: Jun 20, 2015

Judge tells Charleston court KILLER’S family are victims

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It is the blessed month of Ramadan, and I’m trying my best to keep posts of a spiritual nature, and minimize current events/politics. Nonetheless, sometimes you really have to comment!

We’ve all been seeing the tragedy in Charleston and the mass murder of 9 innocent people in a historic church unfold over the last few days. Once again, we are reminded of the reality of bigotry and racism in America, and the great divide between a dominant majority and a persecuted and marginalized minority. We’ve all not been surprised when the word ‘terrorism’ was barely used to describe this act; we expected and saw Faux News try to paint this act as being something other than it really was; we were not at all shocked when this shooter, who had murdered 9 people in cold blood, was calmly and civilly arrested, even as the last few months have shown how African Americans who are not guilty of ANY crimes are manhandled, choked or even shot in the back by the police for the most trivial of crimes, or for no crime at all. This blatant demonstration of double standards did not even bat an eyelid in most of us.

But this last video that I have just seen is the last straw. The judge in the case, James Gosnell Jr., clearly demonstrates the bigotry and blindness – the blatant double-standards – that exist in so many segments of this country.

While setting bail for this murderer (I wonder if a Muslim or Af-American had killed even 1/3rd of this number would bail ever have been set?), he proclaimed that we should sympathize with the OTHER victims of this crime: the family members of the murderer.



I wonder if any judge had claimed that perhaps we should sympathize with the family members of the people still sitting unjustly in Guantanamo, or the family members of the Tsarnayev brothers, or the family members of Aafia Siddiqui, or the family members of thousands of other people who have been, justly or unjustly, harmed, killed or jailed by the system – I wonder if any judge had wanted us to sympathize with the ‘brown’ or ‘black’ criminals (or innocents who have been made into criminals), how well that would be received in the mainstream public.

This judge clearly identifies more with the perpetrator of this mass-murder than he does with the victims who have been killed. It is this blind bigotry and racism that is so scary: people don’t even realize that they have dehumanized ‘the other’ (whether they be blacks, or Muslims, or Hispanics), and that any criminal of their own background is treated as and considered a full human being, no matter how heinous the crime.

And THAT, folks, is what you call White Privilege.

Judge tells Charleston court KILLER’S family are victims

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