: Feb 02, 2018

**Attention victims of domestic abuse**…

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**Attention victims of domestic abuse**
While I was in the UK, I met two women who were working for an organization called Staying Put. And I was so impressed by their model which I’ve never seen before. Most domestic violence support offers a shelter for the abused women and children to go to. This is amazing work, but unfortunately, it forces the victims and their families to be uprooted. What impressed me so much about this organization is that it works with the law, police and attorneys to remove the *abuser* from the home, rather than uprooting the victims. Since its inception, Staying Put has helped to change 50,000 lives. The service supports women and children who are fleeing domestic violence, yet allows them to remain in their own homes. If you know of a similar service in your country, please put the contact information below. If not, can we work towards getting similar initiatives in the US and other parts of the world.

For more information about Staying Put, visit stayingput.uk.netor or call 01274 667104.



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