Okay second try, this time the video should play – me debating Trump and Afghanistan with a retired US general on Ali Velshi’s MSNBC show earlier this week. Enjoy!

“Yes, Bannon has finally gone and we can all rejoice… But Trump remains. That’s the inescapable, unavoidable, undeniable problem; that’s the orange-skinned gorilla in the room. I hate to agree with Trump but Bannon or no Bannon, Gen. John Kelly or no Gen. Kelly, the president does indeed call his own shots. Especially the racist ones.” – me on the big #bannon firing news of the day. Do pls read and share.

Steve Bannon Is Gone But His Bigotry Stays in the White House

Bannon encouraged Trump’s racist tendencies but they were Trump’s to begin with, and they remain in the Oval Office after Bannon’s departure.

“Donald Trump has been a racist all his life – and he isn’t going to change after Charlottesville” – my latest Intercept column for you to read and share

Donald Trump Has Been a Racist All His Life — And He Isn’t Going to Change After Charlottesville

Much of the media has overlooked the fact that Trump doesn’t like being forced to denounce racism for the very simple reason that he himself is, and always has been, a racist.

I was attacked by right-wingers for writing this piece in May, on the threat posed by far-right domestic terrorists, but sadly events in Charlottesville earlier today have sadly made it more prescient than I’d have liked:

The Numbers Don’t Lie: White Far-Right Terrorists Pose a Clear Danger to Us All

Donald Trump and other Republicans decry Islamist terror attacks in the U.S. but pay scant attention to attacks by white nationalists, such as in Portland.

“The Madman With Nuclear Weapons is Donald Trump, Not Kim Jong-un” – my latest column for The Intercept, following Trump’s crazy “fire and fury” remarks yesterday. Do pls read and share…

The Madman With Nuclear Weapons is Donald Trump, Not Kim Jong-un

The dictator of North Korea is brutal but not crazy. The American president, however, has been described by mental health experts as paranoid and delusional.

“Inside the Saudi town that’s been under siege for three months by its own government”

Inside the Saudi town that’s been under siege for three months by its own government

When Donald Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia on his first trip abroad as US President in May, officials in Riyadh made a spectacular effort to promote the idea of unity in the Muslim world, inviting more than 100 leaders of Muslim nations to attend the Arab Islamic American Summit with the new Presiden…

My latest The Intercept column on Jared Kushner’s bias on Israel – did you know, for example, that Benjamin Netanyahu once slept in Kushner’s bed?
Pls read and share!

Jared Kushner’s Pro-Israel Bias Is Nothing New for U.S. Mideast Envoys — It’s Just the Most Blatant

President Trump’s son-in-law, who displayed his inexperience in a leaked recording, also lacks even the pretense of balance on Israel.

Watch our UpFront special on India and Pakistan, 70 years on from partition and independence, with ex-foreign ministers Shashi Tharoor and Hina Rabbani Khar – preview clip and full show below:

In this UpFront special, Shashi Tharoor and Hina Rabbani Khar debate what it will take to fix India-Pakistan relations.

Full episode: aje.io/xsw5q

Thanks The Muslim Vibe for sharing the video of my answer on Australian TV to a question about “Muslims taking over”, sharia law and Sunnis and Shias “at each others throats” – now at 1.4 million views (!)

Watch Mehdi Hasan’s EPIC response to this Islamophobic question!

Fed up of all the John McCain hero worship in the press? I run through his greatest (worst?) hits – from Iraq to Israel to healthcare to Palin – in my latest The Intercept column – do have a read and share!

Despite What the Press Says, “Maverick” McCain Has A Long and Distinguished Record of Horribleness

John McCain is far more consistently bad than you’ve been led to believe. Here are his greatest hits.

I’ll be discussing Islam, ISIS, blasphemy laws and Pakistani politics with Shaykh Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri on this week’s UpFront. Check out the preview clip.

Does the ISIL ideology have anything to do with Islam?

“They are enemies of humankind. They are enemies of Islam,” prominent Islamic scholar Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri tells Mehdi Hasan.

Full episode Friday, July 21 at 1930GMT.

On Australia’s Q&A show this week, I was challenged by an elderly audience member who claimed Muslims were taking over Australia, Sunnis and Shias were “at each other’s throats” and described himself as “not Islamophobic” but “sharia-law phobic”. Watch my brief response to him and do share it if you enjoy it 🙂


In view of the fact that in Australia Muslim couples have a much higher birth rate than the rest of us, is it not possible that in a couple of generations Australia could have a Muslim majority who vote in Sharia law? Further, if so, is it not possible that sects could develop- sects Sunnis and Shi’ites – who begin shooting and bombing each other, and turning currently the best country in the world like another war-torn Middle Eastern country? This is not Islamophobia this is “sharia-law-phobia”.

What do you think?

Correction: the original post included statistics that Roger French did not include in his final question.

Watch a short clip of me speaking in Sydney, Australia last week, at the Crescent Institute,on the subject of extremism and the importance of unity, of Muslims and non-Muslims sticking together in these dark times.

“If we want to defeat extremism of all types then we have to stick together. We have to stand together, be united and focus on what unites us, not sets us apart.”

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Hey Sydney folks, last chance to buy tickets for tonight’s speech and Q&A with me on ‘defeating extremism’:

Mehdi Hasan | Sydney

Defeating Extremism. Whether it’s religious extremism or extremism of the far right – what can we in the West do to halt the seemingly unstoppable wave of populism and violence sweeping the globe? Making the case for moderation and solidarity in an age of intolerance and disorder, and debunking plen…

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My new #realitycheck video on anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and dangerous, conflating rhetoric by Israel’s leaders, past and present:

Reality Check: Mehdi Hasan explains how it’s wrong to conflate all Jewish people with Israel, even when it’s Israel’s leaders doing it.

“Memo to Democrats: You Need A Clear Message for Universal Healthcare” – my new The Intercept column on the winning and losing arguments over healthcare reform, the NHS example and how Democrats need to step up their messaging game:

Memo to Democrats: You Need A Clear Message for Universal Healthcare

To defeat Trumpcare for good, the Democrats need to find “words that work” with voters. And they need to embrace the left’s idea of healthcare for all.

Eid Mubarak to you and yours, wherever or whenever in the world you’re celebrating. Pray for peace. Pray for unity. On this blessed day, here’s a video of an old speech of mine urging unity between the different Muslim schools and sects, pls do watch and share…

A beautiful reminder by Mehdi Hasan about the need, now more than ever, for unity amongst Muslims around the world…

Today’s UpFront is a special on the future of ISIS, featuring experts from across the region and the world. Preview:

ISIL is losing territory fast, so are we witnessing the beginning of the end for the brutal group? Mehdi Hasan hosts an international panel to debate.

Full episode coming up at 1930GMT.