: Oct 19, 2016

Omar Suleiman

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Omar Suleiman

This is one of the most powerful passages of Ibn Al Qayyim (ra) I have ever read. I’ll do my best to translate:

كم من مستدرج بالنعم وهو لا يشعر،
مفتون بثناء الجهال عليه،
مغرور بقضاء الله حوائجه وستره عليه،
وأكثر الخلق عندهم أن هذه الثلاثة علامة السعادة والنجاح، وذلك مبلغهم من العلم.
(مدارج السالكين)

“How many people are blinded by apparent blessings that are actually leading them to destruction?

How many people are deceived by the praises of the ignorant lavished upon them?

How many people are deluded by the facilitation of their worldly needs, and the way that Allah conceals their flaws?

Most people measure success and happiness by these three things. And that is due to their lack of understanding.”

The summary of these words: Don’t be fooled into thinking that your worldly success, either by wealth or fame, means that Allah is pleased with you. Those things may actually be your punishment. By the same token, do not assume that your tests and hardships are punishment. Those things may actually be your blessings.



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