December 2015


“I was often a runner in relationship. I ran for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes it was a healthy flight- I wasn’t ready to love, I had other priorities, I had preparation work to do before I could deeply connect. But sometimes I ran for unhealthy reasons- I associated family with trauma from my early life, I assumed love meant imprisonment, I imagined every woman my difficult mother. Distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy motivations took me many years, but it may be the most important clarification work I did on my life’s journey. Because if our flight from connection is motivated by our unresolved life history, our defenses can convince us to run for the rest of it. And then we lose the opportunity to taste a different reality, one that meets our needs and heals our hearts. It’s worth examining- Am I running to something better, or am I running away from something unresolved?”
–Jeff Brown

Tariq Ramadan Discusses the Roots of Hate at the Parliament of the World’s Religions [17/10/2015]

When Bayyinah was established in 2005, I never imagined we would be where we are today. I’ve met so many of you at Bayyinah’s live events over the last ten years and it has been an amazing experience. If you have any pictures from previous Bayyinah live events, please share them in the comments and help us document our history. *Share the name and the year of the event if you remember*

In the Shade of Mercy

No Mercy that Allah has sent or will send,
none that may ascend; descend or transcend

In the realm of Allah or in His Sovereignty,
Whether it is specific or comes in totality,

Except that Taha , His Servant, the elect,
His Prophet, the Preferred whom he verily has sent

Is certainly the means of it as well as a source,
A fact that every man through reason can course.

So beseech him always for everything you need,
For he is the Shafi’ who accepts all who plead.

Take shelter in Him from all distress,
For safety is he always as well as fortress.

Put down the loads of hope at him there;
He is the refuge the one who will bear

In a state of hardship when calamities befall,
Do not despair and upon him call

O most Esteemed of what Allah did create,
And the best by whom to Him we supplicate.

How many a time you removed grave grief,
And this is what afflicted me again, in brief.

More helpless than me none did ever exist:
What strength do I have or stamina to persist?

By him who made you in the world sublime
And raised you to a rank no one can climb

Disencumber me of all hardships and pain;
Whom do I solicit if you desist or refrain?

At loss am I ; my patience is gone.
I have not a clue of what next is to be done

You are the door to Allah; whoever finds a way
to travel without you will surely be turned away.

Prayers on you as the winds of the north
Swiftly shake hand with the flowers that come forth

With Salam from Allah as the scent of the Houses
Smells sweet, and the fragrance of incense arises

With the Family, the companions so long as a pigeon
Whose twig is succulent coos loudly in the region.

By Imam Abul Hassan Muhammad al-Bakri Alayhi Rahma from al-Anwar wa-Misbah al-Surur wal-Afkar wa-Dhikr Nur Muhammad al-Mustafa al Mukhtar translated by Sayyiduna Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi.

This beautiful poem is amongst those in the daily awrad book of the students of Sayyiduna Shaykh Muhammad al-Tayyib.

4 years ago today, I posted this from an orphanage in Mexico:

Imagine all the mercy God has given you in your life. All the times He has saved you from yourself. All the times we insist on degrading ourselves, yet He honors us instead. We insist on poisoning our hearts, but He takes away the poison and replaces it with medicine. Now imagine this. All of that mercy He has shown you, and all of the mercy spread throught the whole world for all time, is only 1 part of 100. And the rest is saved for the Day of Judgement. Intense. Allahu akbar.

Tariq Ramadan Discusses the Roots of Hate at the Parliament of the World’s Religions [17/10/2015]

Tariq Ramadan Discusses the Roots of Hate at the Parliament of the World’s Religions [17/10/2015]

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يمكنكم الآن متابعة البث الحي لمحاضرة الدكتور أكرم الندوي حول: “النساء المحدثات في الإسلام”
CILE : Research Center for Islamic Legislation & Ethics

البث المباشر – مركز دراسات التشريع الإسلامي والأخلاق

المؤتمر الدولي السنوي الثالث 2015 الإسلام والمعضلات الأخلاقية المعاصرة مرحبا بكم في البث المباشر! سيبدأ النقل الحي لفعاليات المؤتمر يوم 14 مارس 2015 الثامنة

Masjid al-Khaleel in Hebron, the alleged locations of the graves of Prophet Ibrahim (as), Sarah and other members of his family.

It was the site of a brutal massacre in 1994, after which half of the masjid was cordoned off and then converted into a Jewish sanctuary.

Of particular interest is that the ORIGINAL minbar constructed by Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi is present there.

Discours d’Omar Slaouti, meeting du 11 décembre 2015

“Omar président !” Discours d’Omar Slaouti Meeting du 11 décembre 2015 – vidéo Dailymotion

“Omar président ! “, scande une salle comble à la fin du discours d’Omar Slaouti lors du meeting maudit du 11 décembre, celui “pour une politique de paix, de justice et de dignité” contre lequel Valls ne décolère pas et accuse d’avoir fait perdre la Région Ile de France aux socialistes, le même que…