February 2015

I've been getting threats from two camps for the last few years.

From the American Far Right, people have been claiming that I'm a 'stealth jihadist' preaching 'radical jee-had in Tennessee'. They base this on a fabricated and doctored audio clip (and I have clarified time and time again that it is fabricated). Yet, even when presented with clear evidence that it is fabricated, and that all my teachings fly in the face of this claim, the Radical Right insists that I'm practicing 'takiyya' and lying about my faith, and in reality want to impose a global jihad and kill all Christians and Jews (as per their claim).

And from the other side, ISIS and its supporters claim that I have justified American foreign policy, and that I'm a supporter of the US invasions and a 'RAND' scholar (or, to be more colorful and use their language, a 'coconut'). Unlike the first group, my fellow Muslims who accuse me thus actually don't have a shred of real evidence, and ignore my numerous lectures, Facebook statuses, articles, and speeches that I have always given, and continue to give, stating that the root cause of all violence from Muslim groups is the political grievances caused by American foreign policy. I have spoken continuously and vocally against drones, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, the sanctions against Iraq, the engineering of the coup in Egypt, the tacit support of Bashar al-Assad's civil war, the false invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan…, and the list goes on and on. With this group, I actually find them even more deaf than the first one, as they refuse to clearly listen to hundreds of pieces of evidences, and establish an extremely flimsy case against me by (just like the first group) cutting and pasting bits and pieces from here and there.

I guess getting death threats from the Far Right and from ISIS should be a good sign, as that indicates I'm in the middle, and hopefully those threats will cancel each other out! Ironically, both groups also demonstrate how blinded they are in their own ways, and how hard their hearts have become. Each group CLAIMS to be fighting for 'freedom', but in their hatred, they have resorted to terrorism and threats of violence and bloodshed, thus becoming the exact enemy they claim to be fighting.

In any case, and as always, I place my trust in Allah, the only One worthy of being trusted, for He will take care of me if I am sincere to Him.
حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل نعم المولى ونعم النصير

‫عن أَبي هريرة رضي الله عنه قَالَ : بال أعرابي في المسجد فقام الناس إليه ليقعوا فيه فقال النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم : دعوه وأريقوا على بوله سجلاً من ماء إنما بعثتم ميسرين ولم تبعثوا معسرين.
رواه البخاري‬

Abu Hourayra a dit : « Un bédouin a uriné dans la mosquée ; les gens se sont précipités pour le punir. Le Prophète (PBSL) leur a dit alors : « Laissez-le et versez sur son urine un seau d'eau… Vous êtes envoyés pour faciliter les choses et non pas pour les compliquer »

Rapporté par Al-Boukhari

3ème Conférence Annuelle Internationale du CILE: Invitation pour les médias

Le Centre de Recherche sur la Législation Islamique et l’Éthique (CILE) a le plaisir de vous convier à sa 3e Conférence Annuelle Internationale intitulée « L’islam et les dilemmes éthiques modernes ». L’événement aura lieu les 14 et 15 mars 2015. Parmi les principaux intervenants figurent Tariq Ramadan, directeur du CILE, Karen Armstrong, éminente universitaire et historienne des religions, Edwy Plenel, journaliste politique et David Vines, professeur d’économie à l’Université d’Oxford, ainsi que des conférenciers de renommée internationale en provenance d’Europe et du monde arabe.

La conférence abordera, dans une perspective islamique moderne, des questions telles que l’islam et la science, l’économie, les questions du genre et le discours islamique.

Les journalistes/photographes sont cordialement invités à couvrir l’événement.

Date : samedi et dimanche, 14-15 mars 2015.

Horaire : 9 heures à 18 heures.

Lieu : Passage 44,

Boulevard du Jardin Botanique, 44

1000 Bruxelles (entre le métro Botanique et Rogier)

Merci de confirmer votre présence en contactant :


0489/97 61 53

Il reste une centaine de places pour la conférence internationale du 14 et 15 mars au Passage 44 à Bruxelles!
Nombreuses conférences autour de l'éthique sur 2 jours de 9 à 18h, traduction en simultanée anglais, français et arabe!!
Possibilité de restauration sur place!
Un conseil: inscrivez-vous vite car il risque de ne pas y en avoir pour tout le monde!!

Veuillez trouver le formulaire d'inscription à compléter ICI https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1eDHOLpzksJXvNend0Gf3NQE4EvY-q1g3ERCeWVBqJwI/viewform
et verser le montant sur notre compte bancaire:
Banque : ING
Pays : Belgique
IBAN : BE14 3630 6987 3483
Titulaire du compte : European Muslim Network
IMPORTANT: n'oubliez pas de mettre en communication NOM+prénom de chaque participant+jour(s) d'entrée au colloque.
Merci et au plaisir!!!

Conférence internationale/International conference CILE 2015


Mauritius awaits the Blessed Presence of Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi

Alhamduli-Allah as-Sayyid, al-Qutb, Sayyiduna al-Sheikh Muhammad Abul Huda al-Yaqoubi (حفظه الله تعالى) honor us with running this page in 2014 to serve the wider Mauritian community.This page serves to present the way of Ahlus sunnah wal jam’ah, as a platform for the lovers of the Family of the best of mankind, Sayyiduna Muhammad(صلى الله عليه و إله و سلم) , lovers of the Friends of Allah, lovers of the Ulema.


Mauritius awaits the Blessed Presence of Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi

This page is run by Mauritian lovers of Sayyidunna ash-Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi(حفظه الله تعالى) and was launched with the permission of Sayyidunna ash-Sheikh. This page serves to present the way of Ahlé Sunnah Wal Jam’aa and the truth to the people. This is a platform for the lovers of the Fam…

Me and my mam are heading for Newcastle tomorrow to stand shoulder to shoulder with Newcastle Unites … are you coming and who are you bringing?


Pegida Newcastle: Thousands due to flood streets for counter Pegida demo
Pegida claims it is trying to defend countries against the spread of extremism at the hands of Muslim immigrants

In every marriage, one of the greatest sources of tension arises when a spouse has to deal with in-law issues. How many marriages have been broken, or severely damaged, because of the inability to reconcile between the rights of the spouse and the rights of one's parents!

In the 3rd installment of On the Rocks: Common Marital & Intimacy Complaints, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses some of the most common methods of dealing with in-law issues, and provides some healthy and Islamic guidelines for navigating the thorny waters of marriages and in-laws!


May Allah bless your relationships and increase harmony in your households!

~ DiscoverU Admin

OUTRAGEOUS interview on Sky News revealing a huge slice of Islamaphobia by Kay Burley … unless she's auditioning for a job on Fox News: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=410058355820221&set=vr.410058355820221&type=2&theater

ON AIR BATTLE: Muslim Spokesperson calls out Islamophobic Question ON AIR & Walks Out Sky News Interview! [SHARE]

ON AIR BATTLE: Muslim Spokesperson calls out Islamophobic Question ON AIR! May Allah preserve Brother Kaleem and Cageprisoners's work. Sky News Presenter Kay Burley, was just playing dirty, asking the same question three times, if only more Muslims could as principled in the face of trials. If you ever go on the media please don't let them walk all over you. STAND YOUR GROUND :)[SHARE]