“The dead are now imprisoned in their graves, regretful of the time they had wasted while alive. And those alive are fighting and competing over the exact same matters that the dead are now regretful of.
So neither can the dead return back to life and make up their regret, and nor are the living benefiting from the regret of the dead.”
~ Based on a statement of Umar b. Abd al-Aziz (d. 101 AH).

May Allah bless us all with a beautiful ending, and may we live such that our regrets in the next life (and all of us will have regrets in the grave and on Judgment Day, except for the shahīd) are minimal and trivial, and drowned out in the blessings of Allah’s mercy!

Imam al-Shafi’i (d. 204 AH) said, “I never raised anyone above his level except that it resulted in me degrading myself by an equal amount.” Meaning: I never considered someone more intelligence or noble than he really was except that it resulted in me decreasing my own worth and intelligence in proportion to how much I over exaggerated in the first place.

As Allah is my witness, and I swear by the One who created the Heavens and Earths, it truly saddens me to meet or receive emails from people who consider me to be far more than I truly am. They raise me degrees and ranks, in leaps and bounds, exponentially more than what I deserve, and while in their eyes I might be of the greatest scholars of Islam of our age, Allah knows my sins, the large of them and the small of them, the public of them and the private of them, and clearly I am not worthy of even a fraction of that estimation.

It is a mistake of the highest magnitude to raise me and other preachers to the level of the true inheritors of the Prophet (SAW). At most, we are but faint lights who, in a world of pitch and utter darkness, are presumed to be like the stars, but that is because the bystander has never seen a real star, much less the Sun, and hence presumes the flicker that we might emit here and there to be as bright as those emitted by the stars.

And if – God forbid, and we seek refuge in Allah the Sittīr from this ever happening – my sins, or some of them, of the large and small ones, and the public and private ones, were to be made known to you, what would happen?

Of course if some of these sins involved the rights of others, and people needed to be protected from me and my evils, it is understandable and Islamic that these sins be publicized. And if these sins were personal and did not involve the rights of others, we would be able to criticize the one who did make these sins public; but even in that case, I know my faults and sins, and before criticizing anyone who exposed them, I should blame myself and seek repentance for my own faults in front of Allah.

But let us return to the question. What would happen if my ‘fans’ and ‘admirers’ really discovered my true nature? For sure, they would lose respect in me, and they have every right to do that. Many would feel betrayed and angry, hurt and confused.

Yet, in this whirlwind of emotions, ask yourself: does my evil change the Quran and Sunnah? Does my status alter the basics of theology – basics that I myself might have preached and taught these people? Do my own sins in any way diminish the glory or tarnish the mesmerizing beauty of the life and Sīrah of the greatest human who ever lived (SAW)?

May Allah conceal and forgive my faults, dear brothers and sisters, but if you ever discover my sins, feel free to cut me back down to my true level, as you should have done from day one. I give you full license to be angry at me, disgusted with me, boycott me if I so deserve.

But whatever you do – whatever you do – I implore you, for the sake of your Creator, that you do not lost faith in Him, because your faith in Him should never have been linked with me or any preacher. I beg you, even as you leave me never wishing to see me again, to never waver in your commitment to Islam, or in your love for the one true example of humanity that all of us should idealize and learn from, the Raḥmat lil-alamīn and the Leader of the Children of Adam. I ask that you do not take my mistakes as a battering rod to hurl against other preachers and teachers, the majority of whom are more pious than I am. I request that you understand that my lectures and books that you benefitted from are still worthy of benefit insha Allah, because even if I am sinful and have fallen short, what I taught you that was correct was from the Sacred Texts and our blessed tradition. If the vessel that carried it (i.e., myself) was flawed, the message that was carried from the Quran and Sunnah was not. And all that moved you from my lectures before you heard of my sins: that was due to Allah’s blessings to have used me as an imperfect vessel to convey the message to you, and nothing in that has changed now that you have discovered the flaws of the vessel.

