Salaams Brothers & sisters. Did you Pre order your WW1 Muslim Experience book yet? https://www.unknownfallen.com/teaser-video/

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I hope our brothers build an adequate Drainage system in Saudi soon!


This is the only place in the world that every single person in the world will visit, even if they hate to go there, they will and must go.

Paul Pogba is a believer! Match of the Day, Alhamdulillah

Paul Pogba is a believer!

Live presentation by MEND – Muslim Engagement and Development at the The City Retreat

Allah bless you Mohamed Salah, doing well for a first season.

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The #FPL Show put the Egyptian under the microscope 🔬

Islamchannel documentary on our recent tour!

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Did you know more than two and a half million #Muslims were involved in #WorldWarOne?

All should know of the huge impact that Muslims had during WW1, it’s time the right wing to know the truth. Go ahead and share with all parties. #fhf1419 #musliminww1 #mhtrustuk

Watch this and share to educate all about our roots in Europe. Say no more hate on Muslims anymore!

Did you know more than two million Muslims were involved in World War One?

Most people don’t which is why the Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation are on a mission to raise awareness about the diversity of those who fought in the Great War.