: Jan 20, 2015

Jan 20, 2015 NEW BLOG : "On the Passing of [the yo

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Jan 20, 2015
NEW BLOG : “On the Passing of [the young] Abdullah Abdullatif Alkadi and a Postscript on Charlie Hebdo”

*Note – The passing of the young 23-year old man mentioned in this piece is the relative of Shaykh Abdullah al-Kadi, may God preserve him and protect his family.

“Just for a moment, let us imagine that this incident had been about twelve murdered black Nigerian cartoonists instead of white French ones: would world leaders have descended on Lagos to march lock-armed with President Goodluck Jonathan in solidarity? Can we imagine Netanyahu heading to the West Bank to hold hands with Abbas in solidarity for the dozens of Palestinian journalists who, in clear crimes against free speech, were targeted by Israeli forces for simply being witnesses to atrocities and reporting to the world about them? No, there will be no demonstrations or gathering of world leaders held for the untold numbers of innocent civilians, including women and children, who, without any provocation, have borne the brunt of bombings, drone strikes, and other nefarious means of modern warfare. It is at times like these when it seems as though we live in a cartoon world where millions are shedding tears or displaying moral outrage for twelve white people who, without denial, were brutally murdered, while too many of those same eyes remain blind and dry to the countless deaths and suffering of the world’s Muslims.”

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On the Passing of Abdullah Abdullatif Alkadi and a Postscript on Charlie Hebdo
For several years, I was fortunate to spend Ramadan in Mecca and Medina and to celebrate Eid in Dammam and Al-Ahsa in eastern Saudia Arabia. I came to know that latter city and its notable families well, and they had grown so accustomed to my celebrating Eid with them that some joked that if I didn’…



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