: Jan 08, 2018

فعصى آدم ربه فَغَوَى ثم اجتباه ربه فتاب عليه وهدى…

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فعصى آدم ربه فَغَوَى ثم اجتباه ربه فتاب عليه وهدى

The story of humanity begins with a failure. The failure of our father (alaihissalam) to withstand a trial that didn’t seem all that difficult. In heaven, the trees and fruits are endless and it’s size Allah says is عرض السماوات والأرض, the expanse of the skies and earth combined. The whole place is described as a lush garden so we’re literally talking about an infinity of trees, not to mention other joys and all he and our mother had to do was stay away from one of them. Just one.

When a human being fails a test, there is the obvious “how could you?” Whether our failure was hours, days, weeks, months, years or decades ago, we don’t want to be reminded of it. It’s humiliating and makes us feel like we’ve been reduced to our mistakes. A feeling of worthlessness and self doubt about ever being able to climb out of this bottomless pit engulfs us. We start telling ourselves not that we failed but rather that we are failures. That it is our unavoidable reality and we have to submit to our miserable fate. Can you imagine that the mistake of our father Adam (as) is recorded in the Quran and it is recited by countless across the generations and even before us by those in previous scriptures and that this review takes place countless times everyday? Can you even begin to ponder what it would feel like if our mistake was endlessly echoed by all of humanity? Allah says “so Adam disobeyed his Master and thus deviated.” Replace his name with yours and mine. It’s bad enough when people censure us, imagine Allah Himself doing so and then having endless scores of believers repeat it continuously.

I said the story of humanity begins with failure but actually it isn’t a story of failure. It is a story of what happens after failure. Adam (as) and the devil do have some things in common. Hear me out before you start a campaign. They were both honored at one point by Allah. They both disobeyed a commandment. The difference isn’t that a failure occurred. The difference is in WHY it occurred and for the purposes of this short message WHAT occurred after it.

Allah isn’t humiliating our father by telling us he disobeyed. He’s making him our role model for what to do when we err. He’s showing us how someone can descend all the way from heaven and still make his way back. His failure, unlike that of the devil, did not result in him being rejected by Allah. You’d think getting expelled from heaven down to earth is a form of rejection. No longer is he in Allah’s sight honored as he once was. But no, read on and you find something incredible. He says فاجتباه ربه. It means “then his Master selected him”. Wait what?

I thought he just got rejected! And uhhh, he was already selected. That selection happened when Allah announced that he’s about to make him. Why is Allah telling us now that He selected Adam AS?

The word اجتبى which I translated here as selected is more subtle than that. It actually means to select something suited for a purpose. Instead of the linguistics of it, think of it as choosing the right sized wrench for a specific bolt or the right shaped screw driver for a screw or for our generation of touch screen warriors, downloading the right app for the purpose you intend where there was a wide selection. There was something inside Adam, even when he was descending from the heights of heaven to the lows of the earth that qualified him for Allah’s special selection. What it is? It must be something he’s got that the devil doesn’t.

Allah gave Adam the rights words to say to be able to express his apology, his regret and work towards his redemption. فتلقى آدم من ربه كلمات. “So Adam came into contact with profound words that came especially from his Master.” Words of Allah people. Words of Allah. They are the ladder back to heaven. They are there not for the high but for the low who have fallen. When words of people humiliate you know that Allah’s words will not humiliate but rather humble you. They will also include criticism just as they did of Adam as but then Allah will, through is words, lift you up. And when you from the bottom of your heart accept those words, then He will do for you what He did for your father فتاب عليه “So He turned back to Him, accepting his repentance”.

The story of humanity begins with someone who fell so far down despite being so very close to Allah and rose back up again because Allah didn’t give up on him. It’s easy to give up on yourself. Even easier when others give up on you. But know this; Allah’s words that are within your reach are proof that He’s not giving up on you. Peoples words touch us in the worst ways sometimes. Even worse sometimes the words we have for ourselves leave scars. Let Allah’s words touch you and let your ascension begin.

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