Lastly, and may Allah conceal and forgive my sins, if you do come to find out of my sins that Allah had hitherto kept from the eyes of others, please, even as you feel angry and betrayed, spare a prayer for all sinners, include myself, for it is sinners who most need Allah’s mercy and forgiveness. And if you hear that my sins involve the rights of others, pray for them as well, and stand with them against me if you are in a position to do so, until their rights have been returned.

PS. If you are confused by this post, please do no read into it, and realize that it is generic and of benefit to all insha Allah (and no, it does not deal with me even though I meant every word of what I wrote).
There is no need to mention people or names, and remember
من حسن إسلام المرء تركه ما لا يعنيه
There is little benefit in the average person reading up on the scandals that I or any other person might have been involved with. If for some reason you do have a legitimize need to know, find out only enough that will suffice your need, then move on to more productive matters.
My sins, and the sins of others, will not harm you on Judgment Day. But your sensationalizing those sins, and spreading gossip about them, and making them the subject of your meeting places and gatherings may very well cause you distress on Judgment Day, so beware.

Rulers imprisoning and punishing those who speak the truth is as ancient as human civilization. Nimrūd wanted to punish Ibrahim (as) for preaching monotheism; the Pharaoh threatened to throw Musā (as) into prison, or beat him, if he continued preaching against the tyranny of Pharaoh’s system. Throughout our history, famous scholars have been imprisoned by those who heard them.

How foolish are rulers who believe that by imprisoning scholars of Islam, they will somehow stop the truth from spreading. Do they not learn from history? The names of those rulers is either forgotten or despised, and the names of the prophets and scholars are etched in the conscience of Muslims, loved, respected, admired, and followed by all.

When scholars are imprisoned unjustly, the love that people have for them increases exponentially, and the hatred that people have for tyrants and traitors becomes even more deep-seated. And that hatred, eventually, will be manifested, sometimes in ways that are unwise or even un-Islamic. But before one jumps to blame those who are angry, one should also see the tyranny, double-crossing, cowardice, betrayal and treachery of the rulers that caused such anger in the first place.

As Sulayman (as) said, and Allah affirmed: “‘Truly, when kings enter a land, they corrupt it, and they transform the most noble of its people into the most humiliated.’ And this is exactly what they do!” [Naml: 34]

It is also at times like this when the true colors of a person are shown. How many chameleons exist who pretend to ally with the truth, only to show their true nature by supporting the most corrupt of regimes, and by allying with those who would sell the interests of the Umma to protect their own seats and power! How cheap is their honor, that they have sold it for a paltry sum in this world!

Our prayers and du’as are with all those who have been imprisoned unjustly for speaking the truth, or imprisoned for choosing to remain silent rather than speak out in favor of injustice.
And we ask that Allah continues to demonstrate the hypocrisy of the hypocrites, and the sincerity of the sincere, ‘…so that the filthy (khabīth) may be removed from the pure (ṭayyib)’ [Anfal: 37].




Watch & Engage with my colleague Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick as he takes you through historical sites of Andalusian Spain and the factors that led to its rise and fall.


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This is a photograph taken by NASA’s satellite Cassini, while it was in orbit around Saturn, 1,200,000,000 km away from Earth.

You can clearly see the rings of Saturn. And there, way back there in the background, 1.2 billion km away, as a small blue dot, highlighted by that arrow, is our planet Earth. Your whole life, and mine, and every person whom you’ve ever met, or heard of, or read about, has lived on that little blue dot.

“This is the creation of Allah! So show me – what have those besides Him created?” [Luqman: 11]

“Truly, the creation of the heavens and earth is a bigger (miracle) than the creation of people, but most of mankind doesn’t understand” [Ghafir: 57].

“He it is who has created the seven heavens in layers. You do not see any flaw in the creation of al-Rahman! Look again – do you see any mistake? And continue looking, again and again…your eyes will become tired, after it has humbled itself (and not found a flaw). And truly, We have beautified the lower skies with its ornaments (i.e., planets and stars)…” [al-Mulk: 3-6].

PS. Cassini will be ‘retired’ tomorrow, and crashed into the planet Saturn. It was launched from Earth back in 1997, and reached Saturn seven years later, in 2004.

