July 2016

In light of the moving Khan speech, one correspondent describes an equally valid point:

“I hope there is still room in the DNC for anti-war progressives such as myself. And I wonder if American Muslims who are anti-war pacifists can be seen as patriotic, or if we only want Muslims to be peaceful when they oppose terrorism, but not when they oppose violent U.S. foreign policies, including the hawkish policies Clinton too often supports,” Grewal said.
–Daniel Burke, CNN

Sometimes we lose hope in turning to God and asking for His help because we feel like we have done too much wrong. And yet think of a child who has just angered his mother and immediately after trips and falls on the stairs. Even if that child had just angered his mother to tears, the moment he falls and cries for help, she runs to him. This is human mercy. And God is infinitely more merciful than a mother is to her child. So, do you think–no matter what you’ve done–when you’re falling and cry out to the *most* merciful…He wouldn’t come save you?
–July 31, 2013

I don’t always do selfies, but when I do, they’re usually with Mufti Ismail Menk 🙂 Lots of love for you always my brother.

I specifically request all of you to make dua for the Shaykh. The amount of pressure he is under is crazy. It’s a testimony to the impact of his Dawah that he has so many haters. Knowing him personally, he embodies love and peace in so many ways. May Allah protect him, elevate him, and continue to bless the Ummah through his work. Ameen!

Let light and love flow through you.
When you’re still. And silent.
Then you’ll understand.
Don’t hold onto anything too long.
That’s how all things rot.
They were held in one place too long.
Keep your eyes forward. Ahead.
Never back.
Face the direction you walk.
Run, if you can.
If you can’t, crawl.
But keep moving.
Never hold onto anything too long.
Learn that love comes like the tide.
Strong, but silent sometimes.
You can’t always direct it.
But if it directs you, follow.
There are lessons along the way.
And growth.
Let your quest for the sun inspire you.
To let go of where you thought you needed to be.
And go where you are being directed.
Because there is a plan larger than you.
And larger than me.
It doesn’t end at the end of the ocean.
Or at the tip of the sea.
It ends beyond.
Beyond you or me or laughter or tears.
Beyond loss or gain or falls or rise.
There’s something larger.
A greater plan that’s carrying you.
Carrying you beyond your grief.
Beyond your pain.
Beyond your tears.
Beyond your fear of loss.
Beyond everything you’ve ever known.
There is a greater plan that’s carrying you dear love.
It’s carrying you back home.
So follow it.
Only the ones who resist from fear of getting wet–Only they will drown. I’m
But you and me, we were meant to rise and ride the Sea and fly.
Follow where it calls. Go where it flows.
Only the ones who resist will drown.
–Yasmin Mogahed, July 30, 2016, Johannesburg, South Africa

SubhanAllah : ) – every sinner has a future!. #aintnoganstersinparadise

EXCLUSIVE: Notorious former gang leader Vince Focarelli has broken his silence, opening up about his criminal past and the murder of his son.

STORY – http://yhoo.it/1QcV5ZF

Watch the full interview on Today Tonight Adelaide, Monday night.

#7News #VinceFocarelli

PressTV – Islam and Life: Animals in Holy Quran

Regardless of how educated we may think we are, or what position we may think we have attained, we should never belittle people. It is so easy to be dismissive and condescending on social media. To show no manners in our disagreements. To show no mercy in our virtual take downs. But know that your written words have consequences and are accurate portrayals of your character. We can have strong criticisms of positions without accusing those who hold them of being insincere or unintelligent.

May Allah protect us from our egos! Ameen.

After last years’s memorable trip to Jerusalem, I resolved to make the trip again, but this time concentrating *only* on the Sacred City of Jerusalem and the surrounding sites (such as Petra and the Dead Sea).

There was so much history in Jerusalem itself that I felt I needed to spend a few days just wandering its centuries-old streets and experiencing the very remnants of the houses and alleyways build by Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi.

So this year, during the December holidays (Dec. 24th – Jan 1st), I will be leading a group to spend a week in the land of the ancient prophets.

Join me in this exciting tour to Jerusalem! Last year we were sold out months before the journey, and this year we also expect to be sold out pretty soon!

For further information, and to register, please log on to: http://www.darelsalam.com/yq/