: Jan 27, 2015

Photos from the January 11, 2015 Grand Mawlid event org

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Photos from the January 11, 2015 Grand Mawlid event organized by Sidi Feraidoon Mojadedi. For more images, please visit: http://www.grandmawlid.com/grand-mawlid-gallery/#

The Grand Mawlid

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, is our greatest gift from God. His birthday is a national holiday in every Muslim country except one and is celebrated throughout the world. Scholars of the People of Sunnah have regarded it as an excellent practice. They based this on proofs from the Book, such as the Chapter of Maryam, which recounts the miraculous nature of Christ’s birth – not to mention the many hadiths indicating the high rank and stature of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, and all things related to him. His birthday, the 12th of Rabi’a al-Awwal is also the day he arrived in Medina after his Hijrah. It is also the day he returned to his Lord. In one hadith, he refers to his birthday as a blessed day and encouraged fasting on Mondays for that reason. To that end, this event is the opportunity to reflect on our Prophet’s life and practice in an ambience of solidarity, love, and community. Organized by Sidi Feraidoon Mojadedi, in Santa Clara, CA. Photos courtesy of Aadhil Shiraz.



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