April 2016

Islam and Life: Cameron, Muslim Women & Controversy

Retrouvez-moi demain à Lausanne pour la journée des assises 2016 de l’UVAM – Union Vaudoise des Associations Musulmanes. Rencontre autour du thème: “S’unir à la recherche de la paix”.

UVAM: Journée des Assises 2016:

may, 2016 Complexe Culturel des Musulmans de Lausanne 1mayAll DayUVAM: Journée des Assises 2016: “S’unir à la recherche de la paix” TimeAll Day (Sunday) LAUSANNE LocationComplexe Culturel des Musulmans de LausanneAvenue de la Confrérie, 11, 1008 PRILLY Organizer UVAM Leave CommentCancel reply Your e…

O people of Aleppo! All I can do is to give you glad tidings for your patience, as Allah has said, “And give glad tidings to those who are patient” [2:155].

O people of Aleppo! All I can do is to remind you of a reward beyond count, for Allah says, “Truly, Allah shall return the rewards of those who are patient beyond count” [48:10]

O people of Aleppo! All I can do is make dua for you, as our Prophet (salla Alllahu alayhi wa sallam) said, “The dua of the believer for his brother, when done in his absence, is accepted” [Abu Dawud]

O people of Aleppo! I have failed you. We have failed you. The world has failed you.
But know that Allah is with you, even if all of us cannot be, for indeed “And Allah is with those who are patient” [2:249].

Sallim, Allahumma sallim.
Patience, O people of Syria, and may your place of final abode by Paradise.

Pls change your fb profile to red !


#MakeFacebookRed to highlight the bloodshed in Syria, especially in Aleppo where hospitals continue to be bombed and civilians, killed on a daily basis. #MakeFacebookRed to raise awareness of the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe in Syria. This is the worst humanitarian situation since World War II

May Allah destroy their oppressors Ameen.

Iqraa – Risalat Al Islam: « L’universalité de l’Islam » Episode 93

This creates desperation. Desperation leads to terrorism. State terrorism leads to more terrorism. Children and their caretakers being slaughtered by airstrikes should never be a side topic. Praying for this beautiful man and the hundreds of thousands of innocent people lost to this cruelty. #Aleppoisburning

Last Night, My Friend, Aleppo’s Most Qualified Remaining Pediatrician, Was Killed

Dear friends, I am Dr. Hatem, the director of the Children’s Hospital in Aleppo. Last night, 27 staff and patients were killed in an airstrike on Al Qu…

Looking forward to two important events this weekend:

Saturday, ICNA is hosting its first ever reverts conference here in DFW insha’Allah. You can find more info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1734879123465072/permalink/1743060845980233/

Sunday, we will be having a program at Valley Ranch Islamic Center for Muhsen on how to build a more inclusive community insha’Allah. Please make it a point to join! You can find more info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/509125965879058/ Join us for a unique and innovative new program discussing the Islamic teachings regarding disabilities and the building blocks to a better, more welcoming, community for all.

The event is co-hosted by MUHSEN, an organization working with communities to make our centers more accessible for those who are differently-abled. Shaykh @[219543788065670:274:Omar Suleiman], the founder of MUHSEN, and Sr. Joohi Tahir, Executive Director of MUHSEN, will lead the discussion.

115 people interested · 40 people going