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The First *All-In-One Learning Hub *Essential to Every Muslim

I joined Shaykh Waleed Basyouni, Shaykh Abu Eesa, Shaykh Omar Suleiman, Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed, Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair and other instructors at AlMaghrib Institute to design and deliver the most comprehensive Islamic Learning Hub for you.

We fittingly called it Faith Essentials.

What will this cover?

-Fiqh of Worship – Purification, Salah, Zakah, Fasting, Hajj
-Fiqh of Food, Drink, Fashion
-Fiqh of Dua & Dhikr
-Marriage, Family, Parenthood
-The Unseen
-Islamic Etiquette and Ethics
-Gender Relations, Social Media
We are in our beta stage of releasing the program. We plan to give access to the first set of users within one-month inshaAllah.

Read more about this project here: almaghrib.org/fe

Umrah is one of the most important and blessed acts that a Muslim can do. It is known to be the ‘minor Hajj’. Therefore when we are going for Umrah, we should go with a ‘Niyyah’ (Intention), that we are undertaking one of the greatest actions of worships a Muslim can do, because we are venerating the House that Allah has called His own, also found on the most blessed place in the entire world.

Therefore Allah(SWT) says: “Whoever intends to do any type of evil in this land, Allah will give him the most severe punishment.”

Our scholars say if Allah says wanting to do evil in Makkah will get you a sin, then wanting to do good will also get you much more reward.

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The Fiqh of Umrah – Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi
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I’m excited to announce that I’ll be working with Human Appeal as Global Ambassador to raise funds for a girl’s orphanage & school in Jerusalem.

This will be the first of its type for girls in that region, and will give our young sisters a better chance at establishing themselves in this world.

I have visited the site myself and am eager to see it come to fruition.

Watch the video & then donate (zakat eligible too)!!

https://www.launchgood.com/project/children_of_palestine_appeal#!/ …

For the love of Palestine | LaunchGood

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi is supporting our initiative to build a new school for children living in Jerusalem.

Is it love you wish to talk about?

Imam al-Qasṭallānī (d. 923 AH), in his magnum opus on the life and times of the Prophet (salla Allah alayhi wa sallam), entitled, ‘al-Mawāhib al-Laduniyya,’ which is one of the most extensive encyclopedias of sīra ever written, says (with some poetic license in the translation) :

“Remember that the love of the Prophet (SAW) is the highest level of faith for which believers compete with one another against; and for it, workers of good deeds aim; and within in, all other love dissolves…

And if a person begins to love someone who is kind to him once or twice or a few times, a kindness that it temporary, or saves him from a calamity that itself would not have lasted, then how much more should one love he who has gifted him with an eternal gift (of Paradise), and who has saved him through his teachings from eternal punishment?

And if a person begins to love someone who has a good characteristic or two, or has a good appearance, then how much more should one love he who has perfected all good characteristics, and he who is more handsome than the full moon…”

Indeed, none of us truly believes until we love our Prophet (salla Allah alayhi wa sallam) more than our parents, our children and ourselves.

It is troubling to see, of late, some respected scholars and religious leaders form strong alliances with and become defenders of regimes who don’t have the best track records when it comes to Islam and Islamic movements.

Our Prophet (salla Allah alayhi wa sallam) explicitly warned us from frequenting the palaces of the rulers, and Islamic history has shown that the most respected scholars of all the various movements, such as Imam al-Nawawi or Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyya, always kept their distance from rulers.

There are many reasons for this, but ultimately the main one is that in our tradition, the scholars keep the rulers in check, not the other way around. And if the credibility of a scholar is compromised, the religion itself suffers in the eyes of the masses.

In my talk at the RIS conference in Toronto, I spoke about some of the dangers of scholars cozying up to rulers, and I advise myself and other scholars, even as we assume that they have the best intentions, to not allow the public to presume evil of them by blindly defending regimes whose interests are not those of the Ummah, but rather of their own personal power and profit.

The talk also touched on sectarianism, disunity, and others issues.


This talk is generic in nature, and not directed to any one person.

Speech Title: Looking Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing World Location: Toronto, Canada Date: December 22nd, 2017 Watch The Full Video for Mo…

Bilal Ibn Rabah was known to be one of the most famous Sahabas. He is one of those Sahabas that every single Muslims knows about. As we know, Bilal was originally thought to be from Abyssinia, however, he was born in Makkah. It is mentioned that Bilal’s mother was one of those ladies that came with the Army of The Elephant.

