: Jan 07, 2015

SUCH an important article!!!: "We have the wrong

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SUCH an important article!!!:

“We have the wrong idea about emotions. They’re very rational; they’re means to help us achieve goals important to us, tools carved by eons of human experience that work beyond conscious awareness to direct us where we need to go. They identify trouble or opportunity and suggest methods of repair or gain. They are instruments of survival; in fact, we would have vanished long ago without them.

Negative emotions are not only crucial to our existence but also—ironically—to feeling good. To live optimally in the world and endure its challenges, it’s necessary to engage the full range of psychological states we’ve inherited as humans.”

Beyond Happiness: The Upside of Feeling Down
Negative emotions do us a great favor—they save us from ourselves. They’re signals urging us to change what we’re doing— and they’re actually necessary for feeling good



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