October 2012

A Blessed Eid

From shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi

To all my friends on this page and to all visitors
May Allah make your Eid a blessed one and may He Almighty, out of His Bounty, make all your days feasts full of happiness with Him. May This Eid bring relief and victory to our people in Syria and may their wounds be healed.
The real Eid is not for those who are absent from Allah but for for those who are with Him.
The best closest people to Allah are those under calamities and in tribulations, if they are aware of it. Allah is with you; the question is: are you with HIm?
Eid is not new clothes or special food; these are sings of celebrating something: it is a sign of happiness with our blind obedience to Allah; even if we have to offer our children as our forefather Prophet Ibrahim did.