The number of fake Mufti Menk accounts on Facebook is getting out of hand. Many have been duped into communicating with the “fake Mufti Menks” who often ask for donations in my name.

I have reported many of them and alerted FB. I urge you to follow only my account with the verified blue tick.

There are fan pages and those who repost and put up reminders of my quotes .. that’s fine. But do help report any suspicious accounts in my name.

Also, you will never receive a friend request from me under any circumstances. Stay alert and let’s keep it safe for all.

My Twitter account has overtaken my Facebook in its following and activity. In order to benefit from Facebook, you must like and follow the page with priority. Liking, commenting and sharing each post would ensure you don’t miss any posts and would also improve the reach so others can benefit too. Let us spread the goodness and reap the rewards.