: Feb 05, 2015

Chris Hedges, notes, "Goldman lamented the loss of voices such as Malcolm’s, voi…

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Chris Hedges, notes, "Goldman lamented the loss of voices such as Malcolm’s, voices steeped in an understanding of our historical and cultural truths and endowed with the courage to speak these truths in public.

“We don’t read anymore,” Goldman said. “We don’t learn anymore. History is disappearing. People talk about living in the moment as if it is a virtue. It is a horrible vice. Between the twitterverse and the 24-hour cable news cycle our history keeps disappearing. History is something boring that you had to endure in high school and then you are rid of it. Then you go to college and study finance, accounting, business management or computer science. There are damn few liberal arts majors left. And this has erased our history. The larger figure in the ’60s was, of course, King. But what the huge majority of Americans know about King is [only] that he made a speech where he said ‘I have a dream’ and that his name is attached to a day off.”

***Peter Goldman was a reporter for a St. Louis newspaper and later for Newsweek who knew and covered Malcolm X and is the author of the book, “The Death and Life of Malcolm X”

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Malcolm X Was Right About America: Chris Hedges
The civil rights leader, assassinated 50 years ago this month, knew that empire cannot be reformed—it must be destroyed. – 2015/02/01



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