August 2014

If you want to act on the Book of Allah, you have to first understand the Book of Allah. If you don’t have a good understanding then you’re not going to have good implementation. This Book is not like a magazine, article, or blog. You can’t skim through the Quran to get its treasure.

“Will they not then ponder deeply on the Qur’an?” [Surat Muhammad: 24]

A question often asked: “What is the Islamic ruling on the killing and mutilation of corpses while proclaiming the words, ‘God is great’?”

The Answer: The Sharia’s rulings address people possessed of intellect. Those who perpetrate the vile acts described above not only have a problem in their minds but their humanness as well.

This is a photo of a mosque in the city of Grozny. The mosque is locally known as “The Heart of Chechnya” and considered the largest mosque in Europe. On the bottom right is the Sheikh Kunta-Haji Islamic University that was built on the order of Chechnya’s current president, Ramadan Kadyrov. He chose this location specifically because it was here that the Communists used to throw the remains of Chechnya’s scholars and righteous people after grinding their corpses in a mill.

By Allah’s grace, yesterday we were able to attend the graduation ceremony for the university’s inaugural class. May Allah grant them an opening and grant openings to be realised through them, and benefit the umma by them.

Use your time to its best advantage by giving charity in secret and engaging in all forms of goodness. Seclude yourself in Allah’s remembrance and spend your time in reflection; deep reflection discloses meanings that were previously hidden.

Do not waste your life being consumed in disputes and the give-and-take they entail. The breaths you breathe are the most precious thing you own.

We have to become a people who celebrates the Quran, learns the Quran, thinks about it deeply, ponders on it, studies its tafsir in depth, and studies its language in depth. May Allah make us a people who are connected to His Book the way we are supposed to be connected to it. That is my duaa for the ummah.

My buddy Sheikh Omar Suleiman will be in Canada in less than 2 weeks to teach The Story Of Jibreel. Do not miss out on this beautiful class!

In less than 2 weeks ….

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