*Experience The Rise & Fall of Muslims In Spain*

Watch & Engage with my dear colleague, Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick as he takes you through historical sites of Andalusian Spain, and the factors that led to its rise and fall.

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The Prophet (salla Allah alayhi wa sallam) said, “Any matter that afflicts the believer – from tiredness, anxiety, sickness, or even an issue that troubles him – will be a source of Allah forgiving his sins” [Reported by al-Tirmidhī 3/289].

There are so many in the world who are suffering. In fact, it can be said that each and every one of us has issues that concerns us, worries us, hurts us. Some of our pains are physical, some are emotional. Some of us are sick, others are worried because of loved ones who are sick. Some are in debt, others in fear. Some are under attack, others have no food.

Regardless of your situation, know that Allah is watching, and that our pains and sufferings are a means to forgive our sins, and raise our ranks, if we demonstrate patience.

This world is temporary, and all that is in it – people, and pain, and persecution – shall pass. Let us never forget that our real life is the life to come, and it is in that life, and only that life, that perpetual comfort and rest shall be achieved by the believers.


Q: Will Allah (SWT) punish an ignorant person who commits a mistake?

I answer this question in my video below.

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Even as I am visiting the blessed city of Madinah, my heart cannot find peace as I hear of all that is happening to our Rohingya brothers and sisters in Myanmar.

Over 100,000 have been impacted in the last few years by the state-sponsored persecutions against them. In the last few days, Burmese militia and military, loyal to the ‘Peace Prize laureate’ Aung San Suu Kyi, and with the blessings of radical Buddhist preachers, have massacred at least 3000 men, women and children. The images that are coming out of that region – scant as they are – are simply too horrifying to share.

In all of this:

– where is the media, that always jumps on any terrorist attack and highlights any violence when it suits their interest. Here we have a full-fledged state-sponsored massacre of an entire population, and yet most mainstream news agencies barely manage to report a few paragraphs of this in some deep section of their pages.

– where are the world leaders, who love to intervene when it suits their interests, and send armies to ‘liberate’ peoples under tyrannical regimes? (And the one Muslim land that they are fleeing to is denying them entry and kicking them out!)

– where are the Muslim countries, who love to pick fights with one another, and boycott one another, and go to war with one another, even as their fellow Muslims are being slaughtered so mercilessly?

And even as we lament what others are not doing, let us do whatever we can to help out. Make dua for them, be conscious of their plight, help out charities that are helping them, and spread awareness of their cause.

The UN itself has declared the Rohingya as one of the most persecuted and impoverished people in the world.

O Allah! We complain to you of the weakness of our state, and the incapacities of our efforts. You and You alone are the Lord of the weak and persecuted, so help them. You are the One who hears the plea of the distressed, so answer them. You are the One who deals with tyrants and transgressors, so call them to your justice and reckoning.


Tawaf al-Ifadah on the 10th of Dhul Hijjah

Stoning the Large Jamarah

The small Jarmarah. This is not pelted on the 10th of Dhul Hijjah.


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When Europeans wanted to visit Muslim lands, they traveled WEST, not East. The largest city by the year 1,000 was Muslim – Cordoba, Andalusia.

You can earn timely lessons from the rise and fall of an incredible civilization that has strongly left its imprint on European culture and language.

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Alhamdulillah spoke about the legacy of Prophet Ibrahim (alayhi salam) after Fajr on the roof of the Haram.

May Allah accept the efforts of all of the pilgrims and bless those who haven’t come this year to come in a later year.

PS. My home town of Houston is facing its worst crisis of our lifetimes, with hurricane winds and incessant rains that have flooded the city. My parents have evacuated their house to a safer location. Please pray for the people of Houston and help out in any way if you can.

The most sacred and blessed days of the year have begun. Take advantage of them – one never knows which year will be one’s last.

In particular, we are encouraged to increase our dhikr (takbīr, tahmīd, tahlīl, etc.); Quran; charity; fasting (especially the 9th of Dhul Hijjah); qurbanī; and each and every good deed possible, as in these days, the blessings and rewards are magnified.

