: Jul 06, 2015

Abu Eesa

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Abu Eesa

Forget the non-Muslims, even Muslims themselves can’t for the life of them work out why legitimate grievances (i.e. US/Iran sponsored chaos in Iraq, or al-Assad massacring hundreds and thousands with the permission of the world’s superpowers) leads simple, well-intentioned but utterly misguided youth (and now families) to go and join ISIS. They obviously feel ISIS are doing God’s work, but won’t realise until too late that they are actually doing the work of the Devil.

People becoming utterly deceived by those they think are involved in an authentic true Jihad is nothing new, neither in human history or more specifically Islamic history.

The great 14th century scholar Ibn Kathir stated in his famous history book “The Beginning & The End”:

“Then off they went, slipping away alone to avoid detection so that no-one would be able to stop them leaving. They went from the midst of their fathers and mothers, and uncles and aunts, leaving behind kith and kin. This they believed in their ignorance, with little knowledge or understanding, to be pleasing to the Lord of Heaven and Earth, not realising that it was in fact of the gravest of enormity, most destructive of sins among monstrosities and wrongs, and that this had been made attractive to them by the devil and their own egos, hell-bent on wickedness.

“Some people were able to salvage some of their offspring, relatives, and brethren, and return them back and rebuke them. Then, some of these remained upright while others fled afterwards and joined the Kharijites, and so became losers until the Day of Resurrection.” (Translation by Shafi Chowdhury, v.10, p.581)

Scary right? This was written over 600 years ago yet it resonates so accurately with the way folks have been slipping away to join ISIS. Actually even a rudimentary study of fitan in our history shows this to have happened again and again. The inability to see deviancy and heresy especially when it is fronted by religious looking authorities who quote the right stuff, is a continuous problem that was predicted by the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

So let me say again to anyone who may be thinking that to join ISIS is the only solution to help the Syrians against al-Assad or to help save the Sunnis of Iraq: it’s not. It just isn’t. The evidences have been established. The elders have spoken. The scholars have ruled. The Syrians themselves don’t want you there either.

That is not to say that the Syrian people are not engaged in a Jihad. They absolutely are. But it’s not your fight, it’s only your fitnah. This is something that will only be won by the will of Allah either by their own hands or by foreign governmental intervention. Not by you. Sometimes you have to hold you hands up and say the confusion, fitnah and complications are too many. You will either join the wrong group, or join ISIS, or not even get there or end up causing more harm than any good. Again, this is not your fight. It’s only your fitnah.

Especially in the light of the passing of FOSIS President Bashir Osman ‘alayhi rahmatullah, stop and think for a second: it is as if Allah chose his death in such a way that we are not left with any doubts that he is a martyr in ruling – drowning, during Ramadhan – whilst never having to go to a battlefield of confusion in Iraq or Syria. You don’t have to kill people to become a shaheed. This man spent his time productively with the tools he had been given, living and working in the reality that he knew best. And as you can see by the love people had for him, the influence that he had, and the way he was taken, it was a blessed and accepted and rewarded work in sha Allah. Many of you have the chance and ability to do the same, regardless of whether the authorities are trying to make it as hard as possible. That’s because we don’t do good for the sake of the government, we do it for the sake of Allah.

Take a lesson from our history years ago, and take a lesson from what just happened now. Don’t let these signs go to waste.



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