to continue to be who I am and will no longer entertain these claims and allegations because I have more important things to do with my life. I’m done being bullied and harassed.

Lastly to Allah, I declare that I am your imperfect slave who seeks forgiveness for sins known and unknown to myself and others. I know that You have honored me in this life in great part because of the du’as of my parents, those that I have sincerely tried to do good towards and benefit, my students and audience, and because I have tried to serve Your book. Your promise is that
ولن تجد من دونه ملتحدا

“You will not find a refuge besides It (the book).” So I turn to You as your beaten, humbled slave and beg You. Allow me to serve Your book and make that service a source of protection for me and any who come to it with genuine hearts. If I have Your protection YaRabb, I need nothing else.
I have not taken the sacred platform to teach the Qur’an and used it for lowly aims. Allah knows who I am and I am grateful to Him and to you for your du’as and support in this difficult time. I don’t wish this kind of onslaught on anyone, not even against those that are responsible for it against me.

I would rather not speak about this again as it is a distraction from Allah’s book that is much more worthy of being spoken about.

Thanks for reading.
Your fellow believer,
Nouman Ali Khan

Absolutely devastating news. I barely know Usama Canon, but this hurt. I’ve had this in my own family before, and seen it with Steve Gleason in New Orleans a little closer than most observers.

May Allah be with you and your family akhi, and make this a means of purification for your sins. I pray that whatever time you have left on earth is made blessed for you and your family, and that you’re joined together for an even more blessed hereafter.


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Imam al-Shafi’i (d. 204 AH) said, “I never raised anyone above his level except that it resulted in me degrading myself by an equal amount.” Meaning: I never considered someone more intelligence or noble than he really was except that it resulted in me decreasing my own worth and intelligence in proportion to how much I over exaggerated in the first place.

As Allah is my witness, and I swear by the One who created the Heavens and Earths, it truly saddens me to meet or receive emails from people who consider me to be far more than I truly am. They raise me degrees and ranks, in leaps and bounds, exponentially more than what I deserve, and while in their eyes I might be of the greatest scholars of Islam of our age, Allah knows my sins, the large of them and the small of them, the public of them and the private of them, and clearly I am not worthy of even a fraction of that estimation.

It is a mistake of the highest magnitude to raise me and other preachers to the level of the true inheritors of the Prophet (SAW). At most, we are but faint lights who, in a world of pitch and utter darkness, are presumed to be like the stars, but that is because the bystander has never seen a real star, much less the Sun, and hence presumes the flicker that we might emit here and there to be as bright as those emitted by the stars.

And if – God forbid, and we seek refuge in Allah the Sittīr from this ever happening – my sins, or some of them, of the large and small ones, and the public and private ones, were to be made known to you, what would happen?

Of course if some of these sins involved the rights of others, and people needed to be protected from me and my evils, it is understandable and Islamic that these sins be publicized. And if these sins were personal and did not involve the rights of others, we would be able to criticize the one who did make these sins public; but even in that case, I know my faults and sins, and before criticizing anyone who exposed them, I should blame myself and seek repentance for my own faults in front of Allah.

But let us return to the question. What would happen if my ‘fans’ and ‘admirers’ really discovered my true nature? For sure, they would lose respect in me, and they have every right to do that. Many would feel betrayed and angry, hurt and confused.

Yet, in this whirlwind of emotions, ask yourself: does my evil change the Quran and Sunnah? Does my status alter the basics of theology – basics that I myself might have preached and taught these people? Do my own sins in any way diminish the glory or tarnish the mesmerizing beauty of the life and Sīrah of the greatest human who ever lived (SAW)?

May Allah conceal and forgive my faults, dear brothers and sisters, but if you ever discover my sins, feel free to cut me back down to my true level, as you should have done from day one. I give you full license to be angry at me, disgusted with me, boycott me if I so deserve.

But whatever you do – whatever you do – I implore you, for the sake of your Creator, that you do not lost faith in Him, because your faith in Him should never have been linked with me or any preacher. I beg you, even as you leave me never wishing to see me again, to never waver in your commitment to Islam, or in your love for the one true example of humanity that all of us should idealize and learn from, the Raḥmat lil-alamīn and the Leader of the Children of Adam. I ask that you do not take my mistakes as a battering rod to hurl against other preachers and teachers, the majority of whom are more pious than I am. I request that you understand that my lectures and books that you benefitted from are still worthy of benefit insha Allah, because even if I am sinful and have fallen short, what I taught you that was correct was from the Sacred Texts and our blessed tradition. If the vessel that carried it (i.e., myself) was flawed, the message that was carried from the Quran and Sunnah was not. And all that moved you from my lectures before you heard of my sins: that was due to Allah’s blessings to have used me as an imperfect vessel to convey the message to you, and nothing in that has changed now that you have discovered the flaws of the vessel.

Lastly, and may Allah conceal and forgive my sins, if you do come to find out of my sins that Allah had hitherto kept from the eyes of others, please, even as you feel angry and betrayed, spare a prayer for all sinners, include myself, for it is sinners who most need Allah’s mercy and forgiveness. And if you hear that my sins involve the rights of others, pray for them as well, and stand with them against me if you are in a position to do so, until their rights have been returned.

PS. If you are confused by this post, please do no read into it, and realize that it is generic and of benefit to all insha Allah (and no, it does not deal with me even though I meant every word of what I wrote).
There is no need to mention people or names, and remember
من حسن إسلام المرء تركه ما لا يعنيه
There is little benefit in the average person reading up on the scandals that I or any other person might have been involved with. If for some reason you do have a legitimize need to know, find out only enough that will suffice your need, then move on to more productive matters.
My sins, and the sins of others, will not harm you on Judgment Day. But your sensationalizing those sins, and spreading gossip about them, and making them the subject of your meeting places and gatherings may very well cause you distress on Judgment Day, so beware.

Follow the Dead, for the Living is not yet safe to follow

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