Both of the parents of Bilal Ibn Rabah were slaves. He was also born as a slave in the Tribe of ‘Banu Jumah’. Therefore he grew up speaking Arabic absolutely fluently. Physically speaking, we have reports that Bilal was tall, lean and a fit person in general. Back in the time of Jahiliyyah, he used to be taunted by the people around him due to the tone of his skin.

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Should Western Muslims who have political access to Jerusalem visit Masjid al-Aqsa? This is a very emotionally charged issue that has legal, social, ethical and political ramifications. Some scholars have given fatwas that prohibit Muslims from visiting al-Aqsa, and while I fully understand and respect that opinion, I very firmly agree with the other group of scholars who allow visiting Masjid al-Aqsa. In fact, I view it as fard kifaayah and a part of our collective obligation to that Holy Land.

In this talk, I summarize the main arguments that some scholars use to prohibit visiting al-Aqsa, and respond to them one by one.

Watch the video here >> https://goo.gl/yAcKUN

(Note: due to technical difficulties in our masjid – there was a major winter storm the night before – the video system was damaged and this lecture is mainly audio; apologies in advance).

Allah(SWT) reminds us in the Qur’an of the blessings of the institution of marriage. A number of verses from the Qur’an remind us of the favors that Allah has given us through these blessings. The wife needs the husband while the husband needs the wife. Without the husband, the wife is incomplete, similarly for the husband. Allah(SWT) says that each spouse finds peace in one another. Each spouse perfects the other.

If the marriage is good, no matter what the financial situation or the politics, the heart is good. If there are problems in the marriage, even if you had this whole world and everything found in it, you will not find peace and comfort. If you have millions in your bank account, or the whole society respects you, but in the privacy of your home, if your marriage is a failure, then you will never find ‘Sakeenah’ in this world.

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Come on a trip to China with me this summer!!

I’m really excited to announce our Sacred Journey trip for 2018: a 9-day tour of China, from Jun 30 to Jul 8, with Islamic sites included!
Daily lectures, by myself and Ustadh Abu Eesa, guided historical tours, great company and opportunities for worship.

We’ve negotiated an amazing price for this trip:
>> Land package starting from $1,895
>> Air & Land package starting from $3,195
>> Includes visits to Chinese and Muslim historical sites, Halal meals and much more

REGISTER TODAY – https://goo.gl/R7bSsZ

Will you leave behind a legacy after you pass away? Will it be a positive or negative one?

Prophet Ibrahim(A.S) made Du’a and asked: “Oh Allah, make my legacy a positive and truthful one for the later generations” The desire to become a role model or to leave a positive legacy in your own life is found in the Qur’an. At the end of Surah Al Furqan, Allah(SWT) asks us to make a Du’a.

Verse 74: “Our Lord, grant us from among our wives and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us an example for the righteous.”

Ibn Al-Qayyim comments on this verse and he said: “There is a difference between legacy for fame, lust for power, and legacy for Allah(SWT)” He then said that there are two ‘Niyahs’(Intention) one can have, positive or negative. Therefore we should ponder on this topic and think to ourselves, What will I be remembered for? What will be my legacy after I pass away?

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In the latest edition of Wahed Invest’s Educational Series on halal investing, Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi explains what are some steps that we can take to ensure that our investments are halal.

Wahed’s Halal Investing Educational Series with Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi continues!

In this episode, Sheikh Dr. Yasir explains what halal investing is and whether it only requires the absence of interest.

Wahed’s Halal Investing Educational Series with Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi continues!

In this episode, Sheikh Dr. Yasir explains what halal investing is and whether it only requires the absence of interest.

Something amazing about the life of Bilal b. Rabah, the first mu’adhin of Islam:

Allah chose Bilal, an Abyssinian slave who had been tortured almost to death yet always raised his voice with call of tawhid, to be the first person to give adhan in history, and he gave that adhan in the masjid of the Prophet (SAW) when the adhan was legislated in the first year of the hijrah. Then, when Makkah was conquered in 8 AH and the Prophet (SAW) forgave the Quraysh, he asked Bilal to climb the Ka’bah and give the adhan. Five years later, when Jerusalem was conquered, Umar b. al-Khattab (r) came in person to accept the keys of the city, and when the time for prayer came, he asked Bilal – who had stopped given adhans after the death of the Prophet (SAW) – to give the adhan in that city.

Hence, the voice that refused to venerate shirk and insisted on proclaiming the unity of Allah became the voice chosen by Allah to be the first to call adhan in all three holiest cities on earth: the Masjid al-Haram in Makkah, and the Masjid al-Nabi in Madinah, and Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem.

