: Feb 24, 2016

Earliest known medieval Muslim graves are discovered in France

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Barely a hundred years after the death of the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam), the Muslims set out to spread Islam in all areas of the world. In what seems like a miracle (and is believed to be one by us!), they conquered Sassanid Persia, halved Byzantine Europe, and made their way to the gates of China. Wherever they went, Islam spread and settled.

By 711 CE, when Europe was sleeping in the slumber of the Dark Ages, they were knocking on the gates of Europe, barely a hundred miles away from Paris. Although very little is actually known of their settlements, recently one graveyard was discovered which sheds some light on their progress.

It appears that Muslims were living side by side with non-Muslims, in cordial friendship with them. Settlements and perhaps even cities were built. Of course, the shining light in all of this European adventure was Andalusia, where a civilization the likes of which the world had never seen flourished for over seven hundred years.

Below are three graves of North African Muslims, in Nimes, Southern France, that date back over a thousand two hundred years. You can clearly see their faces turned towards the qiblah.

Their names, and stories, remain a mystery, but their presence clearly shows that Islam has been a part of European history for over a millennia.


Earliest known medieval Muslim graves are discovered in France

On the outskirts of the ancient Roman city of Nimes in southern France, archaeologists have discovered the graves of three Muslim men that date back to the 8th century.



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