January 2014

Complex Ignorant

A poem by Sh. Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi

Written originally in Arabic and translated by the poet

The Calamity of this time is in an ignorant
Who claims knowledge undeterred

He has read a book after which he imagined
That he became the undisputed Mujtahid of the his time

He thinks that knowledge is what he only knows
and tell to his listeners

He is unaware of how much he does not know
As he feels like a satiated person

He claims knowledge of what he does not know
He lies making up unswears like maker of hadith

His ignorance is compound but
evident as he looks like a lamer

He may deceive people by what he tells
But eventually they all discover his real state

He slanders learned people out of animosity
Using every vulgar swear word

He sit in the front of every gathering
But he should be sitting out of the corridor in the street

Even though he does not know grammar,
He unrestrictedly interprets verses of the Qur’an

He deduces legal rulings without being qualified
like a man wandering off in the darkness

If you ever come across such a person
Never be intimidated or frightened

Just ask him a question in grammar
From subjects such as “the Followed and the Follower”

And about legal compensation in fiqh
of various injuries such as cutting off the nose

And about lifetime leasing of properties
And the likes of such common subjects

Then, there will appear to the people around you
The level of his blatant ignorance

The embarrassment will cause his face
To become pale, dark and yellowish

You may then stand up without fear
To slab him on face in front of people

There are people of Knowledge who are qualified
Everyone of them has an awe-inspiring figure

Everyone admits that he is ignorant
When he is like a vast ocean of knowledge

Due to his silence, you think that such a scholar is ignorant
But he is always like a steady mountain

The moment you ask him a difficult question
You hear the clearest and most interesting answer

Knowledge that increase you of
Arrogance will never be fruitful

Knowledge is light; its gleam
Shines on the faces of people who prostrate and kneel

Faces of scholars who are erudite and proofs
With deep knowledge and courage to speak it up

Light will not be obtained from letters
in lines of printed books

If you wish to become a scholar
And teach in the central mosque

Then pick up the treasures of knowledge from a qualified person
And accompany him with eagerness

He will grant you knowledge without much efforts
while he has a lowered gaze an eye shedding tears

Knowledge is light that al-Mustafa spread
Then, the companion conveyed to the follower

If you ever attempt to seek knowledge
Be a man of cautiousness and conscience

The people who benefit most of it are
Those who have taqwa of the Al-Wahib al-Wasi’

Those who always guard Allah
And do not maintain a state of transgression like sinners

Knowledge will consequently loos you to inherit
Access to the vast world of the unseen

Knowledge is a guide in the heart
A distinguishing light that shines and glitters

With it you see things in their realities
Without the deceptions or illusions

Praise be to God. The car was momentarily parked outside the house and beside it an electric gate was opening towards the opposite direction, away from it. For an instant I thought the car was moving forward because of the illusion it created. When I realised that the car was still and that it was the door which was moving I felt a sense of something which occurs repetitively in our lives today.

Sometimes a person can be deceived into thinking he is progressing on the path to God and in his adornment of virtuous character traits because his contemporaries and colleagues appear static and stationary…..while the reality is that he is the one who remains at a standstill. Since life and time does not stop, his remaining in the same place is a step backwards.

With every breath and notion of the heart that occurs, may God grant us an increase in His closeness and an ascension towards that which is virtuous in character and action.

Habib Ali’s Keynote Address at the Toronto Grand Mawlid on 1st Rabi al-Awwal 1435/1 January 2014.

(Thanks to Muwasala)

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كلمة الحبيب علي الجفري في حفل المولد النبوي بمدينة تورنتو، كندا ربيع الأول 1435هـ 01 Rabi al-Awwal 1435/01 January 2014 Habib Ali al-Jifri This video contain…

We have the greatest of intermediaries to petition on our behalf with God. We have our master Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.

When we sought God’s love He directed us to Muhammad: “Say [to them O Muhammad]: If you love God then follow me.”

When we sought the ritual prayer He directed us to observe Muhammad: “Pray as you see me praying.”

When we sought to perform the Hajj He directed us to Muhammad: “Take from me knowledge of the Hajj rituals.”

When one wants to be a Muslim he must testify to the prophecy of Muhammad.

Every time we seek something in our deen we’re directed to Muhammad.

Even in our ritual prayer where we seek our Lord He directs us to remember Muhammad: (after the tashahhud) “I bear witness that there is no true deity except God, and that Muhammad is his servant and messenger.” Even in the midst of our prayer God has enjoined upon us to mention Muhammad: “Peace be upon you O prophet and the mercy and blessings of God.” And we mention him further by sending prayers and blessings of peace upon him!

And when we die and the funeral prayer is being performed Muhammad is mentioned after the second ‘takbir’.

We enter the grave and the mud is being cast upon the body, again there is Muhammad: “In the name of Allah, upon the religion of the messenger of Allah.”

And on the Day of Reckoning, there is Muhammad: “I am the first for whom the earth shall be split apart, and I say that without pride!”

When the toil and suffering of that Day afflicts all who are present, thus shall there be Muhammad again: “I am for it (the intercession).”

None shall enter Paradise except after Muhammad. And if we ask our Lord the highest Paradise, al-Firdaws, its resident is Muhammad.

Should we not be enamoured with him, connected to him, yearning for him? It would be a small expenditure if we spent our lives and spilt our blood for his sake.

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