: Jan 23, 2015

The Saudi King Abdullah b. Abd al-Aziz al-Saud passed a

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The Saudi King Abdullah b. Abd al-Aziz al-Saud passed away, at the ripe age of 90.

The death of such people, who had so much power and potential for influence, is typically met with two response: sycophants and nationalists (some under the guise of religion) who raise him to the level of a messianic figure and exaggerate his good deeds, and haters who blame the entire woes of the Ummah on him. As is typical, the truth is in between these two extremes, and the Sunnah is the best way forward.

The most Islamic response is to simply wish for him what we wish for every Muslim, for he has now gone to meet his Lord, and the Ever-Wise, All-Just, Most-Merciful will be in charge of him now. We pray for his forgiveness while acknowledging his humanity (and hence his mistakes).

And we are certain that if he was sincere to Allah, Allah will accept him and his good deeds, and if he were other than that, Allah will deal with him with perfect justice. But we wish for him what we wish for all people of faith: forgiveness, and a beautiful abode in the next life.

On a personal note: I have lived in that country for almost half my life, and I have a deep attachment to it, and worry about its future. I was a child in Jeddah when King Khaled died; then King Fahd right after I had finished my studies in Madinah; and now am hearing of the death of King Abdullah while I am in America. There is much unrest and potential for disunity now, and a clash between various factions (theological, political, social, and others) looms ominously ahead. My prayers and duas are with the people of that land, as that land is, in the end of the day, the land of revelation and the sanctuary of the two holy harams.

May Allah protect the lands of Makkah and Madinah, and put in charge of it those who will bring izzah and honor to Islam!


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