: Jun 22, 2015

MEMPHIS ISLAMIC CENTER | memphisislamiccenter

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In barely twelve hours, 20 % of the Ramadan goal has been raised.

May Allah bless each and every one of you who has donated; for those who still haven’t donated, here is the link once again:


Remember: the goal is to have even MORE lectures and beneficials series, with better equipment and facilities, in the new Memphis Islamic Center (I forgot to mention that the new facility will have a state of the art A/V room and professional equipment for recording lectures as well!).

For those who are not able to donate, please remember us in your duas!!!

Once again: please donate to MANY useful causes in this blessed month, and if you are able to, make one of those causes building our masjid as well.

[Note: it is my position and the position of the majority of scholars that zakat money cannot be used to build masjids, so please donate sadaqa. And remember the beautiful hadith: ‘Whoever builds a house for Allah shall have a house build for him by Allah in Paradise’. May Allah make us of those who have such a house built for them!!!].

MEMPHIS ISLAMIC CENTER | memphisislamiccenter

MICs Vision Establish a center for Islamic learning and education. Provide enrichment and entertainment activities for the entire family. Build and maintain state-of-the-art facilities to accommodate MICs vision and serve future generations of Muslims.



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