July 2012

In response to the Trimseh Massacre
Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi
To the wounded people of Syria!
Today a new massacre took place in Trimseh, Hama, in which hundreds were murdered and severly wounded including women, children and the young and elderly. They were mutilated, slaughtered, and executed by the mercenaries of the regime. 150 tanks and squadrons of bomber helicopters surrounded this smal town and assaulted it with an array of shells and bombs. Then the mobs of the regime broke into the city; the result was families being wiped out, men burnt alive, women raped and children slaughtered with knives. We do not find words which suffice to condemn such a level of savagery and wonder if these people are even humans. Is the regime taking revenge from the Syrian people who revolted against it?
As we offer our condolences to the families of the victim, pray for the martyrs and promise that that people’s tears, which shed in grief and sorrow at what they witnessed, shall soon turn into tears of joy and rapture at the regime’s fall, the country’s liberation and the trial of every criminal.
O wounded people!
In exchange for our silence, blood is being spilled and lives are being shattered. Today it is Trimseh, tomorrow it will be another town. Henceforth, we must act not merely condemn. This crime requires us to immediately take the following measures:
First, Plant a smile in place of tears:
We call upon every Syrian citizen to make it for Trimseh and the other affected areas and take as much aid as possible. We understand if some ppeople could not take up arms but we do not understand why every person is not moving, even if empty-handed. People in these areas witnessed a level animalistic brutality the likes of which no one in history has seen; soo what these people need now is to see a smile on a face of a noble man or a hug to comfort a child who have lost his entire family.
Second, up to jihad:
The right response to these massacres is not by statements but rather by arms; iron strikes iron. We do not intend to retaliate from innocent people; rather we intend to protect innocent people. We should defend towns, villages and neighbourhoods and the only means to do so is by volunteering into the Syrian Free Army and providing them with unlimitted support.
Finally, One who keeps silent rather than say the truth is a silent Satan. We call for strikes in all cities for three consecutive days, blockades of major roads and to large scale protests. Do not be a devil; to keep silent now is a crime. We call the people to unite and sacrifice everything to bring down the regime with every possible means.