: Nov 12, 2012

About the New Coalition of the Syrian Opposition…

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About the New Coalition of the Syrian Opposition
A statement by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi
{And Hold fast to the rope of Allah and stay together}.
Since this phase of our revolution demands joining our efforts and sticking together to reach our goal in removing this regime; and since we believe in the integrity of the new team selected to lead this coalition; and since we trust their sincerity to our people’s cause, we declare our support and the support of the people with us and the support of the sufi stream to this new body though we are not represented in it we were not invited to join it. We encourage our brothers in the uprising as well as in the media to give the support it needs to sail the ship of our revolution to the safe shores.
We hope that the leaders of this coalition bear up the responsibility with trustworthiness and truthfulness and show prove to be up to this great task both inside Syria and on an international level.
We pray that Allah almighty guide so that they they distinguish right from wrong; and we pray that Allah show mercy to our martyrs.



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