: Dec 31, 2017

Notes from Mufti Menk | Motivational Moments

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A year ago I launched Motivational Moments, a book with 500 of the top quotes from my Twitter and Facebook accounts.
Following that, many of you have subscribed to the Motivational Moments website to get first hand information on matters related to the book. In the last twelve months, I have written personalized notes to all those who had signed up. Topics include, change, patience, sadness, sacrifice, forgiveness, all corresponding to the chapters in the book. Today, I am presenting a compilation of the twelve notes to all of you. I hope you will read, reflect on them and apply them to your daily lives. You can download the notes from this link…

Notes from Mufti Menk | Motivational Moments

Notes from Mufti Menk Change Sadness Repentance Kindness Sacrifice Piety Patience Sincerity Forgiveness Stress Love Self-Assessment



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