Of the most neglected of good deeds: being good to one’s family. Call up your relatives, visit your parents, and make an extra effort to fulfill the Islamic duties of the ties of kinship.

And of course, the single greatest deed that can be done in these days is the blessed pilgrimage to the House of Allah.

I will be beginning my journey for Hajj in a few hours insha Allah; in all likelihood my Facebook posts will not be as frequent during the next ten day.

May Allah accept our good deeds, cover up our faults, and forgive our sins!

Whoever puts his trust in Allah, Allah will provide for him from where he never suspected.

The story of this man from a village in Ghana is going viral, and for good reason! A reporter for a Turkish newspaper was taking some video footage with a drone, and it mistakenly landed in front of this man’s house. As he picked it up to return it, he expressed a thought and desire that must have been languishing inside of him for many decades. “Do you have one large enough to take me for Hajj?” he wistfully asked?

The reporter laughed, and tweeted out that image with his question on it. And lo and behold, this man’s Dua was answered, and sponsors came forward to help this man perform the Hajj this year.

Just imagine the yearning and desire that this man had. Visualize how often and how sincerely he would have requested Allah to make this journey possible. Grasp the sheer impossibility that most would have assumed: no money, no passport, no means to get out of his village. And yet, out of nowhere, a small aerial messenger came and landed in front of his house, a harbinger of greater news.

Dua is the weapon of the believer. He uses it to fight each and every battle, even those that are deemed unwinnable. For when Allah wishes victory for you, no one can possibly defeat you, and Allah will create armies for you, and bring the world’s resources to your doorstep to answer you call.

Total solar eclipse. Amazingly powerful and majestic!!!

سبحان الله والحمد لله ولا إله الا الله والله أكبر

The eclipse from a camera

Solar eclipse from Nashville

It is reported in the Sahih of Imam Muslim that one day our Prophet Muhammad(S) was once sitting on one of the houses of Medinah. He looked around and said to the Sahabas: “Do you see what I’m seeing” They said “What oh Messenger of Allah” The Prophet answered: I see trials and tribulations falling upon your houses like the drops of rain. The frequency , the quantity will affect everybody”

In another Hadith, our Prophet(S) said that towards end of time, trials would become repetitive by nature. Every time a trial/calamity would come, the believers would become scared and terrified. They will say that we cannot pass this trial. The Prophet(S) said Allah will open up the doors and let it go away. Then another will come, they will say “ This is my destruction” and so on and so forth.

Nowadays when we look at how many incidents are taking place, how many issues that are rising day by day. We can see the difference of the how the world was before and what it has become now!

** Watch the Full Khutbah Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jli8FulUjA8

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Location of Khutbah: Memphis Islamic Center (MIC) Website: http://www.memphisislamiccenter.org/ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MemphisIslamicC…

The recent events in Charlottesville, and the blatant hatred and supremacist tendencies shown by Trump and other hate leaders should remind us of the true nature of these people.

As Allah says, regarding a similar group, “Truly, hatred has now appeared on their tongues. But what their hearts hide is even worse!!” [Q. 3:118].

America has never been closer to a potential civil war since the last century. If, God-forbid, a few disasters were to take place (either economic, or political, or terrorist-related), the ingredients are already in place to spark a massacre and bloodshed that will make future generations shudder.

We, the Muslim community, needs to understand that we are at the forefront in this battle, and we are being targeted for who we are, and for what we believe. We cannot waver, and need to face this challenge.

With Allah’s help, and then with the help of sensible people of all backgrounds, we can and will overcome insha Allah.

Q: What proof is there for a life after death?

Allah (SWT) and our dear Prophet (PBUH) have each told us numerous times about the hereafter. The Day of Judgement is a day us Muslims believe in where all of our deeds will be taken into account and based on them we will either enter paradise or the hell fire. What proofs do we have to prove there is a life after death? What has Allah (SWT) given us as a proof in regards to this?

I go into further details and answer the question in my video below.