: Jul 09, 2015

$150,000 for MIC Exterior Walls | micmainbuilding

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The final ten nights are here, and we are at our final stages of fundraising for our new masjid as well!!!

Please brothers and sisters, if you’ve benefitted from my videos filmed at the Memphis Islamic Center, and/or if you wish to help build a major masjid in America, PLEASE consider donating on these most blessed of nights to help build the Memphis Islamic Center!

We’ve already raised almost 85 % of the funds needed for our walls…just a small bit left!

You can donate at the following site (and if you wish to use PayPal, there’s a link for that as well)


$150,000 for MIC Exterior Walls | micmainbuilding

This Ramadan, help us raise $150,000 USD to pay for the exterior walls, bricks, stucco and windows of the Memphis Islamic Center.



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