May Allah have mercy on Bilal, and unite us with him in Jannah!

Alhamdulillah! Truly Allah guides whom He wills!

The AfD party in Germany (‘Alternative for Germany’) is an extremist, Far-Right, anti-Muslim party whose platform calls for the banning of all Muslim immigrants, stopping a construction of mosques, preventing women to wear the niqab, and continuously warning of the ‘dangers of Islam’ in Germany. Their website explicitly states, “Islam does not belong to Germany for us. We see the ideology of multiculturalism as a serious threat to social peace and cultural unity.”

Well, they might claim that Islam doesn’t belong in Germany, but that won’t stop the spread of Islam even in their own ranks!

Arthur Wagner, who was a member of the AfD, and an elected politician, resigned from the party leadership and from his post, after converting to Islam.

May Allah make him a shining example for the members of his now ex-party!!


In these next two episodes of Lives of The Khulafaa, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi covers the lives of some of the people who worked for the Prophet(S). Some people would refer to them as slaves, but in fact, they were freed by the Prophet(S) himself, but they still were willing to serve him. Looking at the books of history and Seerah, there were approximately 50 or so people who served him.

Now the question that often arises is that where did he acquire these people from.
Based on the Shaykh’s research, there has never been an instance where the Prophet(S) intentionally purchased or asked someone else to purchase a slave for his personal use. Though sometimes he did give money, but only to free them and let them go.

So where did all of them come from? The answer is that they were gifted to him throughout the course of his life. But who would do that? Anyone and everyone because at that time, one of the most expensive gifts you could give is a ‘Mawali’

*Disclaimer*: Please watch the video to have a full understanding of the context of the stories.

Link: https://youtu.be/Nlu0lnFxKlk

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What is diversification and why is it that important from an Islamic & financial standpoint?

Watch how Sheikh Dr Yasir Qadhi explains this approach to investing through examples from our Prophet and His companion’s lives.

Q: What is Islam’s stance on abortion?

I give details on the answer to this question in the video below.

‘Amr Ibn Al ‘As was married at the young age of eleven years old. He then had his son, Abdullah Ibn ‘Amr Ibn Al ’As(R) at twelve years old. At that time, it was something normal, therefore nobody paid that much attention.

Abdullah Ibn ‘Amr Ibn Al ’As(R) was originally named after his grandfather. Though after accepting Islam, the Prophet(S) advised him to change his name as it had negative connotations. That is when the Prophet(S) gave him the name of Abdullah and said: “The most beloved of names to Allah is Abdullah and Abdurrahman”

One of the most famous things about Abdullah Ibn ‘Amr Ibn Al ’As(R) is that, he was the main companion who was known to keep a book of Hadith in the lifetime of the Prophet(S). He would record Hadiths directly from the Prophet(S). Before doing so, he requested the Prophet(S) for permission and therefore was granted so.

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It may seem almost impossible to handle one’s finances today without having to deal with the issue of interest – whether it’s investing our hard earned money or taking a mortgage for our family home. However, the Halal investment field is gaining ground in several countries and expanding all the time.

To help you get a grasp of what can and can’t be done when it comes to investments, Wahed’s Halal Investing has created an Educational Series with Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi, Ethical Advisor to the investment group.

In the first episode, Sheikh Dr. Yasir explains what wealth is and in the coming episodes he’ll discuss halal investing, and talk about its importance.

We all go through hardships. These moments are Allah’s (SWT) way of testing us and drawing us closer to Him. A true Believer tries his/her best to address these trials with patience and perseverance, although that is not always easy to do. Almost a hundred verses in the Qur’an command us to be patient and teach us about the blessings of patience.

Join Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi in this khutbah where he teaches us how to master the art of patience.

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Did you know that the father of Amr Ibn Al ‘As, Al ’As Ibn Wa’il was one of the worst enemies of Islam? He was a chieftain for one of the sub-tribes of the Quraysh. In fact, a number of verses were revealed in the Qur’an because of him. Of them is Surah Al-Kauthar, which was revealed because he ridiculed the Prophet(S).

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Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi discusses one of the most noble topics that every single Muslim should spend time studying and memorizing, the Names and Attributes of Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala. The names of Allah (SWT) is a central concept found in the glorious Qur’an and this knowledge is the most sacred type of knowledge one can attain. Allah reminds us in the Qur’an that “To Allah belong the most magnificent, perfect and beautiful names (Al-Asma Wal-Husna) so make Du’a with them.”

Join Shaykh Dr Yasir Qadhi as he goes over a selection of these beautiful names and attributes in this unforgettable series.

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