: Jan 16, 2015


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There are two types of relational silence- one that
serves the connection, one that damages it. In the first,
silence comes with the qualifier “I need some quiet
time to reflect”, which is healthy and respectful to
the connection. In the second, silence comes with no
qualifier and others are left to wonder what is actually
happening. In this case, silence is actually violence- a
passive aggressive attempt to cause suffering, or, at
the least, a negligent self-absorption that makes things
worse. Given that so many of us grew up with the
silent treatment, it is essential that we let others know
what is happening when we go quiet. It is respectful
and it keeps the love alive. Even something like “Time
out!” can be enough to keep silence from turning into
violence. (~an excerpt from ‘Love it Forward’, image
by Patricia Dolloff)



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