: Jul 14, 2016

Beware. …

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Shaytan comes at us in different ways depending on our state. When we are at a spiritual high, he comes at us through arrogance and self-righteousness. He tries to make us pleased with our deeds, to make us believe we are perfect, superior, that it is others who need to change. We start to go on a haram police rampage. While naseeha is an crucial part of our faith, we begin to shift the focus from fixing ourselves to fixing everyone else (since we think we are already perfect). For those who have knowledge, shaytan will try to make them feel proud and self-reliant.

When we are at a spiritual low, shaytan comes at us through despair. He tries to make us believe that we are so far and so low, that we should just give up. When we commit a sin, he convinces us that there’s no point in praying or going to the masjid, because we’d be like ‘hypocrites’ if we did. He makes you believe that ‘religious people’ are just all judgemental, so it’s better to stick with your bad company since at least they don’t judge you. When you couldn’t be the perfect muslimah, he convinces you that you might as well just take off your hijab– as if hijab is only for perfect people. As if every hijabi has to first transform into an angel before putting it on. He tells you to give up the fight, because you’re too far away or too low to come back to Allah.

Please understand both of these tactics are deceptions of shaytan. No one is perfect. Not the clubber, nor the scholar. And every soul is just as worthy of coming back to God. There is no amount of sin too great for Him to forgive. His mercy is infinite. All the sins of humanity combined, are finite. There is no distance too great that it cannot be crossed with one single, sincere Tawbah (repentance).

To those who feel spirituality high, remember that
no amount of knowledge or worship will make you perfect. We can always improve. And any amount of piety that we do have, is simply a gift, that can be taken, as it was given. To be arrogant over the gift of piety or knowledge is one of the most dangerous types of ingratitude we can show.
–July 13, 2014



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