Still, today, we have hearts that are unable to let go of sectarianism and cannot but drift behind the very people who ignite it.

Sectarianism is a tribulation that is triggered by blind-sighted extremists from all sects.

Politicians from across the political spectrum play this ugly game and yet they have no loyalty nor any sincere affiliation to any one sect. They employ sectarian rhetoric to fulfill their own political ends.

God, guide my people, for they do not know.

Note: thank you to whoever drew this very poignant picture

The imam recited the following verse this morning, “Who can be better in religion than one who surrenders his purpose to God while doing good” (al-Nisa:125), and my attention was caught by the connection of religious devotion to doing good— this is what we are in need of today.

May Allah grant us goodness in our intentions, words, and actions.

Praise be to Allah.
The people of Jerusalem celebrate after the occupation lifts the detectors they placed at the entrances to Al-Aqsa mosque.

#فيديو: الاحتفالات تعم المدينة المقدسة بعد إزالة البوابات والجسور الحديدية عن مداخل الأقصى

القدس 27-7-2017 وفا- عمت أحياء مدينة القدس المحتلة وتحديدا منطقة باب الأسباط، فجر اليوم الخميس، أجواء من الفرح العارم بعد الانتصار الذي تحقق بفعل الصمود الأسطوري لشعبنا وقيادته وتحديهم للاحتلال وإجراءاته ورفضهم التعاطي مع كل ما فرضه بعد الرابع عشر من الشهر الجاري، هذا الصمود الذي أجبر الاحتلال على إزالة البوابات الالكترونية والجسور والبوابات الحديدية عن مداخل الأقصى.

واعتبر مقدسيون في أحاديث منفصلة مع تلفزيون فلسطين ما جرى انتصار للرئيس محمود عباس وللقيادة الفلسطينية التي اتخذت سلسلة من الإجراءات والقرارات، وجددت تأكيدها على تمسكها بالثوابت الوطنية بصلابة لا تلين وعلى رأسها العاصمة الأبدية القدس، كما اعتبرته انتصارا وجوديا للمقدسيين.

فيما اعتبر آخرون ما جرى رسالة للحكومة الإسرائيلية بأن المقدسات خطوط حمراء، وأنها بكل جبروتها لا تستطيع منع شعبنا ومصادرة حقه في العبادة وفي السيادة على مقدساته.

وأشادوا بالثبات وقة الإرادة والوحدة الميدانية للمقدسيين والكل الفلسطيني الذي انتفض في مختلف محافظات الوطن، واعتبروا ما جرى انتصار للشهداء والجرحى والأسرى.

وأطلقت الألعاب النارية وسط تكبيرات الله أكبر، فيما وزع مواطنون الحلوى ابتهاجا بالانتصار، وتحول المشهد من بكاء أمام بوابات الأقصى إلى احتفالات تعم المكان.

“Al-Aqsa cried out for help, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre* responded ‘At your service O Aqsa, at your service!’”
A Christian priest in Jerusalem holds a sign in solidarity with Masjid Al-Aqsa (Haram al-Sharif)

* The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is considered the most holiest site in Christianity.

The instrumentalisation of religion for ideological ends is a problem that places us all in danger. We must confront it.


Over the last few years the problem of Muslim fuelled terrorist ideologies has brought terror and strife to our communities and countries. The community of Islamic religious scholars and leaders stood up to this terror. Hundreds have survived assassination attempts, been placed on target lists, and paid the highest price to confront, challenge and reject the claims of these ideologies.

Just as we confronted the extremists within our midst, we ask the governments and religious leaders of the world to face up to another form of terrorist ideology. The problem of Zionist ideology is real and can no longer be ignored. We risk doing so at our own peril.


A Statement on Events in Jerusalem Yesterday and Today

1. For the first time since 1969, performance of the Friday prayer in Al-Aqsa mosque was prohibited. The mosque must be reopened immediately.

2. Occupation is the root of the problem. Everything else results from it, whatever the events are.

3. Arresting the Grand Mufti of Palestine and Jerusalem because he performed the Friday prayer at the door to the Al-Aqsa compound (after being prevented from entering) was a reprehensible act on the part of the Occupation.

4. Resisting the occupation is a legal right. It is a moral and religious obligation that the community has failed in fulfilling.

5. Hostility towards Al-Aqsa and the people who worship therein is a repeated act of criminality carried out by the Occupation. It must stop.

6. Al-Aqsa must not be subject to any type of action or operation that will give the Occupier an excuse and pretext to further consolidate their effort to divide it.

7. The Palestinian cause must no longer be exploited by any side for political ends and internal wrangling.

8. The insistence of any party on exploiting the Palestinian cause and the issue of Al-Aqsa for their own political ends is another tool that aides the intent of those who want Al-Aqsa demolished.

9. Muslims must visit Al-Aqsa in droves and ensure their visits adhere to the instructions of a ‘principled visitation’ as outlined by the Grand Mufti of Palestine and Jerusalem. The grounds of Al-Aqsa should be overflowing with visitors and worshippers throughout the year just as the holy precincts of Makka and Madina are. Sections of our community who continue to adhere to the opinion that visiting Al-Aqsa is tantamount to ‘normalisation’ with the Occupier have to stop playing their game; neglecting Al-Aqsa and leaving it for those who wish harm towards it is the biggest form of ‘normalisation’.

10. If Al-Aqsa is divided up and visitation rights are changed, it is inevitable that we will see attacks targeting the Occupying Entity, the governments that support it, and even those of our own governments who have signed treaties with it. At such a time any talk from them of respecting laws and rights will prove pointless simply because laws and rights were violated when the status-quo was allowed to change under their watch. This despite our unshakeable belief that adherance to laws, honouring rights and preserving the dignity of human beings is unquestionable and violating them is inexcusable.

Humanity Before Religiosity
Episode 29: Is Humanity a Replacement for Religion?

الإنسانية قبل التدين | الحلقة 29- هل الإنسانية بديل للدين | علي الجفري | English Subtitle

◀اشترك في قناة الحبيب علي الجفري على اليوتيوب || تطبيق الهاتف IOS Android الشبكات الاجتما…

The Reality of Trials

Trials in reality do not lie in the events themselves, but in the effects that these events have on you.

A trial really is your enduring the difficulty of being firm upon what you believe, despite the temptations and threats that besiege you in your endeavor.

May Allah make us firm upon the truth in what we say, do and believe.

O Allah, we are merely the sprouts that come forth from Your blessings, so do not make us the harvest of Your affliction; adorn us with pardon and well-being, shower our hearts with tranquility, and bestow our souls with the coolness of Your pleasure, O Most Sublime Who is mentioned, Ya Haqq, Ya Shakūr.

Humanity Before Religiosity
Episode 28: Announce Your Love!

بيان مفهوم الحب وأنه عماد الدين وعماد الإنسانية، وما هو ميزان الحب في الله والبغض في الله؟ والتحذير من انتشار نطاق الكراهية والحسد والبغضاء، وحاجتنا الكبيرة …

Humanity Before Religiosity
Episode 25: Islamic Laws of ‘Hudud’ and ‘Qisas’ and the Humanity in Pardoning

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Humanity Before Religiosity
Episode 25: Islamic Laws of ‘Hudud’ and ‘Qisas’ and the Humanity in Pardoning

◀اشترك في قناة الحبيب علي الجفري على اليوتيوب || تطبيق الهاتف IOS Android الشبكات الاجتما…

Humanity Before Religiosity
Episode 24: Thinking About the Future and Endowments◀اشترك في قناة الحبيب علي الجفري على اليوتيوب || تطبيق الهاتف IOS Android الشبكات الاجتما…