: Jan 20, 2015

#SaveSoltan #DyingtoLive #FreeSoltan @Free_Soltan

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#SaveSoltan #DyingtoLive #FreeSoltan @Free_Soltan

Each image is further heartbreaking. This is a young man that was so full of life and energy. May Allah free him and his father from the Pharoah Sisi and return them to their families in good health. Ameen

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Breaking || Reports of increased physical and psychological torture of Mohamed have been confirmed by the release of the images below. We are petrified with the thought of what condition Mohamed is currently in and we continue to call on all human rights organizations and the U.S. Government to do whatever it takes to secure his immediate release. The family has been pleading with Mohamed to break his strike due to his dire condition, the increased torture tactics being used against him, and the suicide attempt narrative being pushed by the authorities. Mohamed has been refusing to break it. However, he has recently agreed to begin taking in a sufficient amount of liquids.

Mohamed has suffered tremendously at the hands of his captors. We pray he can keep his mental and physical strength. We ask that you do the same.




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