: Jan 09, 2018

A summary of my recent lecture on forgiveness:…

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A summary of my recent lecture on forgiveness:

-“Forgiveness does not mean that you allow yourself to continue to be oppressed- our faith is not a faith of injustice”

-“It is not righteousness (بر) to accept injustice done to yourself or your family. Your body, heart , mind and soul and family are an amanah – a trust – given to you by God so you will be asked about them and how you took care of them”.

-“forgiveness is an act of the heart so it means if someone harms me I will forgive them in my heart but externally I will take action to make sure it doesn’t happen again”

– “If we respond with patience or gratitude, as the Prophet peace be upon him adviced us, to everything in our lives, then no matter what people do to you, they can’t actually hurt you and no matter what comes your way, it can’t really harm you, even if externally it looks like it was harmful – we have to take back that power, we can’t let other people have that power over us – we have to take back that power in how we respond and we *do not allow others to break us*”

“The way that you can take back your power is to respond in a way that grows you rather than breaks you and by forgiving, you’re taking back that power because you’re saying you can’t control or break me – I am going to take whatever happened in my life and I am going to use it to become stronger. And I am going to let it go and forgive, not for you but for me. Because it frees me and allows me to get the forgiveness of God”.

-Yasmin Mogahed



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