: Mar 09, 2016

Muslim Women Say No One Intervened When Man Attacked Them

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Such incidents, where our hijabi sisters are verbally attacked and feel threatened, are so common that I’m actually pleasantly surprised this particular one is getting national attention:


To have an older man use such vulgar words (I can’t personally get myself to type them out here, even using code characters), in broad daylight, as everyone looks on and pretends to ignore what’s happening, is so traumatizing and humiliating that words fail to express my anger.

These are *our* sisters, *our* mothers, *our* daughters. They take the daily brunt of Islamophobia because the loud-mouthed jerks don’t have the courage and guts to attack men, and also because our sisters are more identifiably Muslim than most of us are. (And even though it is my position that a kufi is not something inherently ‘Sunnah’ to wear, if a brother wears it for the sole purpose of helping shift Islamophobia from the sisters to him, it does actually serve a Shari’ purpose).

I have the utmost respect for our sisters who choose to come in the cross-hairs of the Islamophobes every day of their lives, and who continually find the courage and faith to display their commitment to Allah despite all the challenges they face.

I also encourage *ALL* sisters who face any such harassment that they go public about it. Try to record what’s happening if you are safe to do so. Post about it on social media. Write to your local papers. Being silent in the face of this onslaught will only make it worse.

May Allah protect all of us, and especially our sisters!

Muslim Women Say No One Intervened When Man Attacked Them

“I’m used to people looking at me on the street. But I don’t want to get used to people attacking me.”



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