: Jan 13, 2018

I salute the people of the scar. …

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I salute the people of the scar.
See, a scar is a wound that didn’t kill you.
I salute you. Every single one of you.
You are all my people.
I know you’ve lived.
And I know life has hurt you.
I know it has pushed you down.
I know this. Trust me I do.
I know you’ve been on your knees.
And maybe you still are.
But I also know you will not stay there.
I know you are a warrior.
Remember that the land that is burnt, makes way for new life.
And the bone that is broken, heals stronger. Every time.
That is the way of life.
We fall to learn what it means to stand.
We crawl to understand the power of running.
We break, to be built.
Sometimes we lose, to make room for what’s meant. And what is better. So much better.
And so I salute you, my people.
You, and I, are the people of the scar.



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