: Feb 01, 2015

10 tips for Muslims watching the Super bowl (2015 version): 1. Don’t go beast m…

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10 tips for Muslims watching the Super bowl (2015 version):

1. Don’t go beast mode on your prayers and pray Maghrib in like 30 seconds. Take your time with them and give your prayers their proper attention.
2. Don’t be DEFLATED if your team loses. Life goes on.
2. Force yourself to pray your Sunnahs too. You might be distracted during your obligatory prayers because of the game so it’s good to pray the Sunnah to make up for the deficiencies. Also, lock your footballs away while you’re praying just in case…
3. Don’t watch the commercials! They get nastier every year and even if you wait to change the channel when a nasty commercial comes on, you would have already seen way too much. So flip to PBS or CSPAN as soon as commercials start…or watch DVR recordings of the other teams QB signals and try to interpret them.
4. Turn the TV off at halftime (ie. the concert) and just enjoy good company (even if its just with your family). And make sure you don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions with your thobes or abayas.
5. Don’t make any bets even in jest. You will lose!
6. If your family asks you a question during the game, don’t give them Marshawn Lynch type answers.
7. Don’t curse or use foul language. Your conversations should be as clean as a Marshawn Lynch press conference.
8. Don’t turn Bill Belichicks hoodie into a Hijab.
9. Take it easy on your friends rooting for the opposing team… or else they might go legion of boom on you after the game.
10. Most importantly, remember your priorities. Once the game is over and your team wins or loses you have to get back to what’s important. As much as we like to convince ourselves otherwise, unless you are a professional player yourself, the game is just a game. Cry over more important things and focus on what’s most important to you.

Oh…and I’m picking the Pats to win tonight. Enjoy the game ☺



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