Here’s the clip of me talking to HLN’s Michaela Pereira about whether Oprah Winfrey should run for president and why US politics is broken:

Is Oprah 2020 a good idea? Hear why writer Medhi Hasan questions if we’ve “all gone bonkers.”

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Me and Wajahat Ali will be speaking in Dearborn, MI, tomorrow (Fri) night on sectarianism, Sunnis and Shias, Middle East crises, Saudi and Iran, etc, etc. It’ll be a lively discussion with the audience and you can buy tickets here:

UMAA: Divided We Fall with Mehdi Hasan & Wajahat Ali (Dearborn, MI)

A discussion with renowned journalists Mehdi Hasan & Wajahat Ali on the Global chaos in The Muslim World & how it relates to the Muslim community in America. Communities working together to counter Sectarianism.

Why have white Christian evangelicals in the U.S., who once obsessed over the importance of faith, character and personal morality in leaders, become the most loyal Trump supporters of all? How are they not hypocrites? My latest op-ed for the New Statesman magazine:

Many white evangelicals stand by Trump because they are more white than evangelical

They have gone from being obsessed with the personal lives of politicians to, basically, not giving a damn.

“Trump’s Transition Team Colluded With Israel. Why Isn’t That News?” – my latest op-ed for The Intercept on how Kushner, Flynn and co tried to protect Israel’s settlements and undermine U.S. government policy. Pls do read and share.

Trump’s Transition Team Colluded With Israel. Why Isn’t That News?

Michael Flynn’s guilty plea includes an admission of collusion with Israel to undermine Obama’s position on illegal settlements.

Me speaking on Crown Prince MBS, the Tom Friedman interview, Saudi Arabia and “moderate Islam” on U.S. TV news show Democracy Now yesterday. Enjoy! 🙂

Remember how the Bush administration falsely claimed Saddam was working with Al Qaeda to justify an invasion of Iraq? Well, the Trump administration is doing the same again – this time with Iran and Al Qaeda (!) to try and justify a new war. Pls do read and share my latest op-ed for the New York Times:

Opinion | Is Trump Going to Lie Our Way Into War With Iran?

The current administration is borrowing tactics from the days before the invasion of Iraq. Let’s hope they don’t work this time.

Watch me moderate a very lively debate between Muslim author and academic Reza Aslan and atheist and physicist Lawrence Krauss on God, religion, science and Islam, on UpFront later today – preview clip:

Would the world be a better place without religion? Is religion ‘dying out’? Religion studies scholar Reza Aslan & theoretical physicist Lawrence M. Krauss debate these and more on an UpFront special with Mehdi Hasan.

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“U.S. Generals Might Stop Trump From An Illegal Nuclear Strike – But Who Will Save Us From A Legal One?” – my latest op-ed for @theintercept, responding to recent claims from Gen. John Hyten, head of Stratcom, that he would resist an “illegal” nuclear order from Trump. But shouldn’t all nuclear weapons and nuclear strikes be as illegal as chemical and biological weapons?

U.S. Generals Might Stop Trump From an Illegal Nuclear Strike — But Who Will Save Us From a Legal One?

Gen. John Hyten vows to not follow an illegal launch order. But many experts say any decision to use nuclear weapons would violate international law.

My full UpFront interview with U.S. Congressman @RoKhanna on why he thinks the US should stop aiding Saudi war crimes in Yemen, plus a debate on Crown Prince MBS anti-corruption purge and anti-Iran campaign with journalist Rami Khouri, Saudi government consultant Fahad Nazer and Georgetown University professor Shireen Hunter:

In this UpFront special, we ask US Congressman Ro Khanna why he believes the US government should stop supporting the Saudi-led bombing of Yemen. Also on the…

“From Lebanon to Qatar to Yemen, the much-lauded MBS has in fact proved to be the reverse Midas — everything he touches turns to dust… The inconvenient truth about the crown prince is that he isn’t only impulsive, he’s incompetent; he isn’t only ambitious, he’s reckless. He is also a nationalist and a hawk who is bent on turning the long-standing Saudi/Iran cold war into a very hot war — and is even willing to ally with Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israel in order to do so”

– from my latest op-ed for The Intercept on the Middle East crisis. Enjoy!

The Reverse Midas Touch of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Is Turning the Middle East to Dust

Mohammed bin Salman has essentially seized two foreign leaders, started a horrendous war in Yemen, and is heating up a conflict with Iran.

Bernie on point as ever…

Opinion | Saudi Arabia’s Special Power Over Donald Trump

This New York Times raises very important questions about Trump’s unquestioning support for Saudi Arabia and the recent moves by that country’s authoritarian leader Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman. Over the past few days I’ve become increasingly concerned about rising tensions in the Middle East, particularly in Lebanon, whose Prime Minister recently resigned, apparently at the urging of the Saudis. Many in the region are worried that a military escalation is imminent. The role of the United States as a global leader should be to find ways to de-escalate tensions and work with our allies to find diplomatic solutions, not to support increased conflict between regional powers. The American people do not want another war in the Middle East.

Trump bombing ISIS ‘ten times harder’ will only make the ISIS terror threat to Americans much worse – my latest column for The Intercept on the fallout from the New York truck attack:

Donald Trump’s Vow to Hit ISIS “Ten Times Harder” Guarantees More Terrorism Against Americans

The truck attack in Manhattan underscores the cycle of violence fueled by U.S. bombing campaigns in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries.

Me vs the former head of the NRA on America’s gun violence problem – a preview clip from today’s UpFront. Enjoy 🙂

WATCH: Mehdi Hasan challenges former President of the NRA – National Rifle Association of America David Keene, on the gun crisis in the United States. The full show airs November 3 at 1930GMT.

As today’s the 100th anniversary of the #balfourdeclaration, which paved the way for the creation of Israel and the dispossession of the Palestinians, do pls check out the special debate on Balfour from my UpFront show last week, featuring Palestinian historian Ghada Karmi, Israeli historian Martin Kramer and British journalist Ian Black:

“One nation, solemnly promised to a second nation, the country of a third.” That’s how one writer famously described the Balfour Declaration – the declaratio…

Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh tells me fellow Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi is 100% responsible for the violence against the Rohingya and should resign if she can’t stop it. He also says the Nobel committee would never award her the prize today – a #mustwatch preview clip from this week’s UpFront

Nobel Peace laureate Muhammad Yunus tells Mehdi Hasan that Aung San Suu Kyi is to blame for the violence against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.
Watch the full interview:

I took part in a rather excellent panel discussion in New York on Wednesday night, about the future of Islam and Muslims in Trump’s America – you can watch it here:

This #BHeard Town Hall was produced in partnership with The Intercept, CUNY CLEAR and The Secret Life of Muslims. Our panelists and audience discuss religiou…