: Jan 15, 2015

A Tribute To Hassan Ibn Thabit ra The Poet of The Prophet PBUH By His Eminence…

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A Tribute To Hassan Ibn Thabit ra
The Poet of The Prophet PBUH

By His Eminence The Great Erudite Scholar of Syria
The Late Shaykh Ibrahim Al-Yaqoubi

Translated by his son, shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi

This is part of a long poem in praise of the Messenger of Allah PBUH, published for the first time on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his passing away rh.

A Tribute to Hassan Ibn Thabit, may Allah be pleased with him

All Poetry, even if it reaches the heights of sublimity, eloquence and articulation;

It will not be aspire to the highest rank unless it is in praise of Taha, Ahmad.

Had literary critics in old times been just, they would have preferred Hassan in poetry for ever.

He is the master of poets, and he has all virtues, glories, and pride.

How would the Misguided King (1) get support to outdo Hassan in what he cast.?!

And when did angles come down on the misguided poets who went astray in the valleys of distraction?!

And how the whispering of Satan would ever be compared to inspiration which is supported by JIbril?!

These are enough for you, oh Hassan, as glories which are like words unsheathed against enemies.

You have got the gladdest tidings; as in the service of the Mustafa and his companions you have reached a unique station.

The is a huge distance between who casts poetry in vain, and he who defends the Mukhtar, pleasing him.

IN the praise of Taha, you have acquired every virtue which no other poet acquired regardless of how much poetry they recited.

The one who was supported by the Holy Spirit, definitely, his poetry would be in the top.

The one who advocated in love for the Messenger, his rank in poetry in absolutely in the peak.

Of all praise, it is only the praise of the Messenger, as the universe celebrates his praise and chants it.

And the love for the Family of the House, the most honoured of all people of virtues, pride and magnanimity.

Loving them is my religion, I hope that by it I am protected from the loss of the Day of Resurrection.

By it I hope that I survive the calamity of the Day of Hashr safe and I win the stay in the Abode of Pleasures forever.

By their rank and via their praise, I hope I attain the pleasure of Allah, and be a neighbour og Ahmad.

May Allah send onto him prayers as long as the Northern winds softly blow, and as long as flowers in the garden blossom.

This greeting is presented to you from a lover, who melts while yearning every time a singer chants your name.

(1) The Misguided King, is the title of the oat celebrated poet from preIslamic time, 'Umtu'u-l Qays.

تكريما لحسان بن ثابت رضي الله عنه

من شعر العلامة الكبير الشيخ إبراهيم اليعقوبي رحمه الله

تنشر لأول مرة بمناسبة مرور ثلاثين سنة على وفاته، وهسي قطعة من قصيدة مطولة في مدح النبي عليه الصلاة والسلام

كُلُّ القريضِ وإن تسامى رفعةً
وفصاحةً وبلاغةً وتأيّدا

ٍلا شكَّ لا يسمو لأشرف رتبة
ما لم يكن في مدح طه أحمدا

لو أنصف النقادُ قِدما قدموا
حسانَ حقا في القريض على المدىٰ

هو سيدُ الشعراء إلا أنه
حاز الفضائلَ والمكارم سُؤْدَدا

من أينَ للملكِ الضَّليلِ معونةٌٌ
حتىٰ شَآ حسانَ فيما أنشدا

ومتى تنزلتِ الملائك للتي
قد أغوت الشعراء في وادي الردى

ومتى تقاس وساوس الشيطان بالـ
إلهام من جبريل كان مؤيدا

يكفيكَ يا حسانُ تلكَ مفاخرًا
سَلَّتْ علىٰ الأعداء منكَ مهنَّدا

أبشر فإنكَ في سبيلِ المصطفىٰ
وصِحابهِ نلتَ المقامَ الأوحدا

شتانَ مَن نظمَ القريض سَفاهَةً
ممن عن المختار نافَحَ مُسعِدا

وبمدحِ طه نلتَ كلَّ فضيلةٍ
ما نالها من شاعرٍ مهما شدا

من كان روح القدس منه مؤيّدًا
فقريضه في النظمِ حازَ السُّؤْدَدا

من كانَ في حبِّ الرسولِ مجاهدًا
فمكانهُ في النظمِ سامي المنتدى

لا سيما مدحُ الرسولِ فإنهُ
بمديحهِ هامَ الوجودُ وَغَرَّدا

وبحب آلِ البيتِ أشرف من غدا
يحوي المكارمَ والمفاخر والندىٰ

إني أدينُ بحبِّهم فلعلني
يومَ القيامة فيهمُ أكفى الردى

من هولِ يومِ الحشرِ أنجو سالمًا
وأفوز في دارِ النعيمِ مخلدا

وأنالُ رضوانَ الإله بجاهم
ومديحهم بجوار طه أحمدا

صلى عليك الله ما هبت صبا
وتبسمت في الروضِ أزعارُ الندىٰ

جاءت إليك تحية من عاشق
ذاب اشتياقا كلما شادٍ شدا



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