November 2017

Wonderful event yesterday at the Dallas Bar Association.

Dallas’ Faith Leaders Discuss Ways To Heal Racial Divides

The Dallas Bar Association hosted five Dallas-based faith leaders for its Faith Leaders Forum on Wednesday afternoon and addressed how to improve race relations in Dallas. The Rev. Richie Butler of St. Paul United Methodist Church, the Rev. Bryan Carter of Concord Church, Rabbi David Stern of Templ….

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I’ve been quiet for a while, but I wanted to come back online to let you know about a class I am very passionate about. The reason it’s one of my favorite classes to teach is that it deals with an issue every single one of us can relate to: rising above our storms. Whether those storms are relational, emotional, psychological, physical or financial, every single one of us experience them. This class that I will be teaching this Saturday in Toronto goes through the spiritual and psychological tools needed to not only survive in our storms–but even thrive in our storms.
There are still a few tickets remaining, alhamdulilah:

Dallas folks! Our event is in 2 days and we have just over 100 seats left! Purchase your tickets at and spread the word! Few people stand for truth as resolutely as Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X did. Their legacies are an inspiration for Muslims to be confident and firm in their convictions and to contribute to the world at large. Muhammad Ali and Malcom X planted themselves as the seeds of greatness our society needed. On December 2nd, Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research will honor their contributions by launching a scholarship fund in the name of Malcolm and awarding our first annual Muhammad Ali Confident Muslim Award. Save the date and join us as we hand over the proverbial torch to all the new Muhammad Alis and Malcolm Xs of our community and continue to build on the platform of inspiring contribution through conviction.

Timing: 6:30-9:30 CST

Sh. Omar Suleiman
Ambassador Atallah Shabbaz (confirmed)
Rasheeda Ali Walsh (confirmed)
Rev. Dr. Michael Waters (confirmed)
Husain Abdullah (confirmed)
….and more!

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dallas
4099 Valley View Lane, Dallas, Texas, 75244

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Contact Yaqeen Institute via e-mail at

On-Site Baby Care Facilities:
Babysitting will be provided at $15 per child.

For more information, please go to

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Remember how the Bush administration falsely claimed Saddam was working with Al Qaeda to justify an invasion of Iraq? Well, the Trump administration is doing the same again – this time with Iran and Al Qaeda (!) to try and justify a new war. Pls do read and share my latest op-ed for the New York Times:

Opinion | Is Trump Going to Lie Our Way Into War With Iran?

The current administration is borrowing tactics from the days before the invasion of Iraq. Let’s hope they don’t work this time.

In this Episode of Lives of The Khulafaa, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi covers the family of Abdullah Ibn Abbas. We begin by discussing Al-A’bbas Ibn A’bdul Muttalib(R). So Al-A’bbas is one of the most famous Uncles of the Prophet(S). Out of three Uncles, He was part of the two that converted to Islam, along with Hamza(R). Hamza(R) unfortunately passed away in the battle of Uhud. Therefore, for the longest time, the only Uncle of the Prophet(S) that was Muslim was indeed Al-A’bbas.

Al-A’bbas Ibn A’bdul Muttalib(R) was older than the Prophet(S) by approximately two or three years. In the days of Jaahiliyah, each of the main tribes had a major responsibility when it comes to the Ka’aba and the pilgrimage. Al-A’bbas(R) had one of the most honorable responsibilities(Pre-Islam), and that is the responsibility of what is called, ‘The Siqayah’. It was to bring water for the pilgrims. It was considered to be the greatest honor, to help the people performing Hajj. In fact, it remained in the progeny of Al-A’bbas, as well as his children for another one hundred years.

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Looking forward to being in DC next week ‘inshaa’Allaah.

Meaning In The Mundane with Yasmin Mogahed

Join MakeSpace and Sister Yasmin Mogahed where she will be introducing tools to help enrich our lives spiritually. Title of the event: Meaning in the Mundane As we navigate through life, we all face challenges to our spirituality. Distractions, worldly pressure, disappointments, pain, loss or even p…

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It is a common misconception that charity (sadaqah) can only be given to Muslims. This is incorrect, for we are commanded to be charitable to all people: Muslims and non-Muslims.

Some of the early converts to Islam in Madinah had Jewish relatives, and they thought that it was not allowed to give charity to those relatives who were poor. So Allah revealed, “It is not your task to guide them, for Allah guides whom He wishes. And whatever charity you give, then it will be for your own benefit…” [al-Baqarah; 272].

And the Prophet (salla Allah alayhi wa sallam) said to them, “Give charity to people of other faiths.” [Reported by Ibn Abī Shaybah 3/177 – see al-Ṣaḥīḥa 2766].

It is true that zakat has stricter rulings, and zakat should typically be given to other Muslims (note: there are exceptions for this, which are found in the books of fiqh). However, general charity is given to all, regardless of faith, and of the greatest acts of charities is feeding the poor and helping those in need.

So give, to all charitable causes, and know that when you give to others, Allah will give more to you, and in reality you are giving for your own benefit in the Hereafter.

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