: Jul 27, 2015

The most and least racially diverse U.S. religious groups

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A Pew Survey shows us all what we already know: Muslims are of the most ethnically diverse religious groups in America:


And the diversity of masjid attendees always shows this. Most other places of worship are extremely ethnically segregated – so much so that it is very common to only find one ethnicity in the entire congregation. However, such an occurrence is rare masjids, and even when there is a predominant ethnicity in one masjid, you always find other ethnicities as well. This is a fact that should make all of us proud: “…there is no superiority of an Arab over a non-Arab, or a white man over a black man, except with taqwa.”

However, we should also not be blind to the fact that racism still lurks in our communities, and strive to overcome it. Our Prophet (salla Allah alahyhi wa sallam) predicted that racism would be of the remnants of Jahiliya that would always remain amongst us.

I gave this short lecture a few weeks ago on the topic of racism amongst Muslims:

The most and least racially diverse U.S. religious groups

The nation’s population is growing more racially and ethnically diverse – and so are many of its religious groups, both at the congregational level and among broader Christian traditions.



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