: Jul 31, 2015

Abu Eesa

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Abu Eesa

We expect nothing but murder and oppression from Israelis and their indiscriminate bombing of civilians, or Western drones being used upon Afghan and Pakistani gatherings, or specifically the Iranians and their backing to al-Assad in Syria or their backing to the Houthi rebels in Yemen to commit war crimes openly against their civilians.

Some things are so well known, they need little reminding. Fa la’natullahi ‘aladh-Dhalimeen.

Our duty though also extends to others who do the same crime, especially if it is “our” side or those who aren’t so well known for doing such crimes or any other reason.

The bombing of residential areas in Yemen by Saudi coalition forces is not only a war crime, but also impermissible according to Islamic law. Just because the enemy acts in an unacceptable manner, doesn’t allow the bombing of residential areas or markets or streets or apartment building in response. It is obvious that through such retaliatory action or shock and awe tactics or whatever justification there may be even if the enemy is hiding in such places, the majority of deaths will be of those who are innocent civilians. This is transgression.

It is impermissible to transgress in war. Most of the victims in such bombings will be non-combatants. Just because the enemy doesn’t care, doesn’t mean “we” should be equally callous and ignorant. Fighting has only been permitted in Islam to stop evil, but it is not allowed to stop evil with a bigger one.

Yes this might sound idealistic, but then Islam was always about ideals and not about just achieving the ends through any means possible.

I don’t know if any scholars gave the Saudi coalition forces permission to bomb residential areas in order to fight back against the Houthis – regardless of Houthi crimes – because I find that untenable. If someone can prove different, please let me know.

Just please don’t justify what is wrong in order to get rid of the evil of the Houthis and those who back them. Wallahu a’